July 12th, 2016 | 69 Entries

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69 Entries for “silence”

  1. one word over and over and the echo cling to the walls and ceiling. is “i’m leaving you” one word?
    my silence is zero words. is blood flowing from a wrist sound and fury or is the word “over,” said over and over again, until no one is there to speak it?

    By Joanna Bressler on 07.13.2016

  2. She stood there, in silence, looking at the starry sky above her. She could only hear the wind in her ears and blowing her hair all round, she had finally found peace.

    By Bramsy on 07.13.2016

  3. peace or insanity – at times at at at at at places where you can’t talk like why is hours hours but tours isn’t towers some things are better left in the silence so shut the FRONT FROUNT FROOOOONT DOOOOORRRRRRSRSSRSRSRSRSR

    By Colton Adrian on 07.13.2016

  4. Silence, it was the only thing Ed heard as the judge told him his sentence. Twenty years to life in federal prison, no parole. He directed his gaze to his mother and saw the tears falling from her eyes. Of course Ed expected to get locked up. However, not to a federal prison and not for life. Ed was only fifteen, so he did believe that the judge would go easy on him. He even shed a few tears as he spoke to the judge, explaining his deep and sincere apologies. Spewing lies about how it was an accident, he didn’t know what came over him, it will never happen again! Just thinking about it made Ed grin because he knew that the judge knew it was all lies. Which made Ed even happier, knowing that someone saw him for who he truly was instead of some scrawny, blonde-haired boy. After all, Ed did batter his father and five-month old brother to death with a hammer, but in all honesty, they got better than they deserved.

    By Noctis on 07.13.2016

  5. words are like war to the megaweapon of silence

    By KayGee on 07.13.2016

  6. When I hear this word i always think of the song The Sound of Silence which in my opinion is an amazing song done by two amazing lyricists. Thank God for music!

    By Nobody. on 07.13.2016

  7. How many times have I been told to shut up? as a child? as an adult? silence has been something I have grown to love, but also abhor. I love people, and when together, people are not silent. Silence is alone, silence is solitary.

    By R Fabian URL on 07.13.2016

  8. I love silence in special cases. I speak very little.

    By Nickolas on 07.13.2016

  9. I already did this word

    By Ann DeHaven on 07.13.2016

  10. The sound of slience is profound indeed. It means that something extraordinary has happened; it means that something wonderful has happened; it means that something shocking, terrifying, horrible or terrible has happened; it can be the sound of grief, of happiness, worry and anger…

    It can also be the sound of nothing. When you have run out of things to say. What is left behind is silence, and it can be the most beautiful sound there is.

    By Ressa Francis on 07.13.2016

  11. Silence. I wish there was more of it here. Noisy so-called “music” in
    this coffee shop disturbs the — silence. A lack of silence. Can’t
    concentrate without noise of my own. Hardly silence, is it? Either
    way. Mental activity plus noise equals a constant.

    By chipschap on 07.13.2016

  12. The silence around me was terrifying. No one could hear my screams for help. Nothing but silence and darkness. The cell seemed colder than it did hours before…or was it days…minutes? Everything blended together in this damn prison.

    By AJ on 07.13.2016

  13. In silence, I’m invisible. I emerge. Hear me now.

    By Krysf on 07.13.2016

  14. never
    is there silence
    but there are moments
    that are quiet
    silence is not the absence
    but the fullness
    of time and space
    black holes are not black
    they are sucking all the matter in
    silence is the fullness
    the fullness that is life

    By Julia Thompson URL on 07.13.2016

  15. Silence is the key success to pragmatism. It enhances your stability and creativity.

    By Debashish Bhattacharya on 07.14.2016

  16. you were such a quiet creature;
    it was such a surprise to find
    that the silence that you left
    was so loud.

    each morning i hear
    the absence of you in my
    morning routine.

    i didn’t know that
    pain had a sound.

    By Chrissie on 07.14.2016

  17. you were a quiet creature;
    and it was a surprise to find
    that the silence of your absence
    was so loud.

    each morning i can hear
    that you are missing from my
    morning routine.

    i didn’t know that
    loss had a sound.

    By Chrissie on 07.14.2016

  18. To the deepest to the fulles – it can be fulfilling and complete.
    Yet it can have the force of thousand explosions

    it’s silence.

    By Era on 07.14.2016

  19. Silence is the most powerful communication that one could make. It gives too many meanings – one could take it for a nod, an acceptance, disapproval, disinterest and what not.

    By rainbow on 07.14.2016

  20. scared and mysterious all around you and waiting for something to happen and keeping a secret or finding out a puzzle

    By chema king URL on 07.14.2016

  21. They sat facing each other in silence. Neither knew what to say. The events that took place the night before were tragic and no words were going to make it better.

    By JEN on 07.14.2016

  22. I have been in the silence for too long, now every sound seems like noise. I fell in love with the melody of silence. It is so much fun.

    By Kilo Byte on 07.14.2016

  23. I enjoy reading in silence places. It’s difficult to find them but when you do, you feel comfortable to be in.

    By Thauanny on 07.14.2016

  24. Sweeping across the plains, the wind left a brush of stillness in its wake. There, like riding in the draft of a truck, I sought the perfect moment of peace.

    By ml on 07.14.2016

  25. “silence do good. the silence will fall”, he said as he turned to me slowly. “what does that even mean”, i asked. “Only when silence fall we will be able to hear the things that truly matter”, he said. “Things like what?” “We won’t know until there’s silence”

    By Sara on 07.14.2016

  26. It spreads all around me, like a thick blanket. Impenetrable, suffocating, intense, impossible to escape. I claw at my face crying, trying to breathe, but I can’t — to breathe would be to break it. Falling to my knees sobbing, I reach out begging for help.

    But all that greets me is silence.

    By Aria on 07.14.2016

  27. Silence, and the fine balance between doormat and wisdom. Our tongues often lead to trouble, when unrestrained. Silence, can show strength. Yet in the same breath never speaking up, compromises our voice and character.

    By ToniCezeal on 07.14.2016

  28. after seeing this word my mind went into silence for a momemt,for i just wrote this yesterday.

    By Shanmuga on 07.14.2016

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    By gdgdg on 07.14.2016