January 15th, 2013 | 256 Entries

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256 Entries for “size”

  1. Oh the size of things – the fat woman doesn’t look thinner next to an elephant she looks like a fat woman next to an elephant – think of a goldfish huge in its bowl – the or so very small looking at huge watery mystery through the glas- moving in strange ways or does the enormous mystery outside only move when the goldfish moves – does the fish move it by moving? Then the fish is enormous and all powerful

    By Kate beswick on 01.16.2013

  2. One word is not word is never enough.Especially for those who love the words, those who think n believe that everything is about words and can be with words. Words that make you alive , words that can sink you to death , words that can take you to fantasies and words that can bring back you to reality.Words are essential, words make you feel real n sane and equally insane and lost. A package is always there, like Nature, comes with all the contrasts and complexities yet is the simplest thing ever known to man. It is as light as a feather ,as pure as any purest substance existing but then there is darkness to balance, Darkness so dark that the start n end points are unknown forever. And thus constitutes Universe. Universe , a word that no one is sure of ,no one knows about , but for the irony that everyone lives in it. Words words words!

    By sameena soudagar URL on 01.16.2013

  3. size decides who looks at it and how many.
    size is the differentiation in items of a similar kind. be it persons, clothers

    By madiha on 01.16.2013

  4. size is what you think your life is like.
    LARGE, SMALL, Moderately medium or EXTRA SMALL.
    well, increase it to what level you think you deserve living at. :)

    By medusa URL on 01.16.2013

  5. Size does not matter is a maxim we have heard so many times. Yet there have relative comparisons based on size. We complain about clothes not fitting in coz of increase in our size in terms of weight. Size has positive sides too like bigger the size better the visibility.

    By Swati Bansal on 01.16.2013

  6. how huge it doubt i’m telling it’s’s one of parameters we use use to express something..sssiiizzeee..I use it to tell about some

    By Ajmal on 01.16.2013

  7. Size doesn’t matter. It isn’t about which pile is bigger or which book is thicker, it’s about the quality of things. It’s about the content and the effort made. It’s about just how much we’ll learn and how much our lives will improve.

    By Loren URL on 01.16.2013

  8. reach for the size
    that encompasses your
    live for the bending of unfortunate
    rules are made for the privileged ones
    can you live a life
    bound in a shrunken cage?

    By James Weatherfield on 01.16.2013

  9. The size of the car didn’t matter, it was a car. He had waited almost a year since having his license taking the bus to work at the local diner where he waited tables for $10.25 per hour. He sometimes had to walk home if the bus wasn’t still running by the time he finished

    By Freedom URL on 01.16.2013

  10. Shoes come in different sizes< so do frogs all animals for that matter. Small ones, large ones, middle size ones and also to add to the list of shoes animals we come to plants from the tallest trees to the smallest daisies to microscopic plankton float in earths vast oceans.

    By josiah on 01.16.2013

  11. Not how we seem, but how we feel.
    The life in our days determines the size of our being…
    not the length of our jeans or the circumference of our waists.
    We are only as big as we can imagine ourselves to be.
    Only as important as we believe we can become.

    By Crystal Rose URL on 01.16.2013

  12. big little short little fat little minion big little short little fat little minion…size doe

    By chezmoi URL on 01.16.2013

  13. Don’t think, just write. What if what I write is too small or too big, not enough or not well written, what if I submit a blank box or many words that don’t mean anything?

    By Luna URL on 01.16.2013

  14. They said size didn’t matter. But she knew otherwise. Men. Really? If size didn’t matter, what did? Color? Smell? Angle? For a size 22 woman, it mattered. She never got a glance – it was always a glare. She was big. Size did matter. It mattered to men.

    By janc URL on 01.16.2013

  15. i already wrote about size and i still feel strongly there is not much i can do about my own, at least when it comes to height, which is the first thing that comes to mind when someone talks about my size. at 5’1″, it’s hard to get people to see you with a big personality when they expect something little from you.

    By l on 01.16.2013

  16. Size does matter. In many things it’s the most important part. Going into battle? How big is the army? Have a spider in your bed? How big is the spider? (studies show that it’s actually the smaller ones with more potent people killing poison er-venom? is it poison or venom? Who cares! That shit’ll kill you!)

    By laurenlauren28 URL on 01.16.2013

  17. Size is an interesting thing. There are advantages to being different sizes, or even better, being able to change what size you seem to be. I learned to like my size. To be small. Not petite, but just not overly tall, nor overly wide, nor overly thick… It’s been a good thing. Easy to do many activities. Like run away.

    By Serryphae URL on 01.16.2013

  18. The size on one mans heart is the same as another. The question is who he believes deserves to shown his heart. All humans have emotions.

    By abby on 01.16.2013

  19. does it matter? will everyone say that? is it such a huge thing, drilled into our heads… bigger is better, less is more, dynamite in small packages, not fat but big boned. what does it matter. your value is inside…

    By helena URL on 01.16.2013

  20. John knew it was bigger than most. He tried to be gentle whenever he used it. The girls sometimes swooned, others would take it as a challenge. The men never liked him for it. But he couldn’t help it, it was a part of him. He swore never to play small for others, his confidence was all he had.

