January 4th, 2014 | 86 Entries

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86 Entries for “slip”

  1. Her eyes were cast down, as she looked at the ice, cracked but solid, pressed down over the grass, preserved in a writhing, swirling pattern, clearly visible until the ice was crushed by her foot. Splintering out from the gash she made, it formed it’s own fractal pattern. She lost herself in this world of simple line and colour, and then her foot slid, and with a whoosh she slipped.

    By Robyn on 01.04.2014

  2. slippery, hurt, temporary pain, embarrassment, wet, sidewalk, pain, foot coming out from under you, hope there’s no brain injury, hurting, bruise, wet sidewalk, could break a bone

    By Dana on 01.04.2014

  3. It’s good for us not to be obsessed on not failing in what we do. It’s okay to be failed at some points of time. It is just like we walk long distances without getting scared about slipping on the way.

    By gulam khan on 01.04.2014

  4. I slipped and fell
    under the bridge
    a love so intense
    it was hard to miss

    When did you change
    the things I felt?
    When did you make
    my heart melt?

    By IsaPinaud on 01.04.2014

  5. rhymes with flip. it means to fall or just let go. this word sin’t one that i use often…or to slip into something…comfortable, easy, a rhythm, or just simi;y let go of. this is a word that implies surrendering to me or to fall back.

    By L.M. on 01.04.2014

  6. Do not slip on the ice! Be careful to walk slowly and precisely.
    I need an exit slip for my class so I know what they learned.
    The permission slip from the student’s parent assured me he had missed school due to illness.
    The boat was moored in the slip. Or was that slip a boat?
    I had a slip of the tongue.
    I will watch the crook for a slip up. If he leaves a clue it will give me evidence to convict him of his crime.
    I needed to wear a slip under the sheer dress.
    The receipt from the store is often called a slip by

    By rose on 01.04.2014

  7. Today I went outside and i slipped and landed on my bum. I turned back to see that ice was under me. it was hidden by all the white fluffy snow around. i did not see it on the ground. i did not know to step gingerly while trolloping through the snow. But I wasn’t the only thing to slip. The f word seemed to slip past my lips and ten tiny children stared wide eyed and opened mouth pointing their tiny fingers at me.

    By Cassandra URL on 01.04.2014

  8. It was smooth. Shiny and thin, yet substantial enough to cover all the areas of need. Silky, it covered her thighs, but not her knees. I love knees. The doorknobs of the human anatomy.

    By scoob URL on 01.04.2014

  9. I fell back on to the bed, I hadn’t noticed the mess in my
    room had gotten so horrendous in the past week. I had slipped on a
    series of forgotten papers. Things I tried to push out of my mind,
    things I never accomplished .

    By anali on 01.04.2014

  10. Sudden, unexpected-
    We all trip-
    A slip, a trip…
    Yet who is to say what is slip and what is not?

    By Brendan Stoneham URL on 01.04.2014

  11. slipping notes in people’s pockets. that what we used to do before the revolution. nothing political, nothing especially fancy but oh the fun we had, scribbling those tiny petty words of couragement and then sort of attacking people, like reversed pickpocketing. some of us never got caught.

    By shuji on 01.04.2014

  12. It slipped out of my hand into you. It slipped out of your mouth and into the air. Words taking up space between our bodies. I wished they’d stay there forever.

    By Emma C on 01.04.2014

  13. I still think of you,
    every now and then
    About how you almost ruined my life,
    And how I almost let you.
    My will almost made me drop to your feet.
    I was almost weak,
    And I almost let you take my mind from me.
    You weren’t even in my life, but for a short moment.
    You tried to take everything from me..
    my weak mind let you, but my soul kept strong..
    and here you are…again.
    trying to crawl back into my brain..
    But I won’t let you this time.
    You will not take my happiness from me again
    I refuse to let you waste anymore of my time.
    How? you ask?
    by forgiveness..
    I will find the power to forgive you..
    And you will set me free.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 01.04.2014

  14. she slipped into me and I into her what shall we do I thought? What. Shall. We. Do. Words and sentences slipping into each other. eachother.

    By emma on 01.04.2014

  15. When I slip, i am embarrassed. Or I just slip away from everything because I feel that I really do not belong to anything or anyone. I feel like a facade.

    By V on 01.04.2014

  16. slip, trip, rip,

    By Taz on 01.04.2014

  17. And suddenly it happens:

    – you were reckless but alive;
    you were just the way you should have been;
    but it happened and, please, don’t cry,
    because life is mean and you knew it. You knew it, silly –

    you slipped and fall,
    are those your expectations bleeding?

    This time you simply do not know
    how to recover, how to stand up, how to find an exit way.

    You are stuck down here.

    By gargouillis on 01.04.2014

  18. And yes i know how easily you slip away, I know how simple it is to pull you from the shell you call your body. Even though its really just a shell made of plastic and splitting apart at the seems. I know what it takes to make you forget the world that surrounds us so greedily as we try to make our way through each day in the same condition we started. Only thats not possible anymore because you slip away so easily. Cancer is a bitch and you need to acknowledge that before you die.

    By Madison on 01.04.2014

  19. i slip my fingers beneath your shirt. i slip my tongue into your mouth. you slip into my mind. you slip into me. it is icy outside. keep slipping. slip into oblivion with me, slip away from all of this. slip because it is easy. slip because we’re falling.

    By melisandra haze URL on 01.04.2014

  20. Time was slipping by too fast; he wanted to shout stop, don’t go, but she had already turned and was walking away, her head high, a resigned smile on her face, the light fading from her eyes.

    By mrsmig on 01.04.2014

  21. Walking down the street in the middle of the winter, I looked down and stared at my feet with each step. Can’t ever be too careful about slipping on black ice. Fall hard enough and that menace could kill you.

