October 19th, 2012 | 227 Entries

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227 Entries for “shown”

  1. It had been shown that she could be dependable and self-reliant. Lately, though, she had been checking out — too often, too much, with too much damage. She was in a deep hole and needed to climb out.

    By rbw URL on 10.20.2012

  2. I have been shown the light. I wish it was shown to me earlier, but it is what it is. Now I need to find the way of peace, to show the light to others.

    By Jorge on 10.20.2012

  3. A rush of flowers;
    there was a garden in her face;
    rose bushes blushing,
    deeping in red.

    By drew URL on 10.20.2012

  4. I know I’ve been shown how to get better so many times before. I know there’s been demonstration after demonstration of people telling me to be stronger, just eat more, just work out more, just stop doing that to yourself, start doing this instead… Then you’ll be fine. That’s what they say, that’s what they always say. But there’s a difference between being showing and knowing how to do it. And that’s what I’m still working on.

    By Clint Barton on 10.20.2012

  5. I was shown my true feelings about my boyfriend when I made a phone call to my grandmother. I told her about him for the first time when it suddenly hit me that I was sort of committing to him. When you tell your grandma.. it’s kind of a big deal. I like him a lot but it suddenly hit how serious I was getting. Puts me on edge.

    By Anna Felmet URL on 10.20.2012

  6. I was shown the picture. It was dark and mysterious, I was so drawn to its power that my eyes could not be torn away from it. Sadly just as fast as it had been presented it was taken away.

    By Elena Jimenez on 10.20.2012

  7. i don’t know what to say about shown it’s annoying i don’t get it I just hate it shown shown shown shown shown shown shown

    By Dalia on 10.20.2012

  8. As a child, I was consistently compelled to be cognizant of the heartbeat below the cement. Sometimes you could hear it, laying in the back steel flat, some form of shift. People speak of the rumblings as if a monster lurks to subjugate our existence, I am of few minds who feel safe in it’s natural aura. When I was finally shown the image of this organic being, it was on my final day of human life, lava perforated from cracks in the concrete which had before been a consistent cover. I now realize how monstrous nature nurtures, prepping pawns for perceptual ending.

    By Derek Dahlk on 10.20.2012

  9. i do not know what is it that should be shown or hid from others. It only makes me wonder that i am clueless and lost. Its safe to say that the way i think is a loop without meaning.

    By Kostas on 10.20.2012

  10. I was shown a new world, a new culture through her eyes. It was easy for her to show them to me, without even trying. Her curled questions and maritime outfits, her long letters accented with es and as in all the wrong places.

    By Emily on 10.20.2012

  11. showwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnn god i can’t think of anything
    oh well

    By cass on 10.20.2012

  12. Life has shown me (over my 61 years) that it’s not what happens to you that matters–it’s what you do about it.

    By linda on 10.20.2012

  13. Katie was shown a beach house causing her to dance around happily. James told her she could live there if she liked.

    By Aoife on 10.20.2012

  14. shown is see and i dont really know what to say about the word shown i guess you can be shown a lot of things in life like how to love and feel and hate. shown is something someone does for you, you are shown things by people. shown is a two person thing. yep

    By Caroline on 10.20.2012

  15. I quickly pulled down my sleeve, realizing the ink on my wrist had shown. I stuck my hands in my armpits and shivered, even though it wasn’t cold. He looked at me, down at my arms, and up at me again. I smiled. He shut his locker, slid his backpack on his shoulder, and said, “Well.. I guess I’ll see you around.” I nodded, my heart pounding hard in my chest, and felt my stomach drop as I watched him walk away. God, he was so cute.

    By D. Alexis on 10.20.2012

  16. The pathway had narrowed with time and lack of use. Thorns and brambles caught at my clothes but my sister mercilessly marched forward. As she did so the memories flowed and my love for her chocked in my throat.

    By Louise on 10.20.2012

  17. what is shown is nothing that i can see. why have you shown me this? i don’t know but it was shown to me before so i thought you would like to have seen it.

    By mp on 10.20.2012

  18. I was shown this site by a thing that shows me random websites and I am happy that I have found it, this is a very nice idea, I think. Anyhow, soon a delivery person will show me some pizza… yummmmy.

    By Mii on 10.20.2012

  19. You have shown me the way? I don’t think I could have made it if you didn’t help me. Boy am I glad you were there

    By Gillian Rohlin on 10.20.2012

  20. During their lunch breaks, Mr. Miller, the math teacher, would always be hanging around with Mr. Roberts, the history teacher, both of them holding cups of black coffee roasted from the staff lounge, leaning over the stair banisters and watching the student rush to lunch. In class, Mr. Miller showed off his correspondences with Mr. Roberts: “Imagine you’re Thales of Miletos, you just arrived at Egypt, they don’t care for any of your Greek geometry, and you have one chance to impress them. Find the height of the Pyramids.”

    It grew to be a routine, the way he conducted class: when someone came up with an answer, he would give her chalk, and say, “Show us.” He sat in the vacated chair, careful not to touch any of the student’s textbooks or papers, and look forward like an attentive student, half a foot taller than the rest of class.

    By Holden URL on 10.20.2012

  21. What is this that you have shown me?

    By grohlin on 10.20.2012

  22. Shown is the past tense of show. I means you have let someone see something. You can show people a variety of things.

    By Julie on 10.20.2012

  23. this letter that he wrote to me wasn’t shown to me until now. how could they have kept this from me? this was mine. it said how much he missed me and how he wished he could see my beautiful green eyes. i knew he probably wasn’t coming back. but i guess it doesn’t make a difference. at least i have this letter.

    By kathpine98 on 10.20.2012

  24. Shown is one of those funky paste tense words. Like, I show. Good. I showed. Still good. But the, I have shown? Why? It’s very strange.

    By Lindsay on 10.20.2012

  25. “you’re my whole world,” he says, feeling ridiculous at hearing it out loud. not because he’s embarrassed, but, sh-t, it should’ve been obvious.

    the reply comes and it’s muffled at first, tickling his throat. they’re both crying and maybe if he hadn’t been such a brick, they wouldn’t be.

    “i guess i didn’t know.”

    By isa on 10.20.2012

  26. Shown is the past tense of shown with 5 letters. Letters, there are 26 letters.

    By Person on 10.20.2012

  27. I’ve shown him the object. It gleamed, and it glowed, and neither of us knew what it was. It was an orb, we knew that much. Just where did it come from? Certainly not of this earth. We needed to discover its power, its meaning. It was the only way.

    By Perry on 10.20.2012