August 29th, 2021 | 8 Entries

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8 Entries for “passing”

  1. Years pass by like seconds for those who procrastinate. This leads to more issues in the future

    by Reisha on 08.31.2021
  2. Doing well enough to meet the benchmark.

    by Reisha on 08.31.2021
  3. It was just a passing fancy, or so they said. I’d get over it, move on with life. And they weren’t wrong… Except that somehow, somehow the fancy never really passed. And as I sit here, age 92, I’m finally ready to experience it for real. And there’s nobody left to stop me.

    by Lauren Horsfall on 08.30.2021
  4. The train was passing me at a great speed. I felt the rushing wind on my face. I wished I could jump on board.

    by C on 08.30.2021
  5. time passing slowly when you have nothing to do.
    so engage any activity that you like always.

    by nadee on 08.30.2021
  6. time passing slowly when we have nothing to do.
    so it is important to engage some work as we wish for passing time effectively.

    by nadee on 08.30.2021
  7. I thought of my favorite quote, the one where Sam and Frodo are hiding in Mordor, and Sam sees the star. The one where he realizes the shadow is a passing thing, and that light and high beauty are forever beyond its reach. That one. I needed it more than anything in that moment, with my world crashing down around me. That talisman of hope, that reminder that I am small, but not alone in the world.

    by liz on 08.29.2021
  8. Delaney peered up at the passing clouds, the background of blue sky a sharp contrast to her mood. She felt dark and empty within, all hope having left her the moment the head of the jury gave the verdict, and the judge the sentence. The courthouse loomed behind her now. She would not see her mother again, save through a plastic screen, once a week, but more likely less, at the state prison.

    by Liz on 08.29.2021