December 27th, 2012 | 223 Entries

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223 Entries for “shows”

  1. It just goes to show
    I’m so far now out of control
    spiraling all wild and slow
    consumed into a poison glow
    reaping always what I sow

    By Cordes on 12.27.2012

  2. the thing about shows is that they’re always the same. different characters and setting, sure. but the plot is always the same. it never changes. much like life. we are the same.

    By Arial Moore URL on 12.28.2012

  3. Dead petals for the phone booth phase
    I watched through the voyeur’s window as I sipped my tea
    Alternate, little darlings
    You play hot
    You play cold
    Lukewarm is how I feel about your flower-plucking show
    Call it inching towards entropy, slow, slow eventualities
    This is the play by play when the script holds no hope
    When there’s no possession of skill creative enough to deviate
    And so these little lines repeat
    Little rituals, they: repeat, repeat, repeat

    By Intuition on 12.28.2012

  4. I glance past the rows in the theatre, minutes before the show will begin. And then, as if by magic, our eyes meet. Oh, sweet destiny! Lost in one another’s eyes, but too afraid to walk toward one another. Then the lights dim… we have two hours to wait.

    By Megan Blease on 12.28.2012

  5. I glance past the rows in the theatre, minutes before the show will begin. And then, as if by magic, our eyes meet. Oh, sweet destiny! Lost in one another’s eyes, but too afraid to walk toward one another. Then the lights dim… we have but two hours to even find each other once more.

    By LiterallyMegs on 12.28.2012

  6. The shows on Broadway can be some of the best, Cats, Phantom of the Opera, and Les Miserables, to name a few.

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 12.28.2012

  7. “The show must go on!” they exclaim, as if it would be a terrible tragedy if everyone had to go home. Show after show we watch each other, waiting and preying on each other’s every move. We all patiently act out our scenes waiting for someone to fuck up, make a mistake, or a tiny error. Shows! Shows! Shows! We all have a role to play and if that role is not played correctly the act is ruined. What act? An act that incorrectly depicts the person that you truly are. Who are you? Can you tell me in one sentence who you are with and without all the simplicity. Everyone around you is walking with their own goals, their own dreams, their own paths, but most importantly their own fears, secrets, and nightmares. Yet, the show must go on. It is absolutely, undeniably, life threateningly urgent that the show carry on. Are all of your lines written or do you simply improvise? You genius, bravo! Encore!

    By Sandra on 12.28.2012

  8. I think of watching TV with Cera. Probably a horror movie… we both laugh as the people have their heads chopped off. I miss her. Suicide… it hurts.

    By Miranda on 12.28.2012

  9. I think of watching TV shows with Cerie. Watching her smile and laugh as the characters crack jokes. I see her happiness in her eyes, even if only for a brief second. Then she is brought back down into her ocean of pain, taking me with her. She is my light.

    By Miranda on 12.28.2012

  10. Shows is a verb for singular nouns.
    Many times I have wanted to watch shows for entertainment.
    Shows makes me think of reveals, giving something off, making sure someone else sees something you have.

    By johnny on 12.28.2012

  11. Caring shows love. Hatred shows a spoiled heart. Love shows a go heart. Show u individuality. Don’t worry about what other ppl think. Ur actions show what ur really thinking. If u base ur actions on way thee ppl think then it shows u don’t love ur self. U can’t expect someone else to love u if u don’t love ur self. Loving ur self show u can love others u can’t do anythig for ur self until u can do it 4 u. U can’t worry about making others happy bcz at the en of the day ur the only one who has o live with it

    By donna webber on 12.28.2012


    By Arlynn on 12.28.2012

  13. It shows, always, no matter how much you try to hide it, it S-H-O-W-S and it grows bigger everyday its hulking heaving mass dragging you down down down consuming all you are and ever will be. It shows.

    By Jrr on 12.28.2012

  14. it shows what i know i show you what i see the thing is i see a show just a show and nothing more but a show a facade it shows what i know i don’t know much except this show is my world and i don’t watch any other show but the one i know and it shows i know i know it’s just a show

    By Burger Clap on 12.28.2012

  15. Magic, brilliant magic. Something cloys in the air and it last beyond that enormous tent-it shapes you for that night. You can’t describe something like this to a point, but everyone’s felt it, at those magic events with those magic people

    By kate on 12.28.2012

  16. When I was a little girl I wanted to be an actress. I loved the feeling of being on stage. Since then I have been in many shows. Some including Into the Woods, All Shook Up, and All In The Timing.

    By Savanna Freeman URL on 12.28.2012

  17. shows, going to the movies, show and tell when I was younger always wanting to bring something exotic to the classroom.
    Shows, now its an old fashioned way of saying going to the movies, or people that watch their “shows” … I don’t watch television, so I don’t have a show. My sister has shows.
    Show me what you really mean. Action. Actions speak louder than words. Show me.

    By Mary on 12.28.2012

  18. Katerina’s shows were always the most magnificent ones. The ones the audience adored.
    “Well, not anymore.” Vanya smiled as the curtains rose once again and the crowds continued clapping and cheering for Marie.

