September 17th, 2011 | 328 Entries

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328 Entries for “shootout”

  1. a shoutout to all my fans, hi hello, thank your for coming. a shot out of the dark, run, stay still, decisions. you got shot down, it was your shoot down. you’re out. tell her goodbye. you dont know whats out there, shoot, you dont know who you are yet. lets make it westeren and have a shoot out.

    By Dayton on 09.18.2011

  2. Yeehaw! Tex yelled, as he drew, faster than a serpent rise up Siva’s spine. And the lass, she swooned, just like Deva, the beautiful spear carrier. And the corral ran with blood.

    By Caine URL on 09.18.2011

  3. At the OK corral.
    Between the heart and the brain.
    They never did quite get along.
    “There isn’t room enough in this town for the two of us!”
    Pieces of each will be left behind.

    By ahamoments URL on 09.18.2011

  4. bang bang! I shootout another clip, unstoppable untouchable! Like a set of ripe melons out of the bag, they go! bang bang!

    By tim on 09.18.2011

  5. shoot out ….. it happened last night …. i was there … 3 people dead … two criminals .. one innocent ….. this is shocking why should the innocent be punished …. im very sad … i miss my wife .. im the innocent ….. im dead now … ill come back … kill the criminals and the police! and also kill my wife so that i dont feel bad in my next life as she is dead already

    By vignesh on 09.18.2011

  6. Hey, shootout was the word for yesterday. Gonna howl at the moon and shoutout the lights … cause it’s a Saturday night. — Hal Ketchum

    By SuddenlySusan URL on 09.18.2011

  7. There was a shootout in the Wild West today, no one knows why it happened or what caused it. But what we do know is that this shootout will change the way the West is run.

    By Rachel Rogers on 09.18.2011

  8. Shootout, summer 1974, Pearl St: My grandma and Grandma Betsy, who was not my grandma, stood on their porches, giving each other the evil eye across dirt driveways. After a while, Grandma Betsy snapped something in Yiddish and stormed back inside, and my grandma resumed shelling peas, the chipped enamel bowl on her lap. I hopscotched for hours with my cousins.

    By RS Bohn URL on 09.18.2011