May 8th, 2013 | 190 Entries

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190 Entries for “simplify”

  1. “This is insane,” said a very confused Daryl. His voice was calm overall, but the statement rang out over the group with truth. It was hard to save the world. One person couldn’t do it.
    “Arthur, why don’t you give us an idea? A simpler one?”
    “Well, all we need is…-“

    By Ashlairi Starshryne on 05.08.2013

  2. This is the title of a song by Marina & the Diamonds, from her younger days when I liked her better. I used to be obsessed with her (oh boy, and Obsessions is the name of another of her songs), but with her more ‘mainstream’ new album, I’m honestly disappointed, just because the weirdness, the quirkiness, has been tamed.

    By Eve on 05.08.2013

  3. if i write anything more i’ll probably having nothing left to write
    solitary letters jumbled in a row
    splitting spit infinitives
    my life needs to simplify
    thoughts and aftershocks
    tiny earthquakes just greater than the sum of their disorientation
    to put me back together again.

    By Matty M. on 05.08.2013

  4. When I was talking to Jones he told me to just get over it. As if depression is something you can just get over. You don’t get over it. You get in it. You fight it, one punch at time, but the problem is that it punches back. It must be where I get all of my bruises. I try to surgically remove the sadness in my heart, but after I stitch myself up I am still left with a scar. You can’t simplify depression.

    By Krissy on 05.08.2013

  5. He ate mozzarella cheese on wafers. In his white pajamas. On a cloud. Was he dead? Yes, he was dead.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 05.08.2013

  6. My life was a mess. My longtime boyfriend had just left me, my druggie sister was back in town, and I had been passed over on my manuscript again. I was looking for peace, for harmony. I needed some of that in my life. I needed to simplify.

    By Becca on 05.08.2013

  7. simplicity is beauty. Simplicity is understanding. to simplify can be boring. to simplify could be interesting. Complexity is what the world is built on. but simplicity keeps it going round. Simplify life, cherish life. the end.

    By arielle on 05.08.2013

  8. Please simplify this situation for me. I don’t know what is going on. It shouldn’t be this hard. I just want to be with you. I simply want to be with you.

    By Marina URL on 05.08.2013

  9. Emerson said Simplify, simplify. That’s good advice for us today. Break down tasks into small
    Parts nothing too complex. move from point A to point B. Then you can be happy.

    By Robin on 05.08.2013

  10. One of my favorite words to live by. Everything is better when it’s simplified. “Live simply so others can simply live,” is a quotation I take to heart, and try to live by every day. In this world there needs to be more straightforward answers.

    By Natalie on 05.08.2013

  11. the way i like to make things crap, simple poop is a sad poop, i like to be slow and take time with my poop. lets all get drunk because the consequences arent simple there yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ans poo

    By joe on 05.08.2013

  12. She read the page. Simplify

    Chills went up her spine, she did not understand. Her head pounded and her mind and muscles ached as she racked her brain hopelessly in search of an answer. Sweat beaded up on her face as she watched the rest of her classmates turn their pages over easily. Why had her mind built up a wall in her head blocking the answer to merrily flow through her hand and on to the page.

    By Schwab on 05.08.2013

  13. “How stupid are you?!” the teacher yelled, whacking me on the back of the head. “Do you need me to simplify things to you all the time? Can’t you do something by yourself for once?”

    I sat quietly in my seat, wondering if it wasn’t a teacher’s JOB to teach things.

    By October Mars on 05.08.2013

  14. “Let’s make it easier and take the whole conscious bit out, ya know? Just make it how it used to be, where we lived, but didn’t, I dunno, know we were living. ‘Cause I mean, all I’ve ever done in my life is sit on the back of a rusty truck and forget about what I did yesterday.”

    Jane had been telling him about the feeling of knowing everything, on the top of a mountain with the magic of the world spread out beyond her. Now, looking at the silver in his eyes and way he leaned into her with the weight of the drugs slowly taking his brain cells away, she kissed him softly, smiling.

    “That would simplify things, wouldn’t it?”
    She thought about it, but the next day, instead of killing herself, she went and kissed him again.

    By Saudade on 05.08.2013

  15. Try to simplify my life?
    There’s nothing simple about it.
    Everything has twists and turns.
    Nothing is straightforward.
    You need to figure things out on your own.
    Simple? Our world is complex.
    It’s how you choose to fight the world that matters.

    By Jamie on 05.08.2013

  16. to reduce the troublesome aspect of a hindrance or obstacle in your life. Easier said than done. I have no idea how to make life simple, and I bet neither do you.

    By monique on 05.08.2013

  17. Simplicity is beauty.
    Simplify your life; your relationships; your work; your dreams.

    The simpler they are, the easier they are to understand. And to master.

    By Stefan URL on 05.08.2013

  18. He sat before her, on the chair, as the rain pounded out from behind them. Music, in the background, gently danced and moved around them. His hair, tousled and simple, was perfect under the light of the muffled sun. His skin was glowing, and his eyes were shining. She couldn’t think of any other simply perfect moment.

    By redpinkandwhite on 05.08.2013

  19. I used to blabber on incessantly on here…but I have learned to simplify

    By A False Terl on 05.08.2013

  20. Sometimes I wish I could simplify my life. Erase. Recreate. Take back the things that make it complicated. Be one of those “window display” people who don’t have to worry about money, relationships, expectations, disappointment. But then I realize what is life but the opposite of simple?

