August 20th, 2017 | 24 Entries

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24 Entries for “steel”

  1. Eyes, not balls of steel.
    Make them fear your soul
    instead of your strength.
    Don’t budge on your beliefs.
    You are your own person.

    By ashley on 08.20.2017

  2. I built myself a steel backbone in the cold confines of my garage, and I had it implanted into my back so that I could stand up straighter and take a heavy blow without stumbling. I figured it would be useful, especially a day like this, when I put on my three-piece suit and drove to the high school where I would start my new job.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.20.2017

  3. horses. I think of horses for some reason. now I am thinking of cold. metal. Cold Metal. Dead people laying on hard boxes of cold metal steel. Steel workers. Mining. dirt. zoolander when he tried mining with his dad

    By Cristina on 08.20.2017

  4. armor, hearts, what’s to tell them apart?
    Strongest bits sliced through like jelly at the weak points
    Thinned out, a spider web is stronger
    more flexible
    with something waiting to melt your insides,
    empty husk in the sun,
    I see through you,
    dry and fragile,
    wings trapped in strings like molten metal
    you didn’t even fight, did you?
    I can tell because the way the sun hits them
    is still so pure
    and clean
    clean clean
    empty carcass

    By Ai URL on 08.20.2017

  5. Steel, like wool, I lie
    naked, a nail
    on top of a carton of eggs.
    Slowly, I sift up until I am
    nothing, everything.
    In between my toes,
    I hustle to the next one.

    By Jessica Tower on 08.20.2017

  6. steel in one minute, holding the points of foundation here underneath the gap of the actions to do nothing but iron, with timing and wish for change to help

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 08.21.2017

  7. Steel. Nerves of steel. What kind of crazy attitude does it take to go up to the DJ who just glared at me, for a girl, and give the most ridiculous song ever. Which I knew the words of by the way but in the present moment I hadn’t the nerves, nor the voice or the range to sing it for my lady, so I merely asked to have it played. If only I hadn’t two younger siblings and I could stay to watch the performance.

    By Braxton on 08.21.2017

  8. The vanilla Skyrim signature sword.

    By Or Karby on 08.21.2017

  9. She felt her whole body turn to iron at his touch. No. She was impenetrable. She wasn’t going to fall for it. His lips came close to her ear and she felt heat rise through her feet to her chest, melting her resolve.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.21.2017

  10. strong

    By Patricia Ruiz on 08.21.2017

  11. hard and cold, strong like ice. her steely gaze bore into him and pierced through his heart. he had no choice but to relinquish.

    By Laura on 08.21.2017

  12. Steel makes wool wirely strong.

    By Krys on 08.21.2017

  13. I sip. The room is quiet and dark but light is starting to peak through the edge of the blinds. You hate these blinds, but you say you won’t have to put up with them much longer because when you get a bigger place you’ll get those nice, slated, big Venetian blinds that look like bamboo. I take another sip. The table is small and crunched up against the windows with a refrigerator off to my left that hums and dares to vibrate the two bottles of rum and Poland Springs gallon of water off its top like it is slowly shaking off a responsibility. It never does, and the day it might I won’t see it. Another sip. A red, red, red countertop glistens only on the parts you wiped down this morning from a casual spill of white, white, white cereal milk. The vague memory of wiping down a white wall that had suddenly turned red comes to mind, knocks on the door, a d leaves again. Ding dong ditch. I take a sip. The tea has been gone for minutes now. I bite into the delicate metal tipped rim of the cup, china with a hint of industrial revolution around its revolution. It is the same temperature of my mouth. I bite harder, and harder, and harder. The front door opens to the coffee shop and there are strange looks from the entering customers at the person silently staring at the window. There are teeth marks in my waxy cardboard travel cup. There are steel holes in each of my heart valves. Spilling red, red, red.

    By Serian on 08.21.2017

  14. My heart is a heart of steel. My mind is also of steel – Pain cannot touch me, neither from words nor from blows. It is of great advantage to be of steel – is it not? Does it matter that I do not

    By nicalady on 08.21.2017

  15. Hard and cold. Unbreakable and yet they can break others. I tried my best to not be one.

    By Jesslyn Khoo on 08.21.2017

  16. Max steel is a team of an human and an alien. his name is Max he has turbo energy powers
    that Max and steel share their powers together

    By michael hobbs URL on 08.21.2017

  17. The man of steel. That’s what they called him. But Lex knew him as friend. Friend and maybe… more? There was something there, something he couldn’t quite remember. Abs of steel and eyes of blue.

    By Esther Jones on 08.21.2017

  18. The Man of Steel… He didn’t look very steely lying in front of me on my examination table. I’d had the chance to tinker and toy with a lot of so-called metahumans… It was an interesting opportunity for someone in a field of expertise such as mine, with a world view such as mine… Yes, I thought to myself. I think I could replicate this ‘metahumanity’ in other subjects…

    By Lee on 08.21.2017

  19. The taste of steel was the first thing she remembered. It woke her up, and stayed on her tongue for days on end.

    By asavas on 08.21.2017

  20. The man from steel confused tormented unquestionably scared, his eyes become glassy doll-like staring at the face of death falling in a heaping pile of mud.

    By Mia on 08.21.2017

  21. I steal a glance
    but the moment is gone

    no longer a malleable thing
    the moment is solidified
    as strong as steel

    and I leave
    hoping you will
    glance at me as I leave

    By lisa on 08.21.2017

  22. As a welder he is used to seeing pieces of steel & knowing just what to do with them. I bet he never thought he’d come across a piece that isn’t as malleable as the rest: my heart.

    By the librarian on 08.21.2017

  23. Steel. Strong, Firm, Unbendable, unbreakable…yea those words are usually used to describe relationships too.

    By JacquiD on 08.21.2017

  24. I saw a steel beam in the middle of the road. I didn’t know what it was about, I just saw it there lying. I got out of my car, and went to it. It had a little snail on top of it. I was curious about the snail, so I picked it up. But it wasn’t a snail at all. It was a little rubber toy snail. I put it inside my pocket and went back on my way.

    By JR Bacdayan on 08.21.2017