November 18th, 2011 | 172 Entries

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172 Entries for “shuffle”

  1. The Melbourne Shuffle.
    Slide, shuffle, high tops.
    Breathe in the Ecstasy.

    By Tabitha URL on 11.18.2011

  2. they slowly shuffled along down the line into the darkness. they knew where they were going, somewhere in the back of there minds. and they had this itching feeling that they had forgotten something. but it was to late to turn back, they had gone too far towards their dreams and nightmares.

    By lucinda URL on 11.18.2011

  3. Shuffling across the street a young boy, no older than six, held on tight to the lollipop from the machine. This, of course, was back when machines sold lollipops and boys were allowed to shuffle, alone, down the streets of our city. There was something about this boy that made him look older than he was. The furrow of his brow or the way he stamped his feet to knock the snow off his boots.

    By nataliecw URL on 11.18.2011

  4. To randomly order something./ To put something in random order. fast. haha sexual. XD.

    By Sydney on 11.18.2011

  5. I shuffle my feet, I keep my head down. I do my best to hide, but on the inside…… I’m screaming. Let me destroy you, I just find it to be so much fun.

    By Michelle Bunyard URL on 11.18.2011

  6. I shuffle as I walk along because something happened that I can’t figure out. I can’t deal with it now. It has gone to my legs. They are weak. They are depressed. I am depressed. So I shuffle. My entire deck has been washed clean.

    By spiderjunior URL on 11.18.2011

  7. I hear the familiar scrape as my feet shuffle across the floor. I’ve been pacing, pacing, pacing for hours now, waiting for the verdict. Bail is set at $50,000. It seems unlikely I’ll be able to walk free anytime soon.

    By dan URL on 11.18.2011

  8. Everyday Im shuffling.
    its a word in a song by LMFAO called “Party Rock.” I like shuffling, even though I cant.
    Shuffling is now a popular word at my school. You wouldn’t believe it. I bet you can’t find one kid who doesnt know what shuffling is. Shuffle is a cool thing. :))) I like it. hAa. Thanks~!!! Ha.

    By Joanna on 11.18.2011

  9. Put my iPod on shuffle to escape the monotony. To escape repetition. To experience the new. To get the inspiration I’ve looked over. All from my iPod.

    By Emily Hope URL on 11.18.2011

  10. I always play songs on shuffle. But I also have this issue where I’m super OCD about the play counts on my iPod. People borrow my iPod and I flip out at them because if I leave the playlist I can’t remember what I’ve already listened to and my life is a joke.

    By Zoe URL on 11.18.2011

  11. Jeff had spent hours composing the ultimate, the soundtrack to his life; all stored on his personal stereo so that he could revisit any moment, any mood, in an instant. Once he’d clicked save for the final time, he sank back onto a bench, peered up at the sky above, and tapped play, ready for the orchestra of his life to fill his ears… except it started at the Beatles ‘Hard Day’s Night’, taking him back to whisting through his first all night shift aged twenty – he shrugged and listened for a while, ready for the Nirvana track due for the following year – instead, East 17, plucked from just when he was a lad. He gritted his teeth in irritation as he realised the player was shuffling itself, and clicked play again.
    Again it bounced, shot him suddenly into the present day with Amy Whinehouse reminding him of turning up late for his first day at his new job. Then back twenty years again, forward another five, until he sensed his memories starting to meld into one…

    By Sam URL on 11.18.2011

  12. My grandmother shuffled the deck as I watched. She did it swiftly and with precision, so that the cards blurred together in her wrinkly hands. She set the deck in front of me on the table. I split the deck and she dealt out eleven cards for progressive rummy; she never gets tired of it, after all of these years.
    I looked up at her and smiled.

    By Jordyn on 11.18.2011

  13. She was mixing the cards. A slow, deliberately methodical shuffle as she stared in my eyes, not once glancing away. I could tell she was cheating. In more ways than one.

