June 15th, 2013 | 145 Entries

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145 Entries for “sleeved”

  1. I saw my sleeved arm reach for her, when I suddenly grabbed his hands and started acting really flirty. I pulled him close, and we started slow dancing, and before I knew it, I was making out with him on the spot.

    By Emma on 06.16.2013

  2. A moment when your sleeves are down and you don’t have to worry about people seeing what scares you,what scars you, what terrifies you.The dangers of the world are none and you’re sleeved.

    By Bri Levantino on 06.16.2013

  3. He kept it hidden. Sheathed it beneath expensive silk. One flash of his perfect white smile, and they would be disarmed. That’s when he would strike.

    By Soft URL on 06.16.2013

  4. I have this gorgeous long sleeved top.Long sleeved tops work very well since they hide our modesty.I also have some short sleeved tops.One of them is sleeved with little frills around the end.

    By Misha on 06.16.2013

  5. עוד קלף, עוד חוט, יונה קטנה ולבנה… הקוסם ממשיך וממשיך להוציא דברים מהשרוול!!
    הילדים הקטנים בקהל צוחקים ומחייכים, התמימות שלהם מדהימה את כולם, כמעט כמו הקסמים של הקוסם.

    By noga on 06.16.2013

  6. She decided to go for the dress with sleeves down to her elbow. She drank tea, and had proper conversations, and was complimented on her sleeved attire.

    Of course, nobody needed to know about the black and red octopus tattoo hidden underneath.

    By CH☆M on 06.16.2013

  7. Sleeved, like the archer’s forearm, protected from the backlash of his murderous arrow loosed towards his enemy.

    By JV on 06.16.2013

  8. I was sitting on the stool so I could see the door out of the corner of my eye. It opened and the little bell above the door jingled merrily. Sipping my red wine, I pretended not to care who had just come in. In the mirror behind the bar I saw him and nearly spit my drink out on the bartender. There he was, but he wasn’t the man I remembered.

    The dweeb I had dated in high school was now sleeved, muscled and hot! I wiped the wine from my lips on a napkin and wondered if I could hide before he saw me. Too late, our eyes met and he frowned.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 06.16.2013

  9. I don´t know exactly the meaning of this word. Maybe means a parte of
    a coat. The place where you puty your arms.

    By Carlos Svarc on 06.16.2013

  10. He slid the CD back into it’s paper sleeve … sleeved, is that even a word? did it even matter. He put it on the ever growing stack of rejected demo’s and slipped the next into his player. Sleeved, rejected, next, sleeved, rejected … He didn’t think it would be this easy to crush dreams, he sighed, sleeve them perhaps. Sleeved, rejected.

    By Babushka on 06.16.2013

  11. ive got nothing to hide,
    i got no robe and no hood,
    no cape flying behind,
    theres nothing hidden about me
    and yet, you see,
    my arms aren’t bare,
    there’s something i won’t share,
    this little precious trinket,
    this shining copper ingot,
    it’s up my arms, where you can’t see,
    i may not be obscure but i am sleeved.

    By berenique on 06.16.2013

  12. i wish i was i could turn it around if in the dark i sat alone and undisturbed if i was sleeved people and the pulse of life i would smell things, though, my fingers might get tired of gripping the hair of who the hell’s sleeve am i up?

    By reluctant URL on 06.16.2013

  13. the word reminds me of sweet annie. never wears shirts without sleeves. the lack of confidence and the fullness of insecurity and self-hatred. my sweet annie, why cant you see that youre a forrest fairy?

    By rosybum on 06.16.2013

  14. It was with a heavy heart that the magician walked away from the supermarket.
    He had heard there was a new deal on cards,
    And for an out of work magician, this was important.
    He spent way too much time setting cards on fire, setting himself on fire, and just trying to succeed in a the illusion of his business.
    But when he got to the store, they were all gone.
    At least Kleenex were on sale.

    By Siege URL on 06.16.2013

  15. The sweater’s on the floor.
    The cats found the errant thread.
    Now the sweater’s become
    a vest.

    I ate up all the food.
    The cupboards are all so bared.
    Now the kitchen’s become
    a graveyard.

    By Annie URL on 06.16.2013

  16. My sleeve was dirty from the mud outside my house. The rain wouldn’t stop falling and the wether seems to get worse every second. I didn’t know what to do, normaly I would just sit down and watch as people on the street got wet, but today I decided I would stay with my dirty sleeve and

    By marina on 06.16.2013

  17. this is the first summer i can wear
    tank tops and shorts,
    sunbathe without bikini lines.

    i no longer have need for
    my wristbands and bracelets,
    sweaters, hoodies.

    my psychiatrist calls this progress.
    she gave me lollipop,
    like a dentist does.

    close enough, i guess.
    my skin is only freckled and burnt;
    whole, because

    i only hacked at myself on the inside,
    the damage long-lasting
    but the bleeding contained.

    By h. b. on 06.16.2013

  18. greg sleeved on his sleep to provide his girlfriend with a great sleeve so that she wouldn’t have to sleeve off.

    By Gref on 06.16.2013

  19. Louise rubbed her snot filled nose along her sleeve. It was now soggy and hard from its overuse as her handkerchief.

    By Jennifer on 06.16.2013

  20. Sleeved within a film of misery, Misty hid behind a hedge.

    By jen on 06.16.2013

  21. I’m not sure what this word means in this tense.

    Pandora looked at the newspaper trying to engage in what looked like encrypted lettering for her.

    By Jennifer on 06.16.2013

  22. The sleeved shirt was stretched tight against his biceps, showing every little muscle twitch as he moved around the office picking up this file, that mug shot, his coffee. She couldn’t help but admire the beauty she saw.

    By Rebecca URL on 06.16.2013

  23. How to approach this situation? His usually sleeved arms were now naked revealing perfect shoulders. But more breathtaking were his scars which told the story of his pain and his survival. If I thought I liked him before, now I’m sure I feel something more.

    By Ruben URL on 06.16.2013

  24. Packaged up, trapped, but adorned as if this was meant to create an okayness with everything that so clearly wasn’t okay.

    By Martin on 06.16.2013

  25. Another book,
    Another book,
    Why so many books?
    I have sleeved every single one!
    What am I to do!

    I sleeve and sleeve and sleeve and sleeve!
    When will this all end?!

    By elaina on 06.16.2013