August 21st, 2017 | 66 Entries

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66 Entries for “shotgun”

  1. here is a shotgun. it went off.

    By Nana on 08.22.2017

  2. I wish I’d kept that shotgun. It would come in handy right now.

    By Lee on 08.22.2017

  3. you forget to recall the stuff of legends but it is known in the cattle farms of western civilazation. it is a history of reunion and different climates as well as the hard graft.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 08.23.2017

  4. i have never sat shotgun in my life. I do not really understand the idea of it. I do not understand the attractiveness of the idea of sitting beside the driver either. It just feels like it would be awkward. I would like to try it once though,

    By ritu on 08.23.2017

  5. My young eyes bored into my wasted brother: his eyes sunken in and heavily stoned. He’s been on the drugs for days. I have to end this. I squeeze my eyes and pull the trigger on him. He dosen’t deserve to live after what he’s done to me. The shotgun will haunt me forever.

    By Mickle on 08.23.2017

  6. My young eyes bored into my wasted brother: his eyes sunken in and heavily stoned. He’s been on the drugs for days. I have to end this. I squeeze my eyes and pull the trigger on him. He dosen’t deserve to live after what he’s done to me. The shotgun will haunt me forever…

    By Mickle on 08.23.2017

  7. it is the same word! again and again, the tables turn and the show goes on, but we are naught but blurbs of skin and flesh, sweating profusely under the sun, and our kisses show all of this in its most disgusting form. and yet and yet, could there be more? what do we have to offer to the world anyway that we want to take more? and what is it we’re holding ransom? our talent? our potential? our limitless love for all of humanity?

    By thefrenchcrayon on 08.23.2017

  8. I stare into the barrel of gun. My knees dig into the cement and I can see the gun trembling slightly as it presses against my head.

    By Ioanna E on 08.23.2017

  9. He had a shootgun, but I knew he would never shoot me. It was just for security, others were scared of him becuse he carried it, but not me. I was his, so I was safe.

    By kirsty on 08.23.2017

  10. On earth they used Shotguns, but we had de-materliser ray-guns. They were much more powerful, I mean they actually de-materilsed anything, but they also looked much cooler. Which was plus and a bonus.

    By kirsty on 08.23.2017

  11. my name is wolgrand lopes, i lived in rio de janeiro, i have 23 yeard old, i want a girlfriend

    By wolgrand lopes on 08.23.2017

  12. I called shotgun and my little brother pushed me out of his way. As I was falling the dog

    By doctor e on 08.23.2017

  13. i like shotguns they are good for hunting and home defense and are fun to shoot and you can switch to pellets or a slug witch is very nice.

    By gage on 08.23.2017

  14. the shotgun is a very powerful gun it can injure someone really badly. a lot of hunters use it to kill their prey and police officers use the too, i think.

    By zachary on 08.23.2017

  15. She was waiting at the door for her when she was abruptly woken up in the middle of the night–the only constant in her life. It was there whenever she needed it unlike him and that was the reason she finally decided to end the pain and destroy him once and for all.

    By Emily Hachey on 08.23.2017

  16. Nameless man wrote a generic country song. Of course it contained all the necessary variables. Beer, a woman and the shotgun seat of an Ford pickup truck. He grabbed the audio from another song, pasted in his auto-tuned lyrics and died before it became a hit.

    By Mary-Catherine Satterwhite on 08.23.2017

  17. The man and his daughter did everything together, they were closer than most other people are with their parents. One thing they did as often as possible was go to gun shows. Together they bought a shotgun and couldn’t wait to go to the range and try it out.

    By Ashland Reasoner on 08.23.2017

  18. The shotgun blast rang out over the noise of the crowd, screams could be heard from all directions. A man stood in the center of the crowd with a crooked grin on his face, as if he enjoyed the terror he caused.

    By Elizabeth on 08.23.2017

  19. The cold steel barrel felt heavy against his hand. He realized with a chuckle that this was the only thing he has felt in days. Heaving a heavy sigh, he lifted the gun and ended the pain.

    By Tierra McCall on 08.23.2017

  20. “Shotgun the smoke,” said the Goat looking up into the mirror. His eyes glaze over and roll with the effervescent tides. This life, this life, his wife, his kids. Everything, everything, everything.

    I hear a crack of thunder and see a split of lightning: now a gaping wound of meat. He has no time to cry out as he’s executed summarily.

    By Dan "the Man" Boyle URL on 08.23.2017

  21. One time I had a weird were a pony and a clown were riding around. Then the clown found a shot gun on the ground and shot it at a cactus. The shotgun was blue and had stars on it.

    By Kaelyn Smith on 08.23.2017

  22. I took the shotgun from the back of the car. From there, I went to the edge of the road, emptied the shells, and threw the gun into the woods. A few minutes later, I got the gun back. My hatred of violence is at war with my need to feel safe.

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 08.23.2017

  23. Shotgun, sitting in the car together, she felt uneasy. She realized that her trust was limited. She feared a car would appear without warning. This was no doubt indicative of other fears. She failed to find safety in his judgement.

    By jassy on 08.23.2017

  24. a shot gun is a machine that is fun yet dangerous and can have many dangers to it if you don’t take care of it along be smart with it. You have to pay attention to everything, people, behind you, in front of you, and yourself.

    By Rian on 08.23.2017

  25. i like shotguns because so my dentist can stop poking me with those tools

    By joseph URL on 08.23.2017

  26. blast blood splatters cries of pain, kick back, pain, bruise, big holes

    By Layne on 08.23.2017