November 23rd, 2013 | 149 Entries

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149 Entries for “selling”

  1. selling my love for a dollar or two
    in the form of spoken words
    i’ll sing you a song
    of hummed melodies and shortened tunes
    and i’ll sigh them into your mouth
    between breaths as you sleep
    and they won’t ever leave your mind
    because they’re yours to keep

    and i’ll sigh them as i sleep
    into your mouth

    composed from my lips

    i thought you might like it

    they’re heavy in my mind

    i hope you find time to take them away
    cuz i won’t need them now

    By b.h on 11.23.2013

  2. i don’t have anything to sell besides my body. i have no skills besides looking pretty and sucking dick. i don’t know how to change that. i want to be more. i wish i could go back in time.

    By kai on 11.23.2013

  3. people too often sell their souls to people unwilling to take care of them. They just sell them for too cheap, and be on their way. But I think those are happier than those who never give up their soul for anything, even perfection.

    By Bobbi B on 11.23.2013

  4. Selling myself to others has always been a challenge. How do you do it and remain humble?

    By Bchange.Cchange on 11.23.2013

  5. Victoria walked aimlessly among the vendors at the open air market, who were there selling everything from fresh fish to fetish porn. She did not know what to think about the little old man in the leather cap and studded suspenders (no shirt) hawking some weird movie he had been in with an extremely hairy woman.

    By Hanna on 11.23.2013

  6. The old man stood at the doorstep, looking up with a smile that betrayed his desperation. He mopped the sweat from his brow, and opened his mouth to speak, but she beat him to it; “What are ye selling?”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.23.2013

  7. Selling fast! My heart, but who is buying? Sold.

    By marjo on 11.23.2013

  8. Its an art form of persuasion and words you either have it or you don’t

    By Devo on 11.23.2013

  9. What could I sell that is worth buying? what price do you put on your offerings, your possessions, your services, your intentions, your promises? What can you sell that hasn’t been sold? What can you buy that hasn’t been owned?

    By sharon on 11.24.2013

  10. lily boughs selling for
    a penny each

    your eyes are glimmering

    “i thought of buying you flow-
    ers; what’s your favorite?”

    petty crimes on the street,
    murders selling for
    a dollar or

    your eyes aren’t glimmering


    By Arianna Reiley URL on 11.24.2013

  11. Always planned to sell an empty glass jar on Ebay. I was gonna tell everyone I had trapped a demon inside of it. I was gonna make up some real fancy story about the thing, and hope bids would reach thousands. Years later…it’s a long story but…I drew something that ended up possessed. A real cursed drawing…I still have it, locked away and stored deep in a closet. I could sell it on Ebay and it wouldn’t be a lie, you know…but I wouldn’t want to hurt nobody no matter how much they’d pay me for their own downfall.

    By nodochinko on 11.24.2013

  12. She sits quietly and doesn’t say anything. She knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s surrounded by people who would happily listen to her and her ideas. She knows that if she stood up and just said one thing, she could command everyone’s attention and get them to pay attention to her. But she sat in her chair and smiled calmly. She was selling herself short, and she knew it.

    By Dani on 11.24.2013

  13. do i care
    whether or not
    you sell?
    I guess it
    but really
    i was sold
    when i looked
    at you, too.

    By Hayden on 11.24.2013

  14. I learned early on
    that relationships
    were not about selling your best attributes
    they were about being horrible
    being beautiful
    being difficult and bearable at the same time

    By holly on 11.24.2013

  15. i cannot love you the deepest
    (that which is reserved for the sea)

    i cannot love you in a way
    that will make you most free
    (the birds will do a better job than me)

    i cannot promise that i will love you the most
    (i don’t know what the others in your life
    are thinking, can only speak
    for my own)

    i cannot love you harder than a mountain
    nor more tenaciously than a stone
    there is no reason for you to pick my love
    over anyone else’s
    unless you want to

    unless it’s what makes you most warm
    unless it suits you like a tailormade glove
    unless my one wing matches yours
    unless my brand of loving
    stands out from the rest
    unless i’m exactly what you’re looking for.

    By h. b. on 11.24.2013

  16. i want you to consider this. think of how it will sound if you buy this. how it will appear to others, you will feel better, you will fit in so well with that group if…, imagine how you will feel zooming around the corner in this baby…

    By Lee on 11.24.2013

  17. Selling is fucked up u know….its a thing that is a thing which is something…buying cannot be defined as selling…because buying is buying…like an apple is an apple….anyhow…selling is awesome sometimes cuz it produces money in pocket.Produces money by selling things that a buyer wants to buy….i have no idea what selling is in a fair trade..i believe black market is good cuz its cheap…fuck brands..fuck hip-hop.

    By SatKel URL on 11.24.2013

  18. His grin is too big, and his posture too forward, as if he is putting all his weight on his toes. He is standing too close and his eyes are preternaturally bright. He scares me. Whatever he’s selling, I don’t want it.

    By mrsmig on 11.24.2013

  19. I have tried selling items on ebay but can’t really get in to it. I am more interesting in buying unfortunately!

    By Alexandra on 11.24.2013

  20. it was all he could think about: selling the old door that he had put his growing up marks on. He started when he was almost ten years of old, then at fifteen, twenty, forty, and now.. shrunk back to almost the height of when he was forty, twenty, fifteen and maybe even ten years old. Such a crazy life..

    By Stef URL on 11.24.2013

  21. She hadn’t used it, in fact she was disgusted by the idea of even taking it out of the wrapper, but this was her job, and she had to sell it. She had to lie.

    By lightthisfuse on 11.24.2013

  22. Economics. In the 11th grade I took up economics for the first time in my life. I absolutely hated it. It required way too much mugging up. But the year after that I started enjoying the subject. It became logical and now I like it enough to consider pursuing it as my minor in college.

    By Vaani on 11.24.2013

  23. Seling is tricking. Tricking a person to believe that he or she needs this product or treatment. I could not be a salesperson. I once worked at a mall kiosk, yes, I was one of the annoying interrupters of conversations, of flow and of personal space. I rammed into peoples’ lives to demonstrate how they could sell me their gold for cash. I never liked my job, but needed the money. I got commission and was rewarded for tricking these people to believe that I could pay them the most money for what their belongings were worth. I could never lie to these people. How could I tell them that their family heirloom was only worth thirty dollars? With vigor?
    “it is worth…..THIRTY whole american dollars! I could add on ten percent if you aren’t happy! “(insert fake smile)
    How could I take these rare coins and say with my own mouth and my words created in my mind that they are only worth twenty dollars, when in reality, they are worth much more. I wans to say. you should keep these and pass them down to your children and if you do want to sell them, sell them to someone who appreciates the tenacity they hold not only in their weight. I had to quit this role. I could not sell. I could not trick. I always secretly took the customer aside and told them the gold place down the street would pay more. After I quit the facade my manager said to me,

    “Tawny, Now I can tell you, you were good at talking to the customers, but you were not a very good seller or buyer for our company”
    “You are right, I’m not”

    By Tawny Alvarez on 11.24.2013

  24. sold
    what do i have to sell
    I don’t know
    i have nothing to offer
    but friendship?
    i’m nice i guess
    uncensored language
    nice to meet you

    By Emma on 11.24.2013

  25. She wanted me to sell my soul.
    My very soul
    But trouble is
    I don’t even know it myself
    And how can I sell something that I don’t know?

    By Trine on 11.24.2013

  26. I went to an Art & Crafts festival to sell what no one else was selling. I did quite well.. When I returned I have made $650.00 and paid all my bills. I find that what I sold was now worth keeping.

    By Verlena S. Walker on 11.24.2013

  27. He sold me himself
    I think I got a bargin

    By Aley on 11.24.2013

  28. Selling out. Hearts mend, mind forgets. Or do they? One idea. One heart. Sold to the lady in red.

    By JoJo on 11.24.2013

  29. I know now that I could never love either of them; at least, not in the way they wanted. How could I love someone that intimately, that deeply, that purely, when the love was not even mine to give away? How could I totally commit myself to one person when I wasn’t even my own? My very appearance, thoughts, emotions, ideas, were all borrowed from the original, and I was one mere print in a sea of copies.

    By Abbey on 11.24.2013

  30. a man knocked on the door, an eager look in his eyes with a sleazy smile and a suitcase in his callused hands.

    By maya burleson on 11.24.2013

  31. she stood there every night on that corner. imagined a life better than this. a life where she had never met him.

    By maya burleson on 11.24.2013

  32. Selling cats.
    She tried to make eye contact with the passersby, but no one engaged. Behind her, the meowing grew more intense. She tried to shut out the cacophony. When she’d responded to the advertisement for a shop girl, she hadn’t realized what the product was. But now, here she was, cleaning litter boxes all day and trying to sell cats on commission.

    By marzi on 11.24.2013

  33. Selling your soul becomes easy if you have enough things to justify it with. “I’ve paid my dues, it’s time for me to get my reward.” From there, it’s a slippery slope. The money is awesome, and you get used to the perks. Just try not to think about who is suffering the consequences of your actions.

    By marzi on 11.24.2013

  34. Super


    By marzi on 11.24.2013

  35. I was selling my soul to the neighbor with the lazy eye. I was worried and confused. If he had eaten your sister, you might have been too.

    By TJ on 11.24.2013

  36. selling pansies on the street
    an angry boys feet that they did meet
    now all the little pansie petals are scattered on the street

    By TJ on 11.24.2013

  37. Consider the silliness inherent in certain opposites. It seems almost day to day to hear that man (or a woman) has sold himself short, but is a whale of another color to learn to learn that someone has sold themselves tall. It seems criminal somehow to learn someone could get away with such a thing, as though a great con had taken place, that height should have somehow been taken into consideration but for some reason it was not. We come to understand things as being the way they are and when they try to reveal themselves in a different light, try to tell you something important about themselves, it is all we can do to plug our ears quickly as possible and say, “No, no, not to me; to me that simply isn’t true.”

    By Ian Rowe URL on 11.24.2013

  38. Torren knew all about the market. When he snuck through everyone was always happy and talkative buying their merchandise or selling it off. However, when he came in everything went downhill. Guns would be out. People would be screaming.

    By Sarah Sketch URL on 11.24.2013

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    By Sharon on 11.24.2013

  40. What are you selling?
    What do you want?
    I don’t know but I’ll know when I see it.
    Well when you see it, I’ve got it.

    By martin b on 11.24.2013