    By Morfoula on 12.28.2012

  19. I was getting tired of all the shows that was being promoted, since the last one was a flop. We have gotten accustom to the wash down display of the same cast, that occurred over the last two weeks, as the promoters tried desperately to recoup their money.

    By victor URL on 12.28.2012

  20. i’m not even thinking about what to type about because it shows through my actions. it doesn’t have to make sense as long as you know what it means. show yourself that you’re worth more than what other people think. know that you are worth something, and that you’re wanted.

    By Annie on 12.28.2012

  21. whatever you can do to prove your self even if it came to be a ego person , also being in shape its cool to do your shows .. eshta

    By ASMSY on 12.28.2012

  22. I went to see a show once, a circus. The lions looked thin and sick, but nobody said anything. Afterwards, my father offered to buy me some ice-cream but I said no. I didn’t feel hungry.

    By David on 12.28.2012

  23. Not real, incredible artificial, but we like it, beautiful people, actions, also being with someone, nature, beautiful mountains, lakes, wood, peaceful, will to go there, need of calming down, achieving high dreams and secrets.

    By Magdalena on 12.28.2012

  24. “This shows you the Universe in all it’s glory! This new telescope will benefit the scientific community by allowing greater visible detail on celestial objects.”

    By Florian on 12.28.2012

  25. shows. oh going to shows. drinking some drinks because its happy hour in a corporate establishment because its there and safer than the alternative. dancing sitting dancing closing your eyes listening listening listening never stop listening it truly shows

    By weetz on 12.28.2012

  26. I love watching shows. TV shows to be exact. Just watched Gossip Girl and it was a total cliffhanger. Shows like Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries really entertain me. I am panicking right now ’cause time is running out. And I can’t really think clearly. Bye.

    By S on 12.28.2012

  27. shows. show me whatever you want to show me. But i guess i won’t be able to show you who i am. shows shows shows. they sound like shoes if you say it multiple times. shows. shoes. shows. shoes. wooo anyway shows. i like shows. watching shows. shows. cows.

    By bored on 12.28.2012

  28. My love shows… For you always my love will show. Never will I hide my love from you or take my love from you.

    By sophie on 12.28.2012

  29. It shows.
    In the way he looks at me when I say something particularly funny.
    How the corners of his eyes crinkle and his mouth widens.

    It shows.
    When his eyes darken and fists clench.
    After the bad words slip from my lips

    It shows. That we feel. That we’re human.
    It shows.

    By Sydney Brooks on 12.28.2012

  30. I’ll take you to shows. Musicals. Songs. Laughs. Spectacle. This shows you what a bit of life could be like, with me.

    By Voltmead on 12.28.2012

  31. lines on the face
    tired engines and languid pop stars
    America’s plain tired
    where has the eye cream gotten to?

    give us a bucket of cream ice and a television
    and a spotty memory of yesterday
    the day before
    because a new show will give us everything
    at least a reason not to go outside

    for then all will know what it shows.

    By drewd URL on 12.28.2012

  32. The circus rolls in every winter and brings the night to life. The air glitters, rife with cotton candy clouds that froth about the roots of the rolling red wheel, the little carriages that go round and round ad infinitum. The air is sweet, smoky. In the fortune teller’s tent there is the smell of incense and danger.

    By F on 12.28.2012

  33. Musical theatre. Drenching makeup. Torn costumes. Fake blood. Break a leg. Circle chants. Hair curlers. Best friends. Whether the weather. Magic. Once upon a show.

    By Sydney on 12.28.2012

  34. One World,
    I’m so lonely to facing all of this,
    the hope still ,
    I love the people which love me too,
    and i love this world.


    By Apple Zheng Yang URL on 12.28.2012

  35. it shows how it is painful for you to talk to me
    it shows how you would rather be anywhere else
    it shows how its not what it used to be
    it shows how I am someone else

    By bridget on 12.28.2012

  36. to illustrate
    to tell
    to gesture
    to express…
    …a facade
    a presentation
    a production
    a WORK
    a glimpse of truth of self
    I AM as ready as i am going to be for this moment. now.

    By Julia on 12.28.2012

  37. An amazing incredible feeling. I stepped on that stage every night. I wondered why i was there, what i was doing. It was simple – i was in love. I was in love with the show.

    By Emma Jennings on 12.28.2012

  38. “Shows me yours and I’ll show you mine!”

    Brave souls are we,
    …willing to open that of which we guard most
    and thereby…
    agreeing to the exposition of our most fragile of selves,
    Extremely vulnerable to the other and now questioning the risk…
    both exchange a simultaneously whisper…

    “Can I trust that you won’t hurt me?”

    By RaShelle on 12.28.2012

  39. Your callous actions
    Show your sickly side
    That mindless mumbling
    Is quite hard to hide
    Your getting older
    People are seeing why
    We avoid your presence
    You’re a sad little guy

    By recogirl URL on 12.28.2012

  40. shows, there are different meanings. one meaning is like plays of movies, another is when you show something like “here I want to show you something”

    By Claire on 12.28.2012