December 10th, 2014 | 44 Entries

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44 Entries for “settlement”

  1. the indian settlement was just across the river. i do not know why we moved here in the first place, though obviously i would not have had any say in it, anyhow. anyways, all the other pioneers that had moved with us were camped beside us.

    By Eden on 12.10.2014

  2. Mary beat her clothes on a large white river rock every morning. She dried them on the stream banks and she rested. Her legs had grown thick and firm while her stomach became soft. Such was life in America. Her clothes were all the same color now, and she was surprised when she realized she didn’t care.

    By Yona on 12.10.2014

  3. The old settlement had been abandoned long ago, not even touched by anyone who claimed to be a staunch preservationist. No one bothered to even try restoring the dilapidated log cabins and crumbling brick chimneys, so all that was left was near ruins near the small town. I stopped by that day to see if I perhaps could find a clue about my ancestors – a detail that would be difficult to discern, given the maltreatment of the property itself.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.10.2014

  4. There is no room for love in my heart. That has long been gone. I reached a #settlement between serenity and rage that involves no love. However, compassion I will always have for all beings in suffering. But for those who seek to judge me I will destroy your horizon. @oneword @oznolem

    By Oz Nolem URL on 12.10.2014

  5. they stumbled off the ship, trying to get their bearings, trying not to fall over as their legs connected to their first bit of solid ground in weeks. they were sent across the pond on an mission, husbands and wives, families with kids, to begin a small village. the work began immediately: a few men were felling trees, women were scavenging for berries, the kids were gathering firewood.

    By Aura on 12.10.2014

  6. colonies labs displacement diaspora, the dissolution and recreation and formation of communities, liberal arts, transnational feminism and the co-constitutions of bodies and places that still linger today

    Why are we here

    By J. Freed on 12.10.2014

  7. Obviously it’s fun to find a house and marry s guy and have a family and settle down, but it’s so typical. Maybe once in a life I have I will want to change my life and several of those around me. Maybe I’ll become a nun instead, and I’ll never truly settle in the same way others will. Or I will get insanely rich after years of working so hard and then travel the world and never stay in one place. Or I won’t get insanely rich and still travel the world by being a hobo and living on the streets. But then again you’re settling in each situation in a different way. But you settle for the life you think you deserve I guess, and if you think you deserve great things then you’ll being settled into a life full of great things. But great things are different for each person. I guess it goes to show that life is all about perception and it doesn’t always go the way you would expect it to. Life will show you what you deserve in the end.

    By erin on 12.10.2014

  8. On the coast
    where they are all host
    for a bevy of recitals
    and Friday half time dances
    taking care to spend the money
    on anything they might fancy
    going on the midnight spin
    with wine and women and
    a camera’s hungry grin

    By Protean on 12.10.2014

  9. It was strange, walking around a (mostly) human settlement again. It had been years, far more than she was willing to count, since the last time she’d spent more than a handful of moments on any of the core worlds, any of the HUMAN worlds, and, honestly? She already wished she was gone.
    Because, sure, it was a little easier to blend into a crowd – no holo-shell required – but everything was also…static, boring. Like going from U3DIHD TV to just regular old 3DIHD things just seemed…washed out and bland. She missed the vibrancy, the LIFE, of the outer ring.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 12.10.2014

  10. it’s what comes afterwards
    comes after
    when after is an ending
    how can things
    still come
    they settle in the wake of the ending
    like grains of
    sand settle sift
    after loosed by
    into the sea

    By mkt on 12.10.2014

  11. It can be scary sometimes. What if I get too settled, or in the wrong place, job, kind of life? What if it doesn’t fit me and I get trapped there, and get too lazy to change? Positive thinking yeah!

    By Lisa on 12.10.2014

  12. Settlement. Reminds me of a small cottage deep in the forest, or a tiny house in the middle of a village. It’s home. It smells like bread and tea. It’s brown. It’s cozy. It reminds me of a warm fire, of a warm bed, of warm love.

    By Chloe on 12.10.2014

  13. it’s taking every ounce of your being not to burn that old, run-down place to ashes. knowing that it’s a brothel only makes it harder.

    By rhey quaza on 12.10.2014

  14. What we found was an abandoned settlement in this area. Now the question is why was it abandoned? I felt there was something in the wind. It smelt of danger.

    By Alice Shina on 12.11.2014

  15. And there upon the lands they formed
    Four walls, and gates that proudly stood,
    Claiming: “This land is ours, secured
    Under the sacrament of He who lives
    On high. But by and by
    They blindly found themselves
    In want of food, for all they grew was coin,
    And to the ones who lived without made plea
    That they might share with them their own bounty.
    Not through penitent kindness did they share,
    Those dubbed godless, savage, uncivilized,
    But out of simple humanity, long forgotten
    In the tides that separated old from new,
    Natural bronze from crafted steel.
    Yet to no such avail, this kindness given,
    But treated apprehensively, as guile.
    Retribution was all but undeserved
    In the minds of those who quickly, having fed,
    Thought best the hand that fed them to be dead.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 12.11.2014

  16. I’d made you a star ship that flies
    but when you got angry, you tore down my skies;

    You confine me,
    I define you.

    I’d made you an agreement that showed
    just how we’d see-saw each other to lighten the load.

    I wait for you,
    you — late for me.