    By Soft URL on 01.16.2013

  21. Size does matter. I hate to say it, but it’s the truth. Standing at 6’3″, I always play this fact into my favor. Well, when I’m in the situations when size does matter. Also, I’m tired. Dang medical school interviews.

    By Ryan on 01.16.2013

  22. When thinking about our world, sometime I feel it is large but other times its small.
    Just imagining that we can travel from one side to the other in less than 24 hours makes the work feel really small. However imagining that there are billions of individuals living here, makes the world and yourself as an individual feel like small piece in a big sized puzzle.

    By Uwe Liebscher on 01.16.2013

  23. You used to be a giant covalent substance. You had a magnificrnt macromolecular structure that bonded with a huge part of me. We shared everything we had, and eventually we had deep connections that made life better for both of us. We were always together. It runs in our blood.

    But now you’re nothing but an atom. Even though you are the element that build me up, you’re small. I don’t see you, I don’t feel you, I try not to care about your existence. You’re nothing but insignificant.

    By Akatsuki Kiara URL on 01.16.2013

  24. She felt like she was going to throw up, though that’s probably not the best choice of words.
    There she was, staring at herself in the mirror, far into the future.
    She wasn’t her.
    Yet she was.
    There was nothing but skin clinging to bones, and sadness engulfing eyes.
    “What happened?” she whispered to the dark figure looming over her.
    “You did.”

    By Julie on 01.16.2013

  25. they say size matters but did they mean it? and how does it matter if my cat is bigger than old cat but the idea is smaller than my sorrow?

    By raventro URL on 01.16.2013

  26. Triple shot swirling around the bottom of a wine glass before I kill it with soy and stub out my cigarette that I only smoked about half way. I’m so mad at you. So much angry is swelling inside my chest and creating mucus in my throat. You made me mad baby, because I love you too hard.

    By Jorge Franco IV URL on 01.16.2013

  27. the size of my imaginary world- immense; size 0 girls and voluptuous vixens and male chauvinists and pigs

    By Brishbhanu on 01.16.2013

  28. doesn’t matter. it’s not the look what make us important, beautiful or anything else. it’s our soul.

    By magda on 01.16.2013

  29. let me know the size
    freedom prefers
    lots of weight
    onions and tomatoes
    plates of hysteria
    mind on super size consciousness
    jazz and blues

    By Brishbhanu URL on 01.16.2013

  30. Being small or being tall, the package remains the same. What’s inside your size is what matters. Never be tall or small, be the size you were meant to be, that you want to be.

    By John Komarek on 01.16.2013

  31. Hannah’s tongue had swollen to thrice its normal size. The only noise she could make sounded like a choking hamster laughing at an angry squirrel. Trying to convey anything spoken was pointless as her bulging cheeks and stretched lips squashed the usual shapes she formed to make words into meaningless squeaks and coughs.

    By rhyme79 URL on 01.16.2013

  32. Size. What a ridiculous point. Shoe sizes. Jean sizes. Ring sizes. I suppose it is necessary to have sizes, but why have such a problem with them. They don’t define you. Why let them control your life?

    By Vi on 01.16.2013

  33. Size doesn’t matter they say, I completely disagree. If I see a woman who is taller than me, I won’t be attracted. The same as if a woman sees a man who is smaller than herself. Size does matter. The crappy thing about “size” and our “looks” is that it is so controlled by our genetics which we have no control over! Grrrrr

    By Elliott URL on 01.16.2013

  34. wrists like branches,
    fragmenting the sun.
    pulled them close
    (not too hard, or they’ll snap)
    to the taste the fruit
    up on top: red, and
    biting. venomous.

    By h. b. URL on 01.16.2013

  35. From the sizes of the pocket, she could say it was a big present, that she would refuse it if he was there, but since he wasn’t, she went ahead and just enjoyed getting a present from the man she was secretly inlove.

    By Melis on 01.16.2013

  36. why

    By Rose on 01.16.2013

  37. Size. Big small. A perception of height whatever you want it to be. Adjective verb. Just a word. It’s amazing. Size. Perception description.

    By Ayana on 01.16.2013

  38. dimensiune, marime. lumea pare sa fie un fractal, de la cele mai mici dimensiuni pana la cele mai mari. infinit in micriunivers si infinit in macrounivers

    By Valentin Eni URL on 01.16.2013

  39. “it’s not that bad, i don’t think,”

    “no shut up it really is that bad.”

    “no no no, it’s just, maybe, like, not fully grown?”

    “wikipedia says it is.”

    “okay well, huh.”

    “maybe i should just get another fish?”

    “yeah definitely.”

    By Britt URL on 01.16.2013

  40. my brain hurts.

    By cassie on 01.16.2013