December 15th, 2011 | 186 Entries

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186 Entries for “sleeve”

  1. i rolled up my sleeves and dipped them into the hot, soapy water. I scrubbed and scrubbed like i was trying to peel away my flesh. Its a wonder i got none of your blood on my shirt. But my, it sure didn’t want to come off my arms

    By jason p on 12.15.2011

  2. long sleves are nice i have a few shirts with long sleves, one is actually my brothers. its from his frat and its light blue. I llike to wear it with leggings but i spilt some nail polish on it so now im afraid to wear it cause he might seee.

    By allie on 12.15.2011

  3. The sleeves on my winter coat are too short, and the wrist is too delicate a part to get cold.

    By Ani URL on 12.15.2011

  4. Everything runs down my arms like white stallions in a great stampede. Like white noise. The buzzing in my fingertips responds in shades of blue, resonating back up into my neck, triggering the shivers down my spine to the base of all my nerves.

    By Elio Hawkins URL on 12.15.2011

  5. Litttle Alex pulled on his mother’s sleeve. “What is it you want, sweetie,” asked hi smother.
    Alex looke up at his mommy with his big blue eyes.
    “Is it your bottle? Do you want your Buzz Lightyear?
    Alex stared.
    “Do you want a cookie? I’ve got a nice cookie for you. Do you want a cookie?”
    Alex stared.
    “Well then wht is it you want?”
    Alex said, “I want your sleeve. Duh.”

    By richpee URL on 12.16.2011

  6. Sparrow tugged on the edge of her sleeve and looked up at her mom with her milky jade eyes. “Do I really have to mommy?” Brussel sprouts were not her favorite at all. In fact, they were her least favorite food. She couldn’t imagine anything she’d rather not do than force herself to inhale the small, round, mushy blobs of green vegetables, hopefully at a speed that would mean she had no opportunity to taste them.

    By Skyy URL on 12.16.2011

  7. up my sleeve i wish i held tricks .. tricks that would led me in and out of sitations … tricks that led me in and out of people’s mind … tricks, just tricks of the world .. for they are not always evil .. tricks of truth, tricks

    By Gaurav Joshi URL on 12.16.2011

  8. She sat on a log by the campfire wrapped in her winter jacket as the winter wind whistled around them making their hair whip around their faces.
    “Here you go,” said Ammelie, her best friend, handing her a marshmallow. She reached out and took it. As she withdrew her arm, she felt flames licking her skin. She looked down and saw that her sleeve was a blaxing inferno that was slowly creeping up towards her. She screamed and pulled the jacket off her. Her shirt underneath was smoking. Ammelie threw her hot chocolate over her arm and the smoking ceased. On the floor, her winter jacket lay, the sleeve in flames.

    By Antonia on 12.16.2011

  9. Whenever it comes to a tough job, I’m always ready with my sleeved rolled up. That’s my attitude towards life. Be prepared or everything that comes your way.

    By kirty on 12.16.2011

  10. it is a part of garment which partly cover a person’s arm. some persons may use it to protect themselves from mosquitoes. a shirt which is without sleeves is called as sleeveless shirt.

    By asmat on 12.16.2011

  11. She sat in a chair in the corner of the coffee shop, methodically reattaching the sleeve that had been ripped from her shirt during the last skirmish with her boyfriend. Cursing softly when yet another knot formed, and she yanked the needle free with with her teeth, spitting a thread into her mouth with a sigh.

    By Sar URL on 12.16.2011

  12. The sleeve was something that no one really knew much about. They tried cleaning the stains that continuously dirtied it, but nothing would do. Why does this sleeve never clean? The stains from last year’s spaghetti sauce is still sprinkled on the white fabric of the sleeve. Everyone feels bad about the sleeve; but maybe it’s just meant to be that way.

    By Anne Hohler on 12.16.2011

  13. i rolled up my left sleeve, then my right. grim as this task was i was going to tackle it head on. despite this determination my stomach was still heaving at the thought of it, a lone bead of sweat made its way down the small of my back, finding its way into the depths of my bum crack.

    By Amanda URL on 12.16.2011

  14. sleeves are on shirts. it’s really annoying when someone pulls on your sleeve. i like shirts without sleeves more.

    By Ang Orange on 12.16.2011

  15. His sleeve brushed her arm, and she blushed. Last night was memorable, and now they were back into the real word, the world where no one could know that they were together. Why did this have to be, and how had she gotten into this? It didn’t really matter, because when they were together life was good, and that was all that mattered.

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 12.16.2011

  16. I like sleeves. I don’t like to show off bare shoulders or arms. This was true even when I was young. Why? Not sure. A privacy thing? Because I want to focus on the music rather than myself? Nowadays soloists wear as skimpy dresses as they can find.

