April 19th, 2012 | 184 Entries

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184 Entries for “slight”

  1. It was a slight bit. What is a slight?

    By basketball08 URL on 04.19.2012

  2. Slight, is indeed a word, a word that i don’t know. Raww means “I love you” in dinosaur.

    By jasminemelissa URL on 04.19.2012

  3. Today I have a slight craving for blood. hah hah look out I could be right there.

    By Re-Vamped URL on 04.19.2012

  4. Slight is a word that you describe something with like, there is a slight chance of rain today or there is a slight chance you may fall today.

    By imoto URL on 04.19.2012

  5. slight is something that is not complete or in small view.
    “That slight change made the biggest difference.”

    By Jamie URL on 04.19.2012

  6. Slight exaggerations!!! That should be a name of a song.

    By Jconrad URL on 04.19.2012

  7. Slight means that its like alittle of barely

    By Desteny Baltierra URL on 04.19.2012

  8. It was just a little thing. Barely observable to someone who wasn’t looking for it. A slight turn of the head in John’s direction, the merest hint of knowing that sent his heart pounding and his head reeling. Did she know?

    By chickadee URL on 04.19.2012

  9. Buttered hands are holding and contorting. Twists impress upon the roots of our atrium, squeezing life at a rate of knots. The face of twenty lovers concisely blurred, with ropes entangled now tugging in adverse direction. The captivated surfaced by composure, with minor slip of tongue or flickered iris a sole tell-tale, his mind weaves old threads of indecision into firm new loops.

    By hannah on 04.19.2012

  10. Slight hands, light hands, hands that grasp my hand as she plods across the living room floor. Confidence growing, she falls down less and less. But her hands still hold on to mine. And I will always let them.

    By runningnekkid URL on 04.19.2012

  11. slight of hand is the key in being a good magician. all the best card handlers have incredible slight of hand. also only the best eyes can spy the slight. eyes specifically trained to notice it (i.e.other magicians). slight slight slight can also be something that is near something. l

    By Daniel Laruelle on 04.19.2012

  12. There was a sharp crack as her hand met his cheek. “How DARE you say that to me?” she hissed. “You have no idea what I’ve been through in the last few–”

    “Last few what, Gwen? Last few weeks? Do you have any concept of what the last few years have been? You took some sort of magical dimensional shortcut and have no concept of what the rest of us have had to endure, all while thinking…” He rubbed his hand over his face and looked away. His voice was soft when he continued. “All while thinking you were dead.”

    By The Library Harlot URL on 04.19.2012

  13. Small; or slender.
    But also an insult.
    Oh, how confusing the English language is. Every word has double meanings. I mean, I still get they’re, their and there wrong, and I’ve known English my whole life.

    By Abbey on 04.19.2012

  14. In slight. In flight. In might. In right. In sight. It is all good to me.

    By teeda URL on 04.19.2012

  15. She was slight, so thin and frail. A spring zephr would feel like a full gale to her, tossing her like dandelion fluff. Where she would sleep tonight was unknown. Dinner? A luxury unavailable to her.

    At the bell, slighted by her classmates, she vanished,

    Would she reappear tomorrow when school breakfast beckoned?

    By Mary URL on 04.19.2012

  16. small, withered, frail, young. she sat at the side of the road crying. it was dark and raining outside but I spied her from my window and walked out to meet her. I didn’t know what I should do but she told me everything I needed to know in her sad eyes. pale shoulders, freckles by the dozen

    By Rachel on 04.19.2012

  17. small, frail, young, pale freckled. she sat curbside crying her ocean eyes and I didn’t know what to do. I saw her from my window so I rushed outside like a cool breeze puffing around her tangled hair and she told me everything I ever wanted to know in her red-rimmed gaze.

    By Rachel URL on 04.19.2012

  18. There was a slight against me I know. I’m used to it. I hate of course but used to it. No one else has to deal with this shit but I’m different. I’m cold and alone and people can’t understand that. They don’t get why I might want to be alone, why I prefer silence over their parties. And because of that I am slighted.

    By Something Feline on 04.19.2012

  19. i’ve lost so much weight, but i only see a slight difference.

    i want the difference to be startling.
    i want people to be jealous, concerned.
    i want to be thin.

    By sarah marie URL on 04.19.2012

  20. slight

    Of hand.

    Not something I was ever good at. Maybe my hands were too small when I started (though plenty of children are very good at it.) Now if I tried I’d probably fumble at times, so it may be best that was never my forte. Heck it was never my anything! Self working tricks always worked best for me. I had lots of those.a

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 04.19.2012

  21. Slight of hand. Slightly timid. Slightly cocky. Slightly looking. Slightly gazing. Slightly hoping you were real. Clearly seeing you were.

    By mariana URL on 04.19.2012

  22. You dare to slight me? Then I shall show you what you deserve in return for this and the thousands upon thousands of injuries which you have caused. You deserve nothing but the best, yet you will get the worst…

    By Lucia Gocobachi on 04.19.2012

  23. A sleight of hand and I’ll see you again,
    The rain drops slowly and my mind is detained,
    I realize I’m awake but my mind has been sleeping,
    I’m experiencing reality, except only when I’m dreaming.

    By UnderWater URL on 04.19.2012

  24. I was choking on the smoke in the room,

    I knew that any slight movement would make everyone stare at me. I could not cough nor calmly gag on the disgusting fragrance in the air; then everyone would know I was out of place.

    By Becky on 04.19.2012

  25. …of hand. the difference between offence and politesse. the outcome of social constraints, of acceptability. some are born with it; others are not. others cannot understand the consequences of their poor behaviour – it’s a sort of intuition. can it be taught, or is it instinct?

    By lucy on 04.19.2012

  26. Just the slightest bit of hope left.

    Just that slight bit.

    Just a little sprint, and he’ll fill up that slight.

    By Shin on 04.19.2012

  27. Oh, the slight changes,
    The slight differences,
    The destructive force of belief
    and the slight realizations it releases,
    I love the small, slight changes
    Nobody notices them by you and I, but,
    these differences make up our world.

    By Rainbow URL on 04.19.2012

  28. Delicado
    La tela alba bailó con el soplido de los dioses
    Se movió frente a mí
    El perfume
    Su rostro
    Surgió entre las olas
    Su sonrisa dulce
    Sus ojos vivaces
    Su boca audaz
    Su persona, mi sueño
    Tomé su mano y así caminé
    Sin nada mas que esperar
    Que nada de eso fuese
    Solo un sueño

    By Tohe URL on 04.19.2012

  29. The slightest thing can change your life. A bump in the road veering your car off course and down into the valley below. The failed engines on your flight sending your plane hurtling down into oblivion.

    By L on 04.19.2012

  30. This slight move was even too much. If I could run, vanish in a far away place were I couldn’t be recognized….

    By Jaenya URL on 04.19.2012

  31. There was a slight grip when he held my hand–as if he didn’t want to let me go. But it wasn’t the least bit romantic; he was an aggressive person and I was stuck. Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors.

    By Desiree J URL on 04.19.2012

  32. slight. could mean you have a slight chance of something. there is a slight hill up ahead. now the word slight just looks weird because ive been saying it too much.

    By Caitlin URL on 04.19.2012

  33. It wasn’t magic, just slight of hand, trickery, deception. He distracted me and then moved the goalposts.

    By Meredyth URL on 04.19.2012

  34. With a slight of his hand, he ended her life so quickly. So easily.

    If only I should be so lucky to have the same fate.

    By china URL on 04.19.2012

  35. a room of one’s own. now i’ve got two or two and half to be exact. virginia woolf was ready for the river that received her i wonder why and and what makes one that way? what type of room did she own?

    By becca Loo URL on 04.19.2012

  36. She walked away, I felt it settle into my chest and kind of emanate through me. Just calmly making itself at home. Slighted. It’s fine though, it’s okay though, because hey, at the end of the day you keep on keeping on, and you look to those who are the most important.

    By j on 04.19.2012

  37. it’s too late for the grapes to be saved this year i guess people’ll be drinking bourbon year round.

    By becca Loo URL on 04.19.2012

  38. There is a chance. Maybe just a hope. Faint glimmer.
    A flash in the mirror.
    A sparkle in her eye, and then you’re off.

    By jrr2 URL on 04.19.2012

  39. I walk through the silent streets of my small town. The slightest breeze carries my hair to the back of my head, and I let the warm air pass through my jacket. I look across the way and see all of my friends in the coffee shop. It’s beyond crowded, but I’m content with my place right here. They don’t make me who I am–they never did. From here, I choose my path. Their effect on me was over ever since the day he built the pressure behind my eyes. He’s not who I thought he was, and it turns out that none of them were.

    By Marissa URL on 04.19.2012

  40. magicians freak me out. all that slight of hand nonsense, they could just as easily steal my wallet!

    By Matthew URL on 04.19.2012