    By Danni on 05.08.2013

  21. He wanted to simplify his life. Why did everything have to be so complicated? He thought it wasn’t all necessary to have an opinion about everything and to join in every discussion. Why couldn’t people just BE? He enjoyed viewing other people making a fuzz about things, but he did not care to join them. He loved the taste of the word, ‘simplify’. He tasted it on his lips and just sat there, watching people make everything complicated. Not him. He made everything simple.

    By Jasmin on 05.08.2013

  22. The twisted skeletons,
    The dry old bones of the trees
    That were brown and black and white and grey
    Since when did they get so green?

    By Henna on 05.08.2013

  23. We always want to simplify our lives, make everything easier. But we can’t. Life is complicated and you can’t ever hope to change that, you can only hope to live with it’s complexities. You can’t simplify your emotions, that will only create more and more emotions that are even harder to understand, you just have to accept what you are feeling.

    By Evalina on 05.08.2013

  24. Everyone wants to simplify their lives, their work, their emotions, their options, everything. But we can never simplify it. We have to accept that life is always going to be complicated, no matter what we do to change that. Because we can’t change it. It will only make things even more complicated than we want.

    By Eva on 05.08.2013

  25. Everything I say is so simplified, but the things she say are so complex yet beautiful. I’m not her though. I’m Kayla, and I need to learn to not compare myself to others. Her writing might bring tears to my eyes, but my writing brings tears to others, and I’m proud.

    By Kayla on 05.08.2013

  26. Everything I say is so simplified, but the things she says are so complex yet beautiful. I’m not her though. I’m myself, and I need to learn to not compare myself to others. Her writing might bring tears to my eyes, but my writing brings tears to others, and I’m proud.

    By Kayla on 05.08.2013

  27. Live life simply.

    By briana URL on 05.08.2013

  28. It’s moving day for the armadillos.

    That wonderful day when they simplify their lives and discard all the rusty red nostalgia they’ve been toting around all year long.

    By Olivia on 05.08.2013

  29. Simplify: Radicals
    Square routes

    By Ruby on 05.08.2013

  30. We live in such a full world, such a busy, loud, happening world. We need to take a moment and just look around. We need to calm. We need o rest. We need to simplify.

    By Catori on 05.08.2013

  31. Simplify a room
    Remove the clutter
    Embrace the space.

    Simplify a day
    Remove the noise
    Embrace the peace.

    Simplify a story
    Remove the deadwood
    Embrace the action.

    Simplify a marriage
    Remove the sex
    Embrace the bills.

    Simplify a heart
    Remove the arrow
    Embrace new love.

    By JDwrites on 05.08.2013

  32. so what’s the plan?
    we’re gonna make this a whole lot easier.
    there is no need for embellishment or gilding the lily
    we will do it plain and smooth
    like washed rocks on ancient shores.
    so, take my hand, we’ll get there.
    bird by bird, it’s

    By berenique on 05.08.2013

  33. “Simplify” read the sign on her cluttered wall of self-help phrases.

    Would’ve been simpler without it, I think.

    By Olivia on 05.08.2013

  34. Simplify, simplify, simplify. That was all the proctors were trying to do. They didn’t know they were hurting us, really. They weren’t aware that taking away our talents left us as shells. It was just their job: simplify. Get rid of anything that would make things more difficult.

    By Kristina on 05.08.2013

  35. “Confused, Wells? Let me make it simple.” I said, leaning forward and steepling my fingers on the table between us. “You help us, we help you,”
    She smirked and leaned back in her seat, folding her arms. “You think that’s all there is to this, Agent Bering? Just an, as you put it, ‘simple’ case of quid pro quo?”
    I sighed. “I think we both know that if you weren’t willing to deal, I wouldn’t be here,” I said bluntly. “So, answer my questions. They’re the only things standing between you and a very long time in a VERY small cage,”
    She chuckled. “Don’t think I don’t know what’s at stake, darling.”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 05.08.2013

  36. Choose just one thing you want to be. One thing that matters most right now. A good sister, a person who exercises, a magician, a person who laughs easily. I’ll give you a few seconds to think. Have you got it? Okay. Forget everything else now. Spend today and tomorrow trying to be that. Just that.

    By Nicole on 05.08.2013

  37. He wanted to simplify his life, start from scratch and just get aways from all the bullshit.
    He started by moving to the country and grow his own food and just write about the country.

    By Adrian Couso on 05.08.2013

  38. I want to simplify my life. Everything is too chaotic. I don’t have control. simplify. It’s My new mantra. You have the power to simplify the things in your life. Simplify. It’s a skill, but it pays off.

    By Tasjiwa on 05.08.2013

  39. Simplicity in the form of a boundless desert and individuality as a tiny grain of sand.
    Simplify social conventions, they’re too complicated for me to understand. I want to fit in

    By EloquentSmoker on 05.08.2013

  40. How to simplify your life:
    Step one: Stop listening, to everything. Even music because it can evoke dangerous thoughts.
    Step two: Stop doing, everything. Just don’t leave your house. Don’t even leave your bed if you can help it.
    Step three: Stop loving, everyone. Other people simply make it difficult to have a simple life. They create drama and make you have feelings that you normally wouldn’t.
    Step four: Stop existing

    How to simplify your life in four simple steps.

    By Caitlin on 05.08.2013