    By Marissa on 12.11.2014

  17. A fine place for a new home. Kirim smiled as he planted the shovel into the ground and looked out over his newly purchased land. The sun cast its light over the valley where his fields would soon be growing and it filled the man with pride. He would soon send for his dear wife Amelia and they would truly start their family. This land would be passed down for generations, so he knew he’d have to roll up his sleeves and get to work if it was going to be worth giving to his children someday. Kirim smiled to himself, he’d never been one to stop and daydream as he’d been doing. He laughed as with a grunt he hefted his shovel over his shoulder, the idea of starting his life finally starting to sink in.

    By Brad Law on 12.11.2014

  18. The Author had a lot of nagging issues he didn’t take care off. In the meanwhile his property settlement case which he was fighting against his divorced wife was threatening to blow his mind.

    By Selvin Jose on 12.11.2014

  19. I finalised the deal with the used car seller and he was ready for a settlement of Rs 2.42 lakh. I only had to send him my documents to get the car home.

    By Ninad Ambre URL on 12.11.2014

  20. Why should I go for a settlement. I have done no wrong. I have all the documents to prove my ownership of the title of the property. He is the encroacher and has to go away. To hell with those property laws that help the squatters. Altruism is such a bad idea!

    By omkar thakur on 12.11.2014

  21. The Inca settlement was a spectacular find. At the least, the archaeologist thought so. But his happiness was short-lived when news of a bigger settlement in the Ganges basin had been found.

    By Fleme on 12.11.2014

  22. Deep in the woods lay the settlement. Deep and hidden from view. A waiting silence fell over the glade. Strangers were approaching.

    By LittleLoui on 12.11.2014

  23. Not paying heed to his lawyer’s warnings, the defendant agreed to the settlement. Though it did not compensate for his father’s loss, it would help him face the harsh world, that awaited him.

    By ranjan URL on 12.11.2014

  24. There was a small little settlement right near the beach and right at the end of that little town was the laboratory of a genius. Rumors had it, that she was a mad scientist. She was enthusiastic about many things, but her greatest fascination lied in the stars. For she had always believed that the stars were the answer to almost everything in the world.

    By naomi on 12.11.2014

  25. Barcelona the five of us. The trip of our dreams. So close to us at last

    By Birdwatch on 12.11.2014

  26. We settled on the terms, on the contract. It’s written in ink and paper, sealed with our good word and promises. You can’t back out, or what kind of person does that make you? No person is nothing without honesty, integrity, the backbone to support what they’ve pledged to do.

    By Ashi URL on 12.11.2014

  27. Settling down in my own wonderland.
    Thoughts scattered but no one is around.
    Im living by myself in my own world.
    A wonderland.

    By Ian Helmick on 12.11.2014

  28. We are going to have a settlement on our house that we are selling. Not even on the market for 24 hours and we have got a buyer! Amazing how God works in my life!


    By Liberty Brouillette URL on 12.11.2014

  29. It was in the way she melted into his arms at night, her chest rising and falling steadily even if her mind was racing. Something about the warmth of his breath on her neck, his voice lilting in her ear as she fell asleep. It was the only home she’d ever known, and the only one she’d ever need.

    By Liss on 12.11.2014

  30. Settlement does not mean it has to be boring. People often gets bored, but can make things interesting by changing few small stuffs.

    By Barack Obama on 12.11.2014

  31. The settlement was by the river and not far from the edge of the woods. All of the homes in the settlement were made of wood. The forest was not far so dragging the logs for the homes was easy. It was winter so the settlement was quiet in the falling snow. The people were inside trying to stay warm around their fires.

    By Cindy DeRosier on 12.11.2014

  32. the settlement was in her favor—though it seemed to favor her very little. she had things–all things—and things were never her interest. she wanted more—she wanted to know that there was something beyond what she’d known already–she wanted to know there was more—she saw more and it ended—so she’s back to settling.

    By Safon on 12.11.2014

  33. where you solve a problem and it comes to an agreement so the conflict ends and everyone is happy!!

    By vanessa on 12.11.2014

  34. once there was a boy who was stuggling to write his book. He needs to find a new story to write his book. But he is not able to find one. So, as he was wuiting the his book he suddenly strikes with the story that he needs.

    By Sagar Pandey on 12.11.2014

  35. a settlement is a thing that people do when they go to new places
    i’ve been here all my life
    i’m still roaming around

    By Amie on 12.11.2014

  36. The reward we get when we finally understood what life is. Respect comes along with this word. Indeed respect is settlement.

    By throughmyeyes on 12.11.2014

  37. Ikkaku laughed as the town burned around him. His heavy footsteps practically shook the ground as he and his clan pillaged the helpless human settlement. There was screaming and lots of little people running, trying to save their homes, but in vain.

    All he wanted was gold, and maybe some sheep to eat.

    It all went awry when he showed up… a rogue elven mage whose eyes showed a glint of what lay inside his soul: ice.

    By Emma on 12.11.2014

  38. Both of us wanted o spend sometime with our families and friends during the summer, so we decided to divide the summer so that we got to spend time together and with the people we wanted at the same time.

    By Antonia Saval on 12.11.2014

  39. After weeks of traveling a great distance , we finally reached New York! We had come all the way from South Carolina in search of a better home, we had found a great settlement where me and my family could live long and happy lives.

    By Jennifer England on 12.11.2014

  40. One year after the settlement, their case came up for review. Dave gave his deposition, and his mother in law gave hers, based in a very different reality. The arbitrator started his prepared speech about how it was impossible to determine which of them was, as he so delicately put it, “not understanding the situation” but Dave just blurted out, in a rare moment of uncontrolled frustration, “Why don’t you just ask the children? They may not be old enough to vote, but they are old enough to know what they want!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.11.2014