    By elizabeth b URL on 12.16.2011

  17. i rolled up my sleeves as i splash the water from the sink onto my face. I just got done crying because my pitbull (dog) die today. My face was all red. I had him since he was a newborn and he was only 3 years old when he died. He got hit by a car. I can’t talk about it anymore… sorry..

    By Lizzy URL on 12.16.2011

  18. She eased down the cardboard sleeve that protected her frail fingers from the dark coffee’s heat. If only it were always that easy to keep her safe from the heat until she really really knew she could handle it.

    By deviousway URL on 12.16.2011

  19. I have lots of sleeves. Long sleeves, short sleeves, fat sleeves, skinny sleeves, all kinds of sleeves. Once U say ‘sleeves’ a lot, it just sounds like a big jumble of silly sounds. In fact, it does that with any word! Try it!

    By Raina on 12.16.2011

  20. Cover me. Shield my imperfections, my scars, my unsightly hairy arms. Make me look good. Give me somewhere to hide my arms. I wish you were longer. I wish I could pull you over my face.

    By Soft URL on 12.16.2011

  21. When I think of sleeve I think of a shirt look at the sleeve of the shirt.

    By Bubbinator99 URL on 12.16.2011

  22. I think of sleeve as a wierd thing covering my own arms in that case I wish I could rip all of the sleeves off of all of my shirts in the summer.

    By Bubbinator99 on 12.16.2011

  23. I think of sleeve as a wierd thing covering my own arms in that case I wish I could rip all of the sleeves off of all my shirts in the summer.

    By Bubbinator99 on 12.16.2011

  24. All shirts except for tank tops have sleeves.

    By Celliana URL on 12.16.2011

  25. got something up your sleeve? you probably have more than one sleeve on because of his cold weather, cause i definitely do.

    By mccrazy URL on 12.16.2011

  26. A sleeve is usually used on shirts or jackets of some sort. Sleeve is used to keep you warm when it is cold and protected from the sun when you are hiking.

    By bean! URL on 12.16.2011

  27. I have a long sleeve shirt on today because it is cold. Long sleeves are warm.

    By hdaisy123 URL on 12.16.2011

  28. the sleeve of his shirt was covered with flour when i asked him were it came from he replied it was a project

    By Amazing Antonio URL on 12.16.2011

  29. my sleeve is short. i wish it was long because of the cold breeze. sleeves can keep you warm. some dont though.

    By lil-gaylord URL on 12.16.2011

  30. I have two sleeves on my jacket. My jacket makes me warm. If I could I would share my jacket with a giraffe. It would be awesome!!!

    By Giraffe URL on 12.16.2011

  31. asdfasdf

    By John URL on 12.16.2011

  32. my SLEEVE is black :D
    what color is the color of your SLEEVE :D

    By Legit Llamas URL on 12.16.2011

  33. I folded up my SLEEVE and got to work.
    I am writing about SLEEVE.
    A SLEEVE is on the shirt.

    By pinkydinkydoo URL on 12.16.2011

  34. my sleeve was torn because it got caught on a fence

    By r@y@nne sn!per URL on 12.16.2011

  35. Timmy pulled up his sleeve to reveal a knife. Everyone else in the classroom screamed and started running frantically. Timmy had thought everyone would buy him steak to cut with his brand new knife. Instead they all screamed, this confused Timmy.

    By Nick F on 12.16.2011

  36. one do a boy pulled up his sleeve and when he did, everyone gasped, he was 8 and had a giant tatto of a skull on his forearm. he thought they’d all be happy and think it’d be cool, so then he showed his parents and then his parents got mad, took him to the doctor and got it removed.

    By Twain Cacek on 12.16.2011

  37. its cold, i go to work at 5 am and all i think about is jumping into my car.
    roll down the windows
    feel the breeze
    scrap the ice off of my windshield
    drive fast
    don’t be late
    defrost on
    music slow

    By stevani on 12.16.2011

  38. i pulled up my sleeve and began the experiment. this was the same procedure i have been practicing time and time over and over again, so why did this time feel so different? why did making up this secret chemical make me feel so bad this time. i tried to get out of it, but then they found me, they made me give them the ingredients, and now they’re watching me

    By Abra URL on 12.16.2011

  39. my sleeve is really bothering me. I mean i look so fat in this outfit. ahrr hey someone is sitiing next to me . her sleeves are very baggy and its ikntersting. I wonder why she does not dress nice more often. TRhe sleeve ofe flavor of life blah blah blah no idea what to say but uhhh omg going to rochester dtoday not sure if i will change. I might not sure but ya

    By emmikate on 12.16.2011

  40. i sleeve things to protect them!!!!!!~!:)

    By Leo URL on 12.16.2011