November 22nd, 2013 | 61 Entries

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61 Entries for “pupil”

  1. A pupil is one who learns. A pupil can be any age. As long as one is learning one is a pupil. I have been a pupil my entire life. Sometimes to teachers, coaches, and parents. But always to this profound world in which we live in. I am a student of the universe, and I will never learn all it has to teach.

  2. listen closely to what i am saying. keep your eyes on me. ok, let’s start again, ok? so if we want to divide these fractions, we need to first reduce them to their lowest common denominator…

    by LeeLee on 11.23.2013
  3. student

  4. student

  5. your mouth is a moving stop sign
    and it’s telling me to swerve

    but your eyes are saying differently.
    your eyes want to eat me whole

    and i just never learn.

  6. They say you can’t fake love. That the reaction time is all in the pupil. So the question remains, who’s really observing these little phenomena.

  7. She had always had the prettiest of eyes, he thought. A bright blue with the lightest flecks of green. A little circle of brown closer to the pupil to make her eyes look almost more hazel than blue. He could stare at them for hours; hours and hours on end.

  8. She was a pupil of the pain, writhing in agony and joy. He had finally made her understand that there was no going back to the life she led before, no longer would she have family and friends. She was his star pupil, and she was ready.

  9. I am currently a pupil at a school in the USA. I can’t wait to become a pupil in college in 2 years. What a concept? I don’t want to leave high school because I’m afraid some of my best memories will stay here but at the same time I want to leave and grow into the (hopefully) better person I will become in the future.

    by Annie on 11.23.2013
  10. He was the only thing my eyes would allow me to see.

  11. The pupil in one eye was shaped … like a keyhole. It wasn’t a natural occurrence; rather, it had happened back in high school when George was playing basketball for the Lincoln High Tigers and a teammate — not even an opponent! — had poked him in the eye with a long athlete’s index finger.

  12. His eyes an icy blue, became completely engulfed in black. Only a thin line of blue remained, as he stared into my eyes. The words he spoke didn’t matter, nothing else mattered at that point. Only the pureness that had been expelled from him. The pure blue that I had fallen for, completely gone.

    by E.G on 11.23.2013
  13. Pupil. child. But most of all, innocence. A pupil will someday have to undergo such harsh times in their life, therefore losing their innocence. That, child is no longer a pupil anymore. Once their innocence is taken, it won’t come back. It is a part of life, and a part of growing up.

    by Brenda on 11.23.2013
  14. deep, spacious, mysterious and pleasant. There isn’t much going on but I know it’s alive. It’s responses to light and darkness inspire truth for the rest of your eye.

    by Aaron Slaney on 11.23.2013
  15. penertrating my soul
    dark yet sometime glow
    flows of sea shores
    lapping back and forth
    it