November 18th, 2011 | 172 Entries

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172 Entries for “shuffle”

  1. He shuffled around the edges of his life, not wanting to face whatever was in there in case it bit him. He was miserable. He was safe.

    By Liz on 11.18.2011

  2. every day starts with a new task we keep shuffling our thoughts energies and time to complete it … life is so unpredictable life is short … life is something u need to shuffle around in order to get things your way.

    By Kainat URL on 11.18.2011

  3. lacking confidence-no sure stride; an egg dish containing shoes- – a “shoe-flay”

    By Mortoni URL on 11.18.2011

  4. shuffle beat.
    shuffle dance.
    catchy beat.
    go from one to another.
    put cards one behind the other for fairness.

    By yup tin tick on 11.18.2011

  5. He started to shuffle his cards as he looked at me. His head was down towards the cards in his hands but his eyes were dead set on me. My hand was sweating with the gun in my hand. He sat there and began laughing. His face went blank and the gun in my hand turned to sand. He continued to laugh.

    By jmush URL on 11.18.2011

  6. the shuffle playlist on my ipod is sweet, knows my taste. it’s subtle, sexy, mellow. it decides to combine the best of the best right in the moment when, crossing the gate doors at the airport, i see you.
    i see you.

    By Jo URL on 11.18.2011

  7. I told myself that whatever word is presented today, I’m going to make this into a positive, happy post. I officially booked my trip to Cleveland in January, for a round trip total of $23.50. I miss my friends so much. Now I can dance with them to Party Rock Anthem on my birthday and shuffle like a pro :)

    By Evelyn URL on 11.18.2011

  8. I must be tired. Shuffle shuffle shuffle. All I read is shuttle.
    …I really want to go to space.
    Maybe next week, if I have a day off.

    By Elio Hawkins URL on 11.19.2011

  9. ipod. why that? i don’t even have that. sometimes, i feel like it’s okay to talk to past lovers. or past almost lovers. simply because you need to sort things out. sometimes you need a fresh look on things now. so to shuffle through the past sometimes is a fresh start. it’s like having alone time with yourself and all your memories. a breath. a break. not like you love the one you’re with any less, but that you want to look at where you’ve been, and admire the moments that got you here.

    By christinatalks on 11.19.2011

  10. Go ahead and shuffle the cards, in any manner that is comfortable for you. As you do so, please concentrate on the question or issue that you wish to address. The greater your focus, the more in-depth will be the information that you receive.

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 11.19.2011

  11. It is a mixing of the elements when we shuffle the cards. The order and message is ours alone. Shuffle off to buffalo,

    By roxi URL on 11.19.2011

  12. One word and my mind shuffles through bits of memories. I have a horrible memory and I don’t remember much. Just little details like the color of the sheets, or the lime that was in that drink. The feel of the handle of your sword and the color of the wine glasses.

    By Miho URL on 11.19.2011

  13. They shuffled the cards to the sound of the dying day. Downstairs, the guests were starting to arrive and, as they were playing, an eerie sound shot through the night. A sound that reverberated through the hollow halls of the ancestral home.

    By Pibi M URL on 11.19.2011

  14. Sometimes I shuffle through my memories. Remember that time we decided to go to Vegas? What ever happened to that idea? Or all those times we used to ride around and do nothing just because we had nothing better to do. I miss you, ya know. A lot. It’s funny how time changes people.

    By A.J. URL on 11.19.2011

  15. It was one of the more disappointing days, and I was just through with talking with the Doctor.

    And she left once more, faster than I’ve ever seen her run away from me.

    And she blamed me.

    It was raining. Not just from the sky, but in my heart, as well. The collective whisper of the raindrops roared in my head a million accusations.

    And I just shuffled in the rain. shuffled along. And came back, “Doctor, I have one more request; please save her.”

    By mistershin URL on 11.19.2011

  16. Shuffle dance :D I can’t ‘schuffle’ but it’s very cool and also nice , i like it, like it ;)
    Na na na na, come on, come on, YEAH !!

    By caterpillar URL on 11.19.2011

  17. She shuffled her feet, glancing up to smile briefly at a familiar face, before she resumed to look down, making sure that she wasn’t going to trip over anything. She’s always been the clumsy sort, and she’d rather not fall flat on her face today, thank you very much.

    Of course, while looking down, she ran into the lockers.


    By Obella URL on 11.19.2011

  18. Switching things up. An exchange.

    I like to shuffle up life and enjoy the journey.

    By T. Fong URL on 11.19.2011

  19. Poker face. Smoke floating by in midair, visible only in the swinging lam light. The dust falls in slow motion, the cards shuffle. Everything is dealt with here. You face has the expression of a brick.

    By Red Fox URL on 11.19.2011

  20. I walked towards the middle of the room, the sounds blaring in my ears. I stepped onto the rhythm and music began to play. A beat, a subtle waltz to harmonize with the unrequited love in my heart. It was at that time I knew I must dance. I would dance to save my soul from despair and from the loneliness I knew I would face.

