January 18th, 2014 | 73 Entries

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73 Entries for “sentiment”

  1. Buzz cut, don’t give a f**k ‘cept for my cutie-pie who’s getting laid by every Joe behind my door, as if she thinks I don’t know – forget sentiment! the day I find them? forget the second day, they all gotta pay – I choose my weapon and in military fashion, I do them and when I can’t take it no more, I’ll do her too

    By Miss Alister URL on 01.18.2014

  2. I could touch him. Hear his beautifful voice. Smell his perfume and just.. be with him. Touching him and looking at him. Tasting his lips. Feel him. But the sad part is… it’s just my fantasy..

    By Angela on 01.18.2014

  3. This room is full of sentiment:
    I can feel your delicate touch on my dreams
    and your breath merge into my words.

    I am able to sense you.

    By gargouillis on 01.18.2014

  4. It’s easy to feel sorry for someone, to feel, sympathy, when you stare through window panes. Its easy to say “What a shame” when you see my tattered shoes, especially when you have 3 pairs. I don’t need your sentiments, because there’s more to this than the cloud of smoke that clouds it.

    By Tathar on 01.18.2014

  5. I’ve always considered myself a sentimental person. But am I really that way? Sometimes I wonder if I’m just holding on to the past because I think I should, and not because I actually have any true emotion remaining. My ideas about how I should feel and how I do feel often get muddled up, until I can’t even tell the difference anymore and just let go of it all and become numb.

    By LILYhibiku on 01.18.2014

  6. Sentiment is something that holds us back every day, and also our motivation for continuing on. Without sentiment, everything loses purpose. The people in our lives, the items in our homes; everything is granted value by the sentiment behind it. This concept is our driving force to actually get out of bed and do something in the morning. Without it, we are nothing, but with it, everything is made more difficult.

    By Alex Lipinski on 01.18.2014

  7. to express oneself; conveying of thoughts; communication; words from the heart

    By KRISTINE on 01.18.2014

  8. Simple you just need ti forgetbeverything you know and ley te things happen it wikl be ok just be yourself be happy and everything will be in te step by step right whrn you don expected

    By julieth on 01.18.2014

  9. Its nota about me its about you all has began with just a kiss and yo just forget what you felt right this momento you know everything about me eventhought you just forget it

    By juli19091 on 01.18.2014

  10. She kept the flowers for sentimental reasons, she told me. They were wilted along the edges, white and splattered with drops of color, like the paint that often covered her arms and face while she worked. She didn’t like to stare at the flowers as she talked about them. There was a slight frown on her face and she kept her eyes on the corner of the room while she spoke. When I asked her who she had gotten them from, she responded with a shrug before turning and walking into the kitchen.

    By Rebecca G. on 01.18.2014

  11. “That’s a nice sentiment, Heracles, but that’s all it is; sentiment,” she shook her head. “And I don’t have the time for it,”
    “Then MAKE the time,” he said, taking a step towards her. “She NEEDS you, Petra. And that’s not sentiment; it’s fact,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 01.18.2014

  12. Sentimental was never an option for her.She was as hard as stone, the soft part of her had been drawn out, like blood through a leech.

    By Ellie on 01.18.2014

  13. A kiss on the soul, a hug to the heart

    A whispered “hello”, a “love you” to go

    A scribble on paper, a misspelled letter

    A cheap plastic bauble, a precious treasure

    A teardrop, a smile

    A moment in time, forever mine

    By Minette Tonoli on 01.18.2014

  14. The sentiment of a relationship is quite lovely. But I find it completely terrifying. Opening yourself up to someone, making yourself 100% vulnerable, with 0% guarantee it is going to work out and you won’t get hurt? No thanks. Yes, a lovely sentiment, but not a realistic expectation.

    By DayDreamin' Fool URL on 01.18.2014

  15. sentimental thoughts
    make sense if you mean them
    if your mentality composes the feelings
    you need to breathe to live fully
    and if you can keep your attachment
    to indifference at bay you may just
    be able to save yourself and the ones you love
    do you love?
    sociopathic tendencies creep heavily, wearily
    through night time and stand tall in day.
    there’s no way to hide them but maybe you could try to
    place energy in things that have nothing to do with you
    wouldn’t it be nice just to not think about yourself for a while?
    but just a warning first:
    to focus on the well being of the world out side of you
    will make you highly vulnerable, susceptible to emotional injury
    and you may not be afraid of anything but
    it’s definitely a requirement for this type of lifestyle to
    show pain.
    step one: you must allow yourself to feel pain.

    and all the same, i suppose, it’s possible it’s wrong that I would
    hurt myself over any one else, that i would intentionally cause
    myself heart ache, harm my body to make sure no one else around me
    is ever mentally wounded, that i would save someone i’ve never even
    met before, before i’d save myself, i won’t deny that could be wrong but it’s so
    natural to me, i guess i’d like to know is there a name for this? what’s my diagnosis?
    at least people can recognize the title sociopath when you are one –

    to be continued

    By stargirll on 01.18.2014

  16. The sentiment of the movie was accepted and even embraced, but even so, several people walked out of the theater just not quite sure how to mentally grade or evaluate the cinematic experience. I was one of them. I knew that Sean was becoming an incredibly renowned director – three years into the game, and he already had a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination. Critics were claiming that this film would be the next Oscar monster, but I wasn’t exactly agreeing with them.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.18.2014

  17. I’ve always been too sentimental for my own good, clutching the ye memories of old and reliving the happy times over and over because they don’t exist in the present anymore. I’ve ruined everything good we made together because I didn’t trust I was good enough, always questioned why you stuck around. And now you’ve left.

    By Ashi URL on 01.18.2014

  18. Generals, Doctors, poets. They have little in common. Unless you look at those who are of quality. In that group there is one unifying factor, Sentiment. for ideals and their fellow men. Sentiment is glue that holds our morals together, and flavors our every deed.

    By Michael Minto on 01.18.2014

  19. The sentiment that pervaded the room was clearly hatred. How could one that hate someone who had been responsible for cold blooded murder of much of one’s own people? Murder was also in the air. The guards moved closer to protect the convict.

    By MauriceWilliams on 01.18.2014

  20. “How sentimental is the day- the day that your mother has passed away.” said Rebecca, sniffling silently. “I never knew her very well. Oh, darling, I wish I had.”

    Charles nodded his head. “I should have taken you to meet her. She was a lovely woman when she wasn’t in bed with other men that weren’t my father.”

    By Linda on 01.18.2014

  21. My two cents are worth so much more than that. My sentiment in all extremes of the sense in my head are worth much more than I could ever afford

    By smattc URL on 01.18.2014

  22. What is your sentiment towards this or that? It is such a big word. Really? What is your sentiment about this relationship? I am asking because I know you could help me with it.
    You are one of my closest friends. So do I dump him or not? You know well that we love each other, but there really are problems. Will you help me?


    Oh no! What could be wrong? They are together for almost two years. Well, I saw Eric with another girl. But I’m not assuming that he’s cheating on her. What if she doesn’t what if he does?

    By roze_princess on 01.18.2014

  23. If it had been in America, he would have put the omnipresence of weaponry down to patriotic sentiment, a blind dedication to a constitution that had been written in a different time, but here, it was merely a matter of survival. Guns were as necessary and as normal in their home as fire extinguishers would be in a Los Angeles living room.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.18.2014

  24. Sentimental
    That is what we feel sometimes
    Can you be a sentiment being?
    Or is that just sentinent?
    Sometimes I wonder
    If you can be sentimental about nothing
    at all?

    By Ellie on 01.18.2014

  25. pediment.
    sent. i. ment.
    i meant to send.
    opposite of sentimental.
    sentimental is to care.

    By Lauren on 01.18.2014

  26. pediment.
    sent. i. ment.
    i meant to send.
    opposite of sentimental.
    sentimental is to care.

    By Lauren on 01.18.2014

  27. I feel sentimental about the past few months. The noatalgia of what was envelopes me, even in my dreams. I have hopes of what was, and what is yet to be, and where I stand presently. The sunshine. The warmth. The growth. The love. The sentimental musings that pervade my mind, and ensnare my senses. Rome, I am yours.

    By Caitlin URL on 01.18.2014

  28. Something to hold, something to keep, my hands – your hands so smooth.
    Your face
    My heart
    No words

    By DJ.Q on 01.18.2014

  29. It’s that type of sentiment that I resent. Coughing on a glass coffee table shouldn’t be something to be proud of son. Now here’s a bottle of windex. Go outside and kill some ants with it. If you don’t bring back 1000 ant corpses I won’t let you back inside. I don’t care if it’s 10 degrees out.

    By Rover on 01.18.2014

  30. Oh there it goes to three
    Pink and hollow
    Hollow and pink
    In the smoke of sentiment
    Hearing the password is
    Related to the pace
    Of time it takes sun light
    To glint off the curvature
    Of this marble, this glass eye

    By Intuition on 01.18.2014

  31. Sentiment; what a horrible thing it is. It clouds the mind and compromises everything. It takes your heart in chains and attaches the other end to a semi truck as it drives away. Death can only come of it.

    By Beck on 01.18.2014

  32. Sentiment; what a horrible thing it is. It clouds the mind and compromises everything. It takes your heart in chains and attaches the other end to a semi truck as it drives away. Death can only come of it. Preluding death, it turns you into a shell and makes you hollow. Slowly you become a non-person; seen but not really there. Not everyone dies just one time.

    By Beck on 01.18.2014

  33. i look at you in a way that burns. it is an old, nostalgic feeling, smoke after the fire. it still hurts and i hate you for it, but it is the very best kind of pain. bitch.

    By jules on 01.18.2014

  34. it’s an odd thing really, like a butterfly. A husk. It keeps us stockholm syndrome to our past. Keeps the sands of time from being rewritten. The pin that fixes that past in place. Without it we’d be free to write our own histories. A dragon, guarding the horde of gold that is our potential past’s futures… confusing

    By Adam on 01.18.2014

  35. To think that the sentiment could last over all of the years, all of the cups of coffee that he’d had and stared at her as she typed on that black laptop with the single sticker on the back, and all of the missed opportunities to introduce himself to her was astonishing. To think that it was all over, not because the sentiment had faded, not because she had rejected him and freed him of it, and not because he had finally made his move, was even more ridiculous.

    By Terra on 01.18.2014

  36. scented….of jasmine and ylang ylang…ylang ylang, she always loved just to say the word twice…she prayed his soul’s sentiment was enveloped within, as well…did she dare to lift the edge…

    By Aliza Wiseman on 01.18.2014

  37. it was kind,
    but the kind of kindness that is mindless.
    thoughtful and thoughtless at the same time.
    a hallmark card in retrospect.
    the quality wasn’t the problem,
    rather that she always thought of herself
    when giving to him.

    By Kairn on 01.18.2014

  38. She looked down at the paper she was holding. What was she going to do? Life is an everlasting series of choices. Tick tock tick tock tick tock. Don’t let your heart ruin you. Tick tock tick tick tock. I’m running out of time. I don’t have any to lose. I have to show my heart before its too late. It’s late.

    By Rivette on 01.18.2014

  39. I dont really know what this word means. I would have to look it uo first. Then, try to figure out what to do with it. Sentiment is something that doesnt sou nd to well to me. I really shoud stop maing up something and actully write about this word. The word that I know nothing about. I just took a screen shot of this to try and make the time frame.

    By Troi on 01.18.2014

  40. I’ve always looked at the world in a peculiar way. It seems that as I age the divide between us and them grows ever larger. Walking amongst us I can’t find happiness, joy, some mutual influence towards goodness. With them, however, there is an inalienable sentiment, some glorious grace that I cannot define in human terms. But alas, the divide remains. They are them, we are us, and therein lies my downfall.

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 01.18.2014