    By jimmer URL on 11.18.2011

  14. I felt eyes watching me from all sides, as if in a drawn out Sergio Leone homage; squinting eyes and beads of sweat, the smell of aggression, and the air of mild threat hanging round like a distracting smell.
    A little asphyxiated by the curling, blue cigar smoke I coughed. Innocently, but this cough could have been interpreted as suspicious. Hell, anything I did could be interpreted that way. But a cough made me look nervous. And I did not want to look nervous. not round these guys. Too much was at stake. I had nothing to hide. Did I? Then again, what I thought mattered little. It was what they thought that mattered.
    I saw one of the men slip his hand quietly into his jacket pocket, and it stayed there, the lump looking far too suspicious to be a reaction to the cool air in the room.
    “I’m going to shuffle this pack again”, I said “just so you know it’s all above board”. Again, it was the Jack of Hearts on top. The first time I knew what I was doing, but this time I hadn’t even tried to do it, it had just happened, as if by accident. Or maybe I was too good at it.
    The man at the end of the table slowly removed his sunglasses, a quite unnecessary fashion accessory for such a dimly-lit room. The room itself seemed to pause while we waited for him to speak in those well-known gravelly tones of his. I had the feeling this wasn’t going to be good.
    “I like you Jimmy. I like you a lot. But the boys… well, they aren’t so happy I don’t think.” He paused for what seemed like forever, before continuing, and removing his hat, “What they don’t understand is…how did you do it?”
    “How did I do what?” I gulped.
    “The Jack of Hearts. Some mighty fine sleight of hand there.”
    The game was up. He’d spotted it. Now I was going to go the same way Small Tony would.
    “I saw it” he added. “But I don’t think the others did.” He turned round to them, “Did you?”
    A few quizzical looks, and among some slightly threatening looks, as if feeling cheated.
    “Which makes you a success in my book. My grandson – he’s got his birthday coming up this weekend. What say I ask you to come along and show a few of your tricks there?”
    “I’d…I’d be delighted” I replied. The tension in the room seemed to ease audibly. Magician for a mafia boss was a new one to add to my cv.

    By Gordsthoughts URL on 11.18.2011

  15. Shuffle off to Buffalo
    go baby go
    it’s fall
    enjoy the drive
    its a long way from
    enjoy the color
    the wind will blow
    and scatter all that color
    go baby go

    By Trublu URL on 11.18.2011

  16. shuffle strut dance tap ballet jazz i can feel it in my soul dancing is the way to go i lay my head on your chest as you hold me close and you shuffle us across the dance floor. i only want to dance with you.

    By T.Pauline URL on 11.18.2011

  17. She shuffled her feet self-consciously. This was possibly one of the most awkward situations she had ever been in. But she couldn’t stall forever. There was a man in front of her, he was on one knee, and they were surrounded by expecting people. This was a man she really, truly didn’t care for at all. But she didn’t want to embarrass him, he can never really done anything wrong to her. She answered with one word she knew she would regret for the rest of her life, “Yes.” She whispered, tears overflowing from her gray-green eyes. The man jumped up, a smile a mile wide across his face. He wiped her tears, picked her up, then held her close. He whispered in her ear, “I’m happy too, darling.”

    By catyeah URL on 11.18.2011

  18. Chuck was particularly bothered by the fact that it had become so famous, and yet he remained so unacknowledged. It could…it *would* be popular. And before long, it was. Soon, classes began in it, and it even became a popular dance in the night clubs, giving the less-svelte customers a chance to show off. Pretty soon, the Truffle Shuffle had become a national hit. And pretty soon, Chuck was rolling in it. Now, he had finally become an adult success, even if it was on the back of childhood fame. And no. It wasn’t in the least humiliating. Not yet.

    By Gordsthoughts URL on 11.18.2011

  19. I shuffle. Back and Forth. Yes or no. Do or don’t. Here or there. Hot or cold.

    By Mikaela on 11.18.2011

  20. he shuffles his way towards me, his every move making me flinch in the dark. the long knife in his hand scrapes along the ground, as he is hunched over to one side, letting the knife hit the hard wet pavement

    By Rosetta Quinn URL on 11.18.2011

  21. Oh you see the light shining down,
    And the room is lit ablue,
    It seems like winter has come early,
    For white stars seem to stare below,
    And everyone is moving,
    Spinning as if they can fly,
    Or twisting, as ballads fill the sky,
    Oh this is a frozen moment,
    Captured in ice,
    Never to forget such a wonderful night.