    By richard URL on 11.19.2011

  21. You shuffle your feet as I shuffle mine. I inch closer, seeking the warmth of your skin. We play as if we’ve never touched before. Then, suddenly, I can’t keep my hands off of you, can’t keep from crying, can’t keep from smiling.
    You’re just like before. Nothing’s changed.

    By Chelseyann URL on 11.19.2011

  22. Striped pajamas, the feet cut off the footie-bottoms even as she makes her way down the polished corridor with her fingernails like tiny shells, the miniscule motions of a eight-month-old scrap of humanity.

    By Tianwei Liu URL on 11.19.2011

  23. the song sings
    does the bell ring?

    Shuffle until you reach to my heart
    Shuffle until you know that you have start
    the best song ever that will sing to your heart
    Shuffle till you find me.
    I am waiting.

    By mpenzimtenzi URL on 11.19.2011

  24. Your mind is shuffling thoughts, and you can’t see nor understand that I’m not who you think I am. I am translucent yet touchable, and I have a voice, and those same red eyes you used to see. But you forgot, you forgot. I’m not me. I’m buried deep in the ground, and I’m screaming at you to wake up, wake up.

    By Circinus URL on 11.19.2011

  25. It’s early. The sun hasn’t even risen too high. There is frost on my window and I was walking outside in shorts. Unconventional; and I have to shuffle out of your bed to live the life that isn’t with you.

    By Emily URL on 11.19.2011

  26. “Everybody stop moving around!” yelled Fremont, attempting to bring order to the meeting.
    Everyone shuffled their feet, nervously trying to keep still, but it was too much to ask for the Caffeine Anonymous’ support group.

    By richpee URL on 11.19.2011

  27. I grew up in a house that played cards. shuffle. Much of our social world revolved around pinochle, shanghai, cribbage. shuffle. You develop a sense of winning or losing, and also learned there was no room for compassion at the card table. shuffle.

    By Ed URL on 11.19.2011

  28. The shuffle of feet in the high street, the christmas shopping crowd. I am eternally stuck behind the old lady or the bulky pram. That’s ok. I’m not in a rush. I will join the shuffle, the mass of shoes on pavement.

    By Laura URL on 11.19.2011

  29. The shuffling of papers was the only sound in the empty office. Greg was in the middle of his final report, the case of the little girl who never walked down the block from the bus stop. It was Friday, and the rest of the department had left long ago for a happy hour down the street. But he had said no, he wanted to stay, to put the words down on paper. His way of being apologizing, because no one knew anything about her.

    By cmsiena URL on 11.19.2011

  30. It Ain’t Necessarily So…Cab Calloway did this shuffle as he sang the song. It was one of the most impressive performances I have ever seen, and I’m remembering it still, thirty years later. Just amazing how cool and perfect it was.

    By elizabeth b URL on 11.19.2011

  31. off this mortal coil. off to Buffalo. the deck. shuffle and snuffle. He had a shuffling gait that belied his years as an alcoholic.

    By A on 11.19.2011

  32. i put my ipod on shuffle as i walked down the busy city street. sometimes i like it better when it looks like you shouldn’t approach me, sometimes i like it better when i can’t hear any of my surroundings… only see them, sometimes i like it better when it’s just my ipod and i on shuffle.

    By Abra URL on 11.19.2011

  33. There’s a shuffle in my pocket at this very moment. Not a truffle, which would melt and get messy, but a little magic music box that obeys my commands but never quite gives me what i expect. Oh the joys of shuffle, our modern randomizer for making life exciting.

    By jakeG URL on 11.19.2011

  34. My iPod on shuffle is a world with open doors. Any music can play, from the Beatles to Pocchahontas. I love the shuffle setting because of its variety. It causes the different music types to be available without my favoritism in place.

    By Hannah on 11.19.2011

  35. shuffle from day to day watching him grow. you can have your free time, im watching him grow. he swings, laughs and smiles. he rolls and now sits, perfectly.

    By Drea on 11.19.2011

  36. Wrinkled mr Andersson was using all the power his brain could gather. Right foot in front of the left one was his task and he did it, the old man shuffle.

    By Becktor URL on 11.19.2011

  37. Do the Cupid shuffle! Shuffle the cards! Shuffle is my favorite feature on iTunes when I’m cleaning my apartment. Every day I’m shufflin’…

    By Sonja on 11.19.2011

  38. And I wet shuffling across the banks from the river to my year 7 graduation by the nile in egypt where I want to go but am too scared to because of the muslims the muslims that bloody bush should I shave it only because they do in the adverts to make money for the people behind them oh dear how depressing i love my mum

    By Rebecca on 11.19.2011

  39. Shuffle off to Buffalo– a song title I remember, but I can’t remember the lyrics to. 1930’s. I’ll shuffle the cards to practice for the bridge games I have been scheduled to play.

    By Tess on 11.19.2011

  40. EVERYDAY I’M SHUFFLIN’ . Every day except for today.

    By Azure URL on 11.19.2011