December 11th, 2014 | 49 Entries

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49 Entries for “divider”

  1. Really, seriously? Divider again? I guess people can be dividers. I had friends back home that tried to be a divider between my husband and me. Thankfully, they failed, we’re still going stronger and getting stronger every day. Can I have a new word now?

    By Sophia on 12.12.2014

  2. She put a hand on the cool wall, the brocade wallpaper worn in most places. There was even a little bubble under her hand.
    If she listened closely she could just hear him shuffling around in the other room.
    She never made a sound, even her breath held to hear him.
    “Damnit,” he cursed and she heard it muffled through the walls. Any other person would think it he’d hit his foot but she knew.
    He regretted every moment he helped them to kill her.

    By alicie on 12.12.2014

  3. to take sides

    By Jan on 12.12.2014

  4. There’s a divider separating the living room from the kitchen. It’s translucent, made of paper and decorated in faint pink cherry blossoms, but the true beauty of the divider is not the pattern, but the person that lies behind it.

    By Taylor on 12.12.2014

  5. the protection of a barrier,
    when osmosis could be scarier

    the lining of my cells,
    like no where in hell

    By Craw on 12.12.2014

  6. The stunned silence that flooded the room as soon as he finished speaking informed Dave that his outburst had been ill advised. He actually began to realise it while the words were still leaving his mouth. His frustration was aimed at the system, not the middle management orderly who had the poor fortune to be its spokesperson on this particular occasion. He knew he had to dig his way out of the hole he had just dug himself into. His two decades of professional experience had taught him that an imagined insult was much more of a divider than an outright one, since the offending party was often unaware of the offence, and the apology therefore had to be that much more carefully prepared.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.12.2014

  7. Back in the fifth grade, no other school supplies purchase was more emblematic of the wasted opportunities of organization and tidiness than the ever-useful and seldom-used subject dividers. When June rolled around, I could look at the cardstock, still in its shrinkwrap, and ponder August’s unfettered optimism that had petered out by October.

    By asavas on 12.12.2014

  8. When the boy looked up, his mother closed the divider on his face.
    -Jim you’ve been a naughty boy. she said.
    He heard her footsteps walk away as he put his face in the palm of his hands.

    By Joceline LeBlanc on 12.12.2014

  9. He used the divider from his office as something to float on down to the street as he leapt out of the building window, buffeting to and fro like a leaf in fall time. Previously, the divider had more use as something to separate him from his co-workers.

    By Rmund on 12.12.2014