    By Vareesha Khan URL on 11.18.2011


    By Catherine on 11.18.2011

  23. everyday im shuffling. yeah we party rock all day everyday. thats what we do. dont hate. be jealous. its just what we do

    By anonymous on 11.18.2011

  24. i want you to shuffle past my emotions and dance into my heart.

    By kristin e URL on 11.18.2011

  25. I shuffled the cards in my hands and sighed solemnly. I already knew I was going to win, I always did, especially, against drunk people. I was either unbelievably lucky or just good at the game. Either way, I was going to be rich tonight.

    By Aspen on 11.18.2011

  26. I step in the line and out, dancing. Red dresses sway with every move , shimmering in the moonlight. Everyone laughs and screams in delight. Almost everyone is double fisting. Smores are on everyone’s faces. The white sand sneaks between my toes, and I let the sound of the ocean calm me.

    By Isabella on 11.18.2011

  27. Shuffle… like the dance?
    Or a rather flippant notion on the screen of your ipod?
    Shuffle truffle loveable little scruff, ease and care to not cause a scuffle.
    Shuffle ruffle scuffle, shuffle is a crappy word.
    If you say shuffle enough, it commands what it says.
    Shhhhh, fool.

    By artfulataraxia URL on 11.18.2011

  28. its a random thing like in the ipod to put aleatory songs and you don’t know wat is coming next, you’ll be surprise at the mment i think that is it. i always use it on the iod, is a very usefull way.

    By Florencia Gonzalez Griffero URL on 11.18.2011

  29. Shuffle along! I feel like a cow in a herd of cattle and some day I’ll be picked up for the slaughterhouse. If only I could shuffle out of here.
    Instead, I rearrange cards and see if they can show me a way out – nope. They’re just inanimate, like I soon will be. Brain fried to death.

    By hazelwillow URL on 11.18.2011

  30. Shuffling around the house
    Sliding through the halls
    Flying through the air

    By thomas on 11.18.2011

  31. messed up not good songs not in order order less not same never

    By Gagandeep Rajpl on 11.18.2011

  32. shuffling around the house in my socks and robe
    slipping around the halls
    flying through the air
    slip and fall to the ground
    never shuffle around the house again

    By Gagandeep Rajpal on 11.18.2011

  33. the shuttle took off into the sky and off to space. then the shuttle exploded in the air . every one died hahahahahahha there were no survoirs.

    By austin on 11.18.2011

  34. everyday i’m shufflin’. just kidding. oh, how i miss those lazy summer days where that anthem was the theme of those precious 5 weeks… to relive them again would be bittersweet ecstasy.

    By SJP on 11.18.2011

  35. YOUR GAY

    By austin on 11.18.2011

  36. Better keep shuffling ’til you get a good hand. Metaphorically speaking.

    By Marian writes URL on 11.18.2011

  37. I stood around awkwardly, wondering what exactly to do. I shuffled my feet along the floor as I wandered, hoping that someone would come to talk to me. Little did I know that everybody that I was seeing was only in my head – I was alone, and I was insane. But it was an ignorant sort of bliss.

    By Tezcacoatl on 11.18.2011

  38. The deck have been shuffled. Now you need to choose your card. Choose it wisely I say, because that’s the card you will play for the rest of your life.

    By Claire URL on 11.18.2011

  39. Everyday I’m shufflin.

    Sorry, that was just the first thing that popped into my head.

    It reminds me of that dance they do in the iPod commercials. Shuffle your feet.

    You have to shuffle the deck before you can do a magic trick,

    By an octopus URL on 11.18.2011

  40. Shuffle, swap, switch. It’s just another day, mostly the same, another sleazy boy hitting on me. Another sneaky, or blatant stare at my ass as I innocently pick up my school bag. Pisses me off, I can’t be friends with some one without them hitting on me.

    By Callie URL on 11.18.2011