    By Mee on 01.04.2014

  22. Smal piece of paper, to stumble, small passage between two points

    By David on 01.04.2014

  23. “It was just a lil slip, love, I’m sure no one ’round here even noticed. Or they wouldn’t have if you hadn’t gone tearin’ off like a blinkin’ mad woman-”
    “Mad woman? MAD woman?” she scoffed. “Oh, trust me, you haven’t seen a mad woman yet,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 01.04.2014

  24. Farley had been stupid enough to let slip that Johnson had slept with his wife’s brother, so Johnson’s wife found a piece of loose plywood from the half-constructed deck in order to exact her physical revenge upon her husband, not knowing that in fact, Rachel had heard the news and sprung into her Jeep to drive over and save her best friend – Johnson, not his wife or his wife’s brother – and Farley, of course, was senselessly banging his head against the table while his sister offered herself another glass of wine.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.04.2014

  25. She looked everywhere. She had to have it. If not, everyone would know. Or, at least someone would know. Her slip. She had to have her slip. Tossing her hair behind her shoulders, she took a deep breath, bent her knees, and looked under the bed. No slip. Just his dead, open eyes staring into hers.

    By Ann C on 01.04.2014

  26. I slipped, suddenly. The world around was askew and I heard a thump, far away. There was a loud CRACK and then I was falling. Falling and cold. Slipping and falling and cold, cold, cold. Distant voices shouted at me to swim, to breathe, to anything.

    By Kristina on 01.04.2014

  27. Her eyes examined the ice beneath her feet, the boy under, drowning in the water. He had slipped and cracked the ice, but she couldn’t save him. Or maybe she did it to him, pushing him because he had always pushed her? Her eyes were full with tears nonetheless, as she knew she’d have to in some way, explain this to their mother, who had already lost a child, but losing a second? Her mother would spiral into madness. The girl decided that, instead of witnessing it, she’d go with the boy, under the water.

    By Ci on 01.04.2014

  28. A slip is an undergarment which I no longer own. It has gone the way of pantyhose – a tortuous item that I was forced to wear when waitressing in a humid climate. Oh wait, my word was ” slip” Oh well…

    By bethrp on 01.04.2014

  29. Hands gripping the hard surface, he clambered up the rock face. One glance over his shoulder caught the glint of the blade nestled in his pursuer’s mouth. He was gaining on him. Beads of sweat formed on his brow and palms. For a second he thought he would slip and fall to his death, but his fingers held on tight as the will to live drove him upwards.

    By Helen URL on 01.04.2014

  30. I slip and slide over the ice covered rainbow wave, so I can get to the pot of Gold that layeth on the other side.

    By Joseph Diman URL on 01.04.2014

  31. Corin kept tugging at Essie’s sleeve in an attempt to get her to go back. It was all in vain. Nothing could get her to turn away from the icy path. Instead, she kept walking, almost skipping, until she lost her footing and gracelessly landed on her bottom.
    “Can we go back now?” Corin asked, moving toward her to offer her his hand.
    She giggled to herself instead of replying.

    By Dorian on 01.04.2014

  32. I tumbled towards the ground, panicking. it took me four seconds to calculate the chances. I took a deep breath, recognized my inevitable death and awaited the landing with dread.

    By lily URL on 01.04.2014

  33. The Vase You Gave Me

    Through the cracks
    Slips the water, drips the water.
    This vase is of no use
    Anymore.The dying flowers die quicker.
    What does that say about me
    And the gaps that opened up in me
    When you left me behind with
    The sound of shattering in my ear.

    By Ladywolfrider URL on 01.04.2014

  34. I had to give them the slip.
    I had ran away from them, knowing that they were going to come after me. So what if they don’t like it if I’m a tattletale? They had no right to do what they did. I hope that my mom would go easy on my brother; it’s not easy being a disabled boy in high school.

    By Jacquel Chrissy May on 01.04.2014

  35. if I slip they’ll know
    if I slip they’ll all see me for what I am
    my hands shake, I can’t meet their eyes. why is it that I feel I’m constantly teetering on the brink, seconds from losing them, all I love? this isn’t family. It’s because of me we’re not stable.

    But I lace my boots like any other, coarse fingers with coal-smudged swirling prints that remind me of the stars. I’ll protect

    By Amy on 01.04.2014

  36. I slipped and fell. Papers went flying everywhere. Stupid shoes.

    A shiny pair of red heels had been sitting in the window of the store in downtown New York yesterday and I thought if I had them I’d be more confident. More clumsy was all it did.

    A hand reached out and began to pick up the papers around me. A masculine hand. Strong. Clean.

    I looked up. The most gorgeous face I’d ever seen was above me.

    “Are you alright?”

    By Emily on 01.04.2014

  37. slipping away below the surface
    i look up through the water
    and the air becomes water
    and the water becomes air
    because when my fingers break the surface
    they are no longer in this world
    but in
    a place far away
    and much too different
    how can i survive at this boundary?
    where water meets air

    By sevenwords on 01.04.2014

  38. i once slipped on a wet rock that was positioned on the bank of a high flowing river. that one slip would have major repercussions for the rest of my life.

    By Brian on 01.04.2014

  39. i like my flip on, this is a shoe made by vans, this american enterprise is well known by the skaters. I have a lot of skater friends, they are awesome. one day I fell because i dont know how to ride a skate… what a shame!
    sometimes i don’t know if this is the right thing to do, you know… but anyway, i love to play the guitar, and thats what makes me happy. i also love writting poetry, and listening to music!

    By ornella on 01.04.2014

  40. i fell its like a dress its shiny ow rain shiny goulashes wet cloudy drip drop pavement yellow glistening mud red gray blue cold umbrella wow ducks lace peace

    By Girl on 01.04.2014