July 10th, 2016 | 36 Entries

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36 Entries for “involved”

  1. ‘Are you involved in this?’

    Her tone was high and reverberated around the cramped space, their promise of whispering long forgotten. Her outrage was clear. The fear which Michelle also detected in the accusatory question was only as a result of knowing her mother so well.

    By Jim on 07.11.2016

  2. involved,
    my own involution
    volition surrendered

    By gina on 07.11.2016

  3. I get involved with Netflix serial shows. I watch them and get hooked if they are engrossing and interesting.

    By Kathleen on 07.11.2016

  4. This is something I want to do for my community or town. I want to be more involved with my family and friends.

    By Kathyoneword on 07.11.2016

  5. I’ve always been very involved with school and the community, sadly i fear if i get too involved that i’ll lose myself, but god has taught me more than that, the more i am involved the closer i get to him.

    By Jule on 07.11.2016

  6. Interaction and an intertwining.
    Can we truly be involved and avoid connection?
    Being involved means many things, but mostly it’s being part of a story.

    By ToniCezeal on 07.11.2016

  7. Getting into the room involved a combination of strategies – messing with the computer surveillance, altering the DNA of the thief so it matches the list of approved entrants and careful timing. It was so involved that one hour before the start of their mission, Morris didn’t appear and the whole thing had to be called off.

    By chanpheng URL on 07.11.2016

  8. She was so involved in him that she gave up her identity, earlier she was a girl a lady, today she is just hs wife, yesterday she had her own choice her happiness but today only his were her prority

    By sukanya de on 07.11.2016

  9. She was never involved with others: she never felt close to them. She felt apart from society, from caring, from loving, from being involved – entangled – with others, with anyone else. That’s not to say she was a psychopath or sociopathic or even apathetic. She just didn’t allow herself to feel for otherrs deeply. That way lay madness and destruction, and it was to be avoided at all costs.

    By Kasey on 07.11.2016

  10. I never should have gotten involved. There is something decidedly off about helping a forty-year old man drag his hot dog cart from Arkansas to New Jersey. But that didn’t exactly stop me from grabbing one side of the handle, did it? I was bored, I guess. The problem with boredom is that you never appreciate it until its far, far gone.

    By Vivian P DeRosa on 07.11.2016

  11. to be involved in something is to be part of a specific experience. This can be for the better or worse but ther eis no denying that it will shape us in a specific way and be prettx memorable. Experiences are what humans should seek to grow.

    By Makudo333 on 07.11.2016

  12. “I’m afraid to say he isn’t really very… involved.” Her eyes bore deep into mine as if to drive her meaning telepathically. I knew what she meant, regardless of her steely gaze. What she means to say, of course, is that young Alfie doesn’t have a lot of friends. She means to say that the teachers have ‘tried everything’ but he just doesn’t want to play. She means to say that she doesn’t see a very bright future for a little bot who is more interested in reading than playing football.
    She means to say that her own imagination is stunted by prejudice, but she doesn’t know that that’s what she means.

    By Barber on 07.11.2016

  13. I was watching the news last night and there they were. Darin and Angelique were involved in the police shootings in Seattle. They wanted to be sure that their message was clear, “we are not going to stand for discrimination in the force that is meant to protect us anymore. If they can’t see that our lives matter as much as theirs or anyone else’s, we are going to show them. The price for ignorance is always high.”

    By JEN on 07.11.2016

  14. I didn’t want to be involved. It was one of those situations where you’re on the fringe of things and somehow get sucked in, included despite trying to remain as unbiased as Switzerland. I looked between my two friends as they demanded I tell them who was correct, desperate to shrink myself into my coat and hibernate to avoid answering the question.

    By Sharna on 07.11.2016

  15. “I don’t want you involved in this.”
    “I like being involved, you know.”
    “I do know, but I think it would be better if you left before this meeting.”
    “Yeah, sure.”
    “We can talk about it after.”
    “We wouldn’t have to if I was in the meeting.”
    “Yeah, I know. It’s fine. I’ll go… do my job or something.”

    By Bridget Grace on 07.11.2016

  16. The man got involved in something that was way over his head, not only over his head but way beyond his comprehension. How could the dog sense his pain ? How could the colors in his eyes all revert to gray.

    By Nancy on 07.11.2016

  17. i’m complely involved in writing in english now
    and i’m complely involved in the instalation of the drivers of my computer too

    By thiago on 07.11.2016

  18. I shouldn’t have got involved with you. Right from the start I knew I was gonna end up screw, all because of you and yet, I couldn’t get away from you. All I want now is to help you be happy, because I just don’t care anymore. I give up

    By Bramsy on 07.11.2016

  19. i like to be involved in social activities, but I just like to sit and watch. I am too shy to actually move around. I will talk to people if they come up to me, but I don’t usually go up to people on my own.

    By Rotties Mom on 07.11.2016

  20. I do not know what the word involved .But I want to understanding the word.

    By Jamesrotties on 07.11.2016

  21. I’m involved at he, but he don’t liked me.

    By Mayara on 07.11.2016

  22. Well, were they or weren’t they? This is the thing everyone at the office was talking about. I was one of the people in the ‘they,’ and I have to laugh now. All the speculating, the discussion, the quiet whispers and the ridiculous suppositions. It would have been simple to ask me, I would’ve given the answer right there on the spot if you did. “Yes, we’re very involved. We’re so involved, we may even wind up doing time (in separate cells of course) for how involved we are. As it turned out, let’s just say that I was smart to find him, so I should at least get the credit for that much of the whole thing. But the rest of it? All his idea. I give him full credit. He’s like an artist, he really is. I remember sitting there, in the diner, watching him sketch out the whole thing on a napkin, which he later burned with his cigarette butt in the parking lot. This was before they had cameras everywhere and you could burn something and it was really gone. Now, it’s in the CCTV and they point to it in court and the whole thing is over. But back then, that piece of paper was burned and we were on our way to making more money than either one of us ever dreamed of. He was brilliant. Oh yes. We were involved all right.

    By rubyluby on 07.11.2016

  23. “I’m sorry,” said Alan, hands stuffed deep in his pockets.

    “Not your fault.”

    “No, really, I’m sorry,” he insisted. “I shouldn’t have said anything. I shouldn’t have gotten involved.”

    I sighed and scratched at the nape of my neck, the red fuzz collected there making my skin itch. “You thought you were doing the right thing. I get it.”

    “But I f***ed up.”


    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.11.2016

  24. my sister has an involved with her dificult homework of the school

    By leandra fernandes on 07.11.2016

  25. Books, weapons, careless men; involving herself in the most deadliest of all, so she bought a squirrel. It tore her heart out, and now she is involved in open heart surgery.

    By seawuito on 07.11.2016

  26. I was so involved in my own shit that I felt everything around me spin out of control. It only takes a second look to regain that control and find the new balance. Just gotta do it.

    By Ericka on 07.11.2016

  27. You’re not involved with him.

    I was.

    That’s different.

    And in my heart, I still am. I always will be.

    Then you’re an idiot.

    And you’re telling me this is the right way to develop a plot for a movie? Who’s the idiot?

    By Joanna Bressler on 07.11.2016

  28. Getting involved with things for me is difficult. As an introvert who does not believe he has much creativity, getting involved is not only difficult, but scary. What if I’m not accepted? What if I screw up? The most difficult thing about it all, though, is the fact that sometimes, it feels like I’m all alone in this.

    By AJ on 07.11.2016

  29. She walked toward him coolly, her skirts swishing against the stone floors, eyes glittering in the lantern light. The dagger in her hand glinted, too, and he swallowed hard.

    “So. It’s been you, all this time.”

    She nodded, once, and pressed the blade against his throat. As the metal sliced a clinical, bloody smile between his jaw and his adam’s apple, her voice echoed softly through the hushed room. “Even caged birds still have their claws, my love.”

    By KelseyMMacpherson on 07.11.2016

  30. I guess that depends on the context. In some instances we all want to be involved and a part of something bigger than ourselves. Other times maybe we’re involved with ourselves and we’re aren’t exactly in the space to be involved elsewhere.

    By Angela on 07.11.2016

  31. I wanted to plead that I had nothing to do with it. My instinctual reaction was one of cowardice. But the truth was, I had acquiesced, I had done nothing. I had, by being silent, been responsible and now I was involved and choosing to be gutless one more time.

    By Martin514 on 07.12.2016

  32. What does being involved really mean? Is it being really interested in something ? Is it losing oneself in the process of being involved in something or somebody? Is it an escape from being just me?

    By Anuradha on 07.12.2016

  33. Isn’t it nice to be involved in each and everything we do? That’s what Khushi does. She is so into it, no matter what she is doing. It takes her a while to respond to her name when she is doing something

    By Akshatha URL on 07.12.2016

  34. You have to involved in life. Your life. You are the person who was given it and you should be the one who lives it. live it the way you want to and don’t care what others think as long its making you happy. Live fast. Be wild. And have fun.

    By Abheeshta on 07.12.2016

  35. “Get into it!” Sweaty, dancing, shining, black; he screamed from the depth of his soul a plea for us to get control of ourselves.

    By ml on 07.12.2016

  36. She didn’t want to get involved with him, not now, not ever.

    He was brash, reckless, abrasive…there was nothing good about someone like that, right?

    But then he helps her. Saves her. Defends her against her enemies, against the rest of the world.

    And then, she thinks, maybe getting involved isn’t the worst thing to do, after all.

    By Liana Allen URL on 07.12.2016