October 5th, 2016 | 48 Entries

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48 Entries for “slideshow”

  1. Every time I see a slideshow, I think of all my happy memories! Then suddenly it ends and I am left with the thoughts of family and friends.

    By Samuel on 10.05.2016

  2. I can’t tell you how many times someone has told me to make a slideshow. People seem to expect one for everything they want to talk about. “Oh, I need to be able to explain why my dog is better than all the other dogs, better have a slideshow made.” I can tell you, you don’t always need a slideshow, sometimes just your words will be enough.

    By Connor on 10.05.2016

  3. Slideshows are my least favorite things to do in school. I hate presentations and being in front of people.

    By Lupa on 10.05.2016

  4. Slideshow? Haven’t used one in a while, I remember doing one in middle school as a project for HHM [Hispanic Heritage Month].

    By Andrew URL on 10.05.2016

  5. “HEY SUNNY!”
    He jumped, the datapad in his hands nearly slipping as the cube resting on the small table beside him quivered with the motion. With one hand he threw up his shades and with the other he steadied himself(and the datapad) on the chair, peering at his brother in distaste.
    “What the pit, Sideswipe?”
    With a broad grin, the red Lamborghini struck a pose from the top of the soap-covered hill. “Watch this!”
    He took a few steps back, then propelled himself forward at top speed and leaped off the hill’s crest, letting out a cry of glee as he landed harshly on his chestplate and began a mad slide down the hill. Trailbreaker, who was busy helping scrub off the excess oil from the tanker truck’s crash, snapped his helm upward in time to be bowled over by the laughing mech, and his own yell of surprise and indignation echoed from across the field.
    They landed with a loud crash on the asphalt at the bottom of the hill, and Sideswipe’s laughter was cut off with a clank of metal punching metal as indiscernible angry speech left Trailbreaker’s mouth.
    With a despairing sigh, Sunstreaker scowled, replacing his shades and reopening the files on his datapad.
    What an idiot his brother was.

    By The Wanderer URL on 10.05.2016

  6. click.

    that’s a picture of me, smiling on the beach. 5 years old.


    that’s a picture of me with a bunch of friends. 12 years old.


    that’s a picture of me graduating. 17 years old.


    that’s a picture of me being utterly lost and confused. 24 years old.

    By stranger on 10.05.2016

  7. “Ready to visit the Sheridans, honey?” called Chelsea from the hallway.

    “Don’t tell me we’re going to have to watch another slideshow,” groaned Sandy as she put on her jacket. “I had enough after seeing their seventh trip to Maui.”

    “No, no,” laughed Chelsea. “Just coffee and discussion. Don’t worry, they haven’t traveled much the past year.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.05.2016

  8. When I was little one of our favorite things to do would be to sit around the living room and my dad would put up the screen and do a slideshow for us. It was fun to see the pictures. Just a few years ago my siblings and I got together and we did the same thing. We went through so many old pictures and we laughed so much and it was so enjoyable.

    By ashton on 10.05.2016

  9. The slideshow went on, but Paul wasn’t really paying attention. He doodled in his notebook, letting all the little images in his head out onto the paper. He was bored, no doubt about it.

    By Shadow Writer URL on 10.05.2016

  10. i was presenting the slides on my thesis defense. i wasn’t nervous but my voice was trembling

    By Fani Fransisca URL on 10.05.2016

  11. a word that brings forth memories of school presentations and projects. a time in my life that made me cringe, cry, and suppress the urge to vomit. as i got older it got better, but that was only through actual practice. i may no longer scratch my skin uncontrollably upon having to present, but i still shake violently afterward. the tears never come anymore. things look up, slowly.

    By vanikey URL on 10.05.2016

  12. The darkness felt like such a relief after walking around the hot city in the bright sunshine all day. She wasn’t sure about having to sit through her neighbor’s slideshow of their vacation, but as she sipped on a glass of cool white wine, she thought it would not be too bad.

    By chanpheng URL on 10.05.2016

  13. For the sideshow we’ll have our slide show a slideshow of a blow by blow painting of a Van Gogh.

    By omqwat URL on 10.06.2016

  14. She flipped through the slideshow, holding her breath without realizing it. She hadn’t meant to open it, honestly she wasn’t even sure how she had opened it. It wasn’t often that she had to use her husband’s laptop, but with her’s out of battery, she just needed a quick peek.
    But there, right in front of her, unavoidable, was an entire slideshow of their neighbor Caitlin.

    By claire on 10.06.2016

  15. he chose our photo. I was too shy to look at the camera, so I was fiddling on my phone. “It tells a story,” but what story is it telling? He said my journal was the best he’d ever read. I don’t know if I’ll ever see him again.

    By Luna Sequoia on 10.06.2016

  16. Pictures flashing on the wall, passing by. Time escapes us, and we will never feel the same way again

    By La Lune URL on 10.06.2016

  17. Each picture passing by, triggering a memory, positive or negative but a strong association. Each memory leading to another, the slideshow creating the remembered story in my head.

    By Shona URL on 10.06.2016

  18. It was hardly enough to catch my attention, in a room of thirty people. But then I saw a blurry, side profile of a man off in the corner of a picture in the presentation. I knew the shape of the nose, the crinkle of the eyes, as small and distorted as the image was. And just as soon as he appeared, he was gone. Just like before.

    By Ai URL on 10.06.2016

  19. [Boku no Renge: worth hokku to slideshow haikai]

    the self worth of men
    low in those with most value
    high if you’re the least

    if your life’s SLIDESHOW
    showed each deed to all the world
    would you be worth much?

    [to others and yourself truly?]
    Minna, Oyasumi Nasai.

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 10.06.2016

  20. Credit to Kat, whose post of yesterday inspired me.

    Arigato, Thanks, Danke, Merci, Shukran, Asante, Grazie, Moran taing, Gracias, Gratias,

    Kamsa/Gamsa, Xie xie, O seun, Salamat, Dhanyavaad, Ephkaristo, and uh…Mahalo!

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 10.06.2016

  21. [Quid est Latine mea? Trying some self-taught Latin.]

    Quid est homo valorem real?

    The slideshow, quod post mortem, maneat pro aliis.

    Rerum quae utile, et cum benevolentia, ad diu maneat.

    [Anyone with those years of Catholic school Latin studies or the like, feel free to correct.
    I have a feeling this is like “throw boy good ball” vs. “The boy throws the ball well.”]

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 10.06.2016

  22. “And there you go class, thus ends the lesson and the slideshow– which I hope you enjoyed….” The professor chuckled to herself and walked back to the front, to unplug her laptop from the projector and fix her things. “Class dismissed!” She announced it so cheerily, it was as if she was a /student/ being dismissed. She had to be the happiest professor in the course– hell, in the whole university. Nobody ever saw anyone smile as frequently as her, or be as fascinated in her major– Biology AND Entomology– enough to start naming a bunch of the insects and transferring them to where they’d help the plants out most. But, hey, there’s a reason everybody loved her.

    By Soare Apagorevo URL on 10.06.2016

  23. I remeber sitting in class and making slideshows on Power Point. I was excellent at them, probably because I took all of my notes in outline format, and that’s basically what a power point was. I wonder, though, if when you die your life flashes for you in a slideshow or more like a movie.

    By Paige on 10.06.2016

  24. Like a hauntingly demonic slideshow on TV every day,
    As I shift channel to channel, they annoy me in every way
    Me? I don’t want your products. Stop selling. I’ll never pay.
    Each of these incessant infomercials is so damn gay!

    By Giezum on 10.06.2016

  25. Why a slideshow ? I want to be able to control how long I look at an image. I don’t want power point I don’t want to have things timed for me. I want to take my time or skip I am the master of my domain. I want to experience things my way. It is handy though.

    By Deborah on 10.06.2016

  26. Little bits and pieces of your face flow by in my mental slideshow. I’m caught up in the way you look, the way I remember you looking and the way you might look in the future.
    I’m spending time with your past-present-future selves all at once in this letter I’m writing to you and wondering how your slideshow face will look as you read it. Transition, fade-to-black between happy-sad-pained.
    The End.

    By Lancir URL on 10.06.2016

  27. CLICK. “As you can see here, the profits would substantially increase over the first quarter giving us the most successful year in history.” CLICK.
    I really tried to listen to him. But my eyes kept forcing themselves closed and my head wanted nothing but the top of my desk.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 10.06.2016

  28. presentation, work, powerpoint, paper,

    By Daiane URL on 10.06.2016

  29. I am very bored in my science class watching this slideshow. I would much prefer to be doing an experiment. My teacher, I can tell ,doesn’t feel like teaching us today so she stuck up this slideshow.

    By susan cochran on 10.06.2016

  30. A series of pictures shown one after the other, Me and Mike watched a slideshow of or trip to Disneyland.

    By Jonathan Sersaw on 10.06.2016

  31. I had prepared a beautiful slideshow to show Gary. It was full of amazing facts and pictures and was sure to persuade him to finally understand that flies deserved to live. I clicked through the slides and gave long explanations. I finally came to the last slide. It was a very large picture of Lil’ Lenny, my friend fly, with a long paragraph explaining how and why he could NOT I repeat NOT kill him and if he did he would have to experience a very horrible consequence.

    By EllieBellie1012 on 10.06.2016

  32. a presentation supplemented by or based on a series of projected images or photographic slides. can be used in business format or just for fun. personally find them kind of boring.

    By bigboy@rockthishouse on 10.06.2016

  33. The slideshow flicked one dull picture and then the next – endless days of boring summers past where families looked happy but beneath the veneer, was a settled sadness that could be felt in the way the mother’s eyes tilted down at the baby on her hip.

    By A.N.S. URL on 10.06.2016

  34. A slideshow is a series of pictures put all together in a video with music in the background. They put many slideshows in school assemblies with highlights from activities at the school.

    By TessaAnn on 10.06.2016

  35. I’ll tell you what—you only have minutes. These minutes pass and they’re high before they’re low or they’re low before they’re high. Sometimes they stay low and, you can dream and maybe you should, but I’ll tell you what—they rarely stay high. You’ve got this array of minutes. They don’t ask you whether they should disappear, but they always will.

    By H URL on 10.06.2016

  36. Jaxon prepares his presentation, gathering his notes as he waits for the class to settle down.

    By Deandra URL on 10.06.2016

  37. Is a form of communication that is beginning to feel old to me. I am excited about using infographics and other tools to create new ways of sharing information. Although I do love the new feature in google slides.

    By mark URL on 10.06.2016

  38. Click
    Smothering silence, emptiness
    The darkness pierced by a hazy light
    The rythmic sound is the only one left
    You cannot make sound anymore
    Even as you struggle to, with mouth gaping in a silent scream
    You stand alone, held in place by the icy fingers of reapers and forced to watch
    The silent moments of life pass by on the eerie screen

    By Ami URL on 10.06.2016

  39. Click
    Smothering silence, emptiness
    The darkness pierced by a hazy light
    The rythmic sound is the only one left
    You cannot make sound anymore
    Even as you struggle to, with mouth gaping in a silent scream
    You stand alone, held in place by the icy fingers of reapers and forced to watch
    The silent moments of life pass by on the eerie screen

    By Ami URL on 10.06.2016

  40. My teacher wants us to do a presentation so i chose to do a slideshow. It was about animals and there habitats. after i presented i got an A+.

    By Abigail Smith on 10.06.2016