November 18th, 2011 | 172 Entries

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172 Entries for “shuffle”

  1. watching all the masses as they shuffle to and fro day after day,they seem to be on a mission to get to where ever it is they believe they need to go,but funny thing is no one ever seems to make it very far.
    i don’t know but maybe they’re just addicted to the shuffling and they use the made up mission or destination as a cover up so the rest of the people around them won’t become knowledgable of their sick controlled addiction to the art of the shuffle….

    By Marla URL on 11.19.2011

  2. That’s what it feels like. I can’t walk, and I definitely can’t run. I can only shuffle along behind everyone else shuffling along behind everyone else shuffling along behind everyone else shuffling along and I’m sure, somewhere, there are people who have split from this everlasting line, but they’re not here, in infinity.

    By Finn URL on 11.19.2011

  3. Shuffle to the rigt, suffle to the left. It’s party time ! Oh man I need some excitement in my life, yes sirf. I lead the exciting romantic life where my boyfriend and I replace nights out with sleeping on my couch sniffling with no action because neither of us can breath through our nose. I need to shuffle into an adventure.

    By Olivia URL on 11.19.2011

  4. Shuffling through songs depending on your mood, hoping for something, anything to happen. The only thing you notice is that you shuffle through life without feeling anything.

    By nono on 11.19.2011

  5. Marge was not in the mood to play shuffle board. Her grandson just called and asked for $500…again. “C’mon Marge….Burt is beating us.” That Florida sun burned through her blouse.

    By 3 berries on 11.19.2011

  6. skip, hop,
    flow and shuffle.
    anyway you fly
    you’ll eventually get there
    it doesn’t really matter about accuracy or speed
    because the way that you make it
    doesn’t create standard for grade.
    your attitude
    and your emotion
    is what makes the matter most.
    so, smile while you’re skating,
    keep traveling with hope.

    © LL

    By lauren URL on 11.19.2011

  7. She shuffled her way to the car. She had to hurry, had to get there on time. If she didn’t, then she may miss the party. Her first party in high school. She was prob gonna get to do something crazy like some a joint or let a guy feel her up. The excitement ran down her spine and tickled her toes. Ah, the not-so-innocent joy of becoming a teenage in the 21st century.

    By Sarah-Grace URL on 11.19.2011

  8. iPods shuffle function would be better if it could figure out which songs you’d like to hear at the moment, instead of just randomly pick songs.
    It’s also a dance, quite cool, but it seems so hard

    By Sophie Poijes on 11.19.2011

  9. music encircles me in a steady hum, the beat of my heart syncing up with the music of the world. i spin with it, arms spread out- stretched out fingers hoping to brush against the fabric of the music- to hold on to the beauty for a moment longer.

    By philippa weston URL on 11.19.2011

  10. i pod shuffle was an experimental experience

    By taniabell on 11.19.2011

  11. i shuffle my feet over the leaves, watching them float up
    and then back under my feet.

    By sarah marie URL on 11.19.2011

  12. i write words hazardly shuffling my way out throw the side

    By dmwts URL on 11.19.2011