April 19th, 2012 | 184 Entries

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184 Entries for “slight”

  1. Slight of hand is the first thing that comes to mind. I learned that term from my eldest sister long ago. She wasn’t a card shark or anything. I think we were watching something on tv and she used the term to comment on something. It took me a moment to understand what it meant. I don’t know if I’ve ever said that term myself.

    By deadponies URL on 04.19.2012

  2. There was a slight bump in the track, causing the bicycle to jerk sideways, and throw the rider of balance.

    By Smile your alive! on 04.19.2012

  3. I will take this hand, smooth and tense
    around the rim of the bowl
    of your splurged out soul
    and smack, slap, stick it in
    until the contents slips
    out into the street
    where it and you belong

    By gsk URL on 04.19.2012

  4. after a slight of hand
    after the touch of man
    after my tears are dry
    after the starlit sky
    after my mind decays
    after the 223 days
    after day one with you
    it’s all been a dream come true

    By C. Ritchie URL on 04.19.2012

  5. A slight slip of a girl running down the sidewalk
    Twisting her lithe body between the crowds
    Just going along never hitting a soul as she fliters
    In and out of my sight from where I sit at the small cafe.
    I watch her for a while, till she turns the corner
    Pondering where she is going and what story she could tell.

    By Ladywolfrider URL on 04.19.2012

  6. There was a slight degree of happiness combined with sadness; she was pleased and cheerful as she knew there were all these people who cared for her and who loved her – but – she was also a little disappointed in herself as “alone” was what she would always have closer to her heart. It wasn’t someone’s fault or anything like that, she just didn’t like the presence of others that much. She liked forests, cats, old books, lots and lost of music and rain. Rain was wonderful. Rain was lovely.

    By Allyna on 04.19.2012

  7. Narrow. Of a slight nature.
    The slight bend of the willowy tree cast shadow over the shimmering blue pond. Joy flooded my small, undeveloped soul as I cast my still young body into it’s depths.

    By Julie on 04.19.2012

  8. It was just a feeling. A slight distortion in the ambience. Something about the sounds, or the smells, in that room. Something that didn’t quite fit.

    By Volryn on 04.19.2012

  9. The TARDIS landed with more than a slight bump.

    “Da-ad! I thought I told you to use the stabilizers!”

    “I…,” he remembered his conversation with Melody’s mother years before concerning the stabilizers. “Haven’t got stabilizers.”

    “Yes, you do, they’re the blue switches.”

    “They don’t do anything, they’re just blue!”

    “Yeah, they’re the blue stabilizers!”

    “Tell you what they are, they’re boring. They’re boring-ers.”

    By Damaris URL on 04.19.2012

  10. Even the slightest touch made my heart flutter. His eyes, I could feel, were looking through my very existence.

    By Jordan on 04.19.2012

  11. It had been a slight mistake, a slight miscalculation of several slight degrees, it resulted in an absolutely grave shot. The ball ricocheted off edge of the roof and flew up slightly higher than it had began. The ball bobbed at the top then fell at slightly accelerated rates to roll off the slight incline of the turpentine roof and knock slightly small in statue Tom in the head, yet the slight knock had been enough to knock him out and send him to an early grave, one just slightly bigger than he had been. My appearance at the burial was taken as a slight by his family.

    By Eric Harrell on 04.19.2012

  12. all it took was a slight slip to send her tumbling back down into the dark valley. This time she was sure she’d never crawl her way out again. But it was oddly comforting to at least be able to accept her lonely fate. Happy endings are just not guaranteed to everyone.

    By Trista URL on 04.19.2012

  13. It’s only a tiny bit. A little bit. I don’t know but it’s not a lot. Could be more. But it isn’t.

    By Aisha on 04.19.2012

  14. I haven’t the slightest clue. It was a little more than usually. Slightly more than usual. Bigger but not smaller. If only I remembered but that’s a tale for another day.

    By Aisha on 04.19.2012

  15. I’m not going to be like that. And if I see a glimpse of you on the horizon, I might just

    a) stop and stare and hope that my eyes deceive me
    b) run away and away until you are nothing but a speck
    c) …

    Well, who knows.

    By Anna Meursault on 04.19.2012

  16. i have a slight chance of winning a race. But i will give it my best chance. Slight is used alot but i think we need to think posotive and just go with the flow.

    By madison URL on 04.19.2012

  17. I kissed the skin on the back of his neck and as my hands caressed the capital letter A across his back branding him my lover,I felt him slightly shiver as if he knew my intentions, to keep him to myself and I grinned as he turned around kneeled down and pleasured his mistress.

    By Leighsha on 04.19.2012

  18. a slight difference between horses and zebras. horses are very colorful, but zebras are black and white striped. are zebras black with white stripes, or are they white with black stripes?

    By mccrazy URL on 04.19.2012

  19. A small amount

    By Shadow URL on 04.19.2012

  20. There was a slight chance of showers, they said on the weather report. Now the slight chance was bonking me on the bare head every second, and making puddles that the dog and I had to splash through. We were two miles from home and she kept turning around and looking at me as if to say, “When are we going to go in?”

    By Kathleen Gabriel on 04.19.2012

  21. My sister-in-law has a slight cold.Olivia is slightly short.

    By Chata97 URL on 04.19.2012

  22. I didnt have the slightest hint about what your were talking about.
    Ok? It isnt my fault that you want me to know every thing.

    By Twerewolf URL on 04.19.2012

  23. I have a slight problem. I am a robot. I have always been a robot, and will probably always continue to be, my face is as remarkably human as yours and my voice and demeanor would not give anything away. However, beneath my skin there is a hard internal skeleton, fed with wires, and my thought processes are logged into a central processor. My life-blood is simply chemical reactions and the interactions of a deep internal circuit. I do not age, nor do I bleed, I exist and I will one day be broken down and built up again.

    By Annie on 04.19.2012

  24. She gave me a slight overview of how it felt when she was sick last night.
    I got a slight haircut.
    “Let’s use this slight piece of fabric!”

    Slight, slight, slight.

    By JV. on 04.19.2012

  25. Slighted again, slapped away by the desert sun, the tiny criminal slithers away into his tiny crack of a home, in a rock battered by daily storms….
    God damnit, why can’t people leave me alone when I write and stop staring at the screen when they walk by?
    The criminal peeks out of his front door and smiles at the snails that seek some faster-paced world.

    By annie URL on 04.19.2012

  26. “Just ever so slightly to the left… wait, not, back again… a bit more… bit more… there you go!”

    By Billy on 04.19.2012

  27. Was it the size of her frame? Was it the way he avoided her gaze? Was it the cough that showed her, finally, that they had been listening, but not really?
    Because she’d love that description for parts of her life, but being slighted simply slimmed down her will to fight.

    By Kristen on 04.19.2012

  28. he held the slightest glint in his eyes as he stared pondering the world around him. music blaring in his ear, he felt numb, not really happy or sad. just content. he wished to run, to drive, to fly. something that would bring him out of this hole in which he’d dug himself. he just wished to get away. to start a new escapade. and whatever had brought him to this point cannot be changed or undone. its just there.
    with the slightest glint in his eyes, she saw this, all of this. she sensed it; in tune with his mind, feelings, reliefs, regrets. there was love there and she knew it. maybe hidden, buried beneath the ashes of lost causes. it must be there though, she thought. eyes like that can’t burn away the love. eyes much too different from hers which already had.
    in unison their secluded inference collided. with smiles on their faces; light in their eyes, soon enough they’ll wash the pain away. they’ll run, drive, fly even. in order to progress, together, they’ll start a new escapade.

    By Tas on 04.19.2012

  29. I might have slightly touched his hand, but i couldn’t control myself, it just looked so soft and gentile, much like himself. Why are my hands acting by themselves, could it be that I am in love?

    By Euge on 04.19.2012

  30. “It was a slight lapse in communication.”

    “Slight? Slight?” barked Mrs. Birch, glowering over her old-fashioned pince-nez. “Freaking gargantuan is more like it! Mister Hernandez, do you have any idea how much your words will impact our school?”

    The short little black-haired man was fidgeting. It was amazing how a Coors-influenced Facebook comment could spark so much fury from so many people. Especially the gay-affirmative Cynthia Birch.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.19.2012

  31. He was so thin he slipped between the door frame and the shadow of the door frame — with room for a piece of translucent prosciutto to spare.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 04.19.2012

  32. Slight is always a word I either never use, or overabuse. Slight is such a word .. I always translate it as ” a bit”but slight sounds a lot more chique and professional. Slight reminds me of a bit steep, a bit .. strange to explain really.

    By Leonie on 04.19.2012

  33. it was a slight, that much was true; a look like that, sideways and narrow and accompanied with a smile that was more smugthan joy, it didn’t imply, couldn’t, really, anything but a hidden cruelty. but what on earth could she be insulting? at first, it had seemed such an innocuous remark.

    By Anna on 04.19.2012

  34. Accumulating like flies to a honey pot, the hoards of people encircling the singular, bespectacled magician in the shopping centre rapidly increased. Mutters of ‘amazing’ and ‘how did he do that?’ were whispered between strangers.

    Simple. Slight of hand: The magician’s most powerful trick.

    By Katt URL on 04.19.2012

  35. There was a slight chill inching up her back – making the blond hairs on her arm stand up in attention. Fight or flight.

    By seizazen on 04.19.2012

  36. She took it as a serious slight on her impeccable judgement of character that he could even hint at the suggestion that she had may have been wrong to take in the lodger. But there was no doubt about the outcome. Their life savings had vanished from the cash bag hidden in the mattress along with the young man and he hadn’t even handed over his first month’s rent cheque. Now they needed that extra money more than ever but their innocent trust in strangers was broken forever.

    By Laura N on 04.19.2012

  37. Slightly,slighter,and slight.

    By dominik2 URL on 04.19.2012

  38. It was a little bit irritating, the way he pretended not to know I existed. But the fact that he was just pretending made it easier to bear.

    By tori on 04.19.2012


    By SarynDayle URL on 04.19.2012

  40. It was just a slight movement, an imperceptible flick of the wrist, a momentary twitch that sent droplets of water flying from her hand and landing on the pane of clear glass behind her.

    By Erin Marauder on 04.19.2012