December 15th, 2011 | 186 Entries

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186 Entries for “sleeve”

  1. My sleeve fell down. Sleeve. Sleeve. Sleeve. Blah. Blah. Blah.

    By danielle scott URL on 12.16.2011


    By epicfaceofdeath45 URL on 12.16.2011

  3. the sleeve of your shirt or dress. the pocket thingy that you put your arm in

    By zoe lewis URL on 12.16.2011

  4. sleeves are important. without sleeves we would freeze in the winter and without sleeves we would have nothing to attach to our shirts. the world would be a bad place without sleeves.

    By stripes URL on 12.16.2011

  5. I love to way sleeves. They can be so comfortable at one time but also can be quite annoying when you are putting your jacket on. Short sleeves dont bother me at all in fact I kinda like to wear them in the summer on the beach!

    By Fran Loncar on 12.16.2011

  6. I pull down my sleeves and forget about shorts, just to hide the scars that remind me how weak of a person I truly am.

    By laughalot on 12.16.2011

  7. the sleeve on my shirt is ripped. it is verry long and it is falling is probablygoing to fall off soon.

    By J URL on 12.16.2011

  8. keep me warm. get in my way. double edged sword. three quarter. long sleeve. short sleeve. roll up. keep down. cut off. keep on. plaid. solid. polka dots. stripes. today plaid. tomorrow who knows. not me. that’s for sure.

    By Brittany on 12.16.2011

  9. Younghak wiped his tears with his sleeve as he looked at Seunghyun’s lifeless body. “Whatever happened to ‘forever’?” He silently thought as he covered the body up again.

    By K on 12.16.2011

  10. A sleeve dipped in pond water: the tadpole out of reach. I wait, behind him, with one oar. I think, This is the moment! over and over, but when he turns around and smiles — a tooth still missing; I guess they don’t grow back — I pretend I was just putting the oar across my lap. And smile back. We’ll get a tadpole yet, I say, and we paddle our canoe farther out.

    By RS Bohn URL on 12.16.2011

  11. Jake tate is a sexy beast who wears a sleeve.

    By tatertot URL on 12.16.2011

  12. The coat of my sleeve during winter, hangs on the frost of the snow. Lightly drizzled with snowflakes and the whisper of the holidays as the end of December bows to the New year.

    By curiousdee URL on 12.16.2011

  13. What’s that up my sleeve? Oh my God, it’s someone else’s arm!

    By Dominic on 12.16.2011

  14. I often think of my granny. so beautiful with her dangling falseys and the tissues shoved up her sleeve. I really loved her, no one else was like her. Great BIG character. And she loved me too.

    By Jenn on 12.16.2011

  15. I am wearing sleeve less pajamas right now. I am going to wear a long sleeve shirt later today.

    By just582 URL on 12.16.2011

  16. Sometimes, I just feel like my hearts on my sleeve just for you. And I hate the fact that I can’t do anything to change that. I want you to take my heart…take it and run away as fast as you can. Because the moment I realize you have it, I’ll want it back. And I know you, I know who you are, and I want you to keep.

    By Catherine URL on 12.16.2011

  17. I wiped the blood of my face with my sleeve, staining it a dark brown. “You” I said, turning to the guy who’d just punched me in the face. He had this cocky look on his face that was just begging to be wiped off, preferably with a little blood.

    By RedQueen URL on 12.16.2011

  18. hello there ow are you doing.

    By James URL on 12.16.2011

  19. it’s what one wipes
    his sweat with
    after a long days work,
    when nerves get the best
    of us all,
    when it means

    By NuSol URL on 12.16.2011

  20. There are two sleeves on your shirt. A metaphorical saying is, “She has her heart on her sleeve.” I don’t know what that means though. A shirt can have long sleeves for cold weather, or short sleeves for average weather, or no sleeves at all, like a tank top.

    By Damaris URL on 12.16.2011

  21. The sleeves on my shirt are quite short. I don’t even know why they’re that necessary, I mean really. They’re incredibly small, so it doesn’t really matter for their existence. Now that’s something, I just realized one of them has a small tear. Hopefully no one notices it as I go out today.

    By Jared on 12.16.2011

  22. she has these
    little pink horses
    on her
    her petite hands peeking
    out from the
    i swear it’s
    the single cutest
    thing i’ve
    ever seen.

    By Iffath URL on 12.16.2011

  23. It was lucky that she often wore long sleeve shirts. This has been her first time doing it, and she hoped it would be her last as well. But as much as she regretted it, the scars wouldn’t disappear just like that. So she tugged desperately at the ends of her sleeves, and hid the marks, like nothing was wrong.

    By Sarah URL on 12.16.2011

  24. The tears were streaming down her face as she looked at him, betrayal evident in her eyes. He looked away as he said, “I’m sorry, Veronica. I’m so sorry. I never meant to hurt you.” She cried even harder now, wiping her nose on her sleeve. “But why, Tom? Why did you do it?” He turned his back to her. He couldn’t let her see his tears as he answered “Because I had no other choice.”

    By Nikki on 12.16.2011

  25. I pulled down my sleeves.
    They hid a secret. A secret I couldn’t tell anyone.
    If I did, I might spill out through the newly-formed cracks.
    If I did, I might fall.
    If i did, I might lose it.
    Forever, this time.

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 12.16.2011

  26. I rolled up my sleeves with contemplation.
    Holding the razor between my fingers I wasn’t sure I could go with it.
    The icy sting of the blade against my skin.
    The crimson blood pouring down my arm.
    It was all so wretchedly beautiful.
    I knew it would all be okay soon.

    By Brandon Adams URL on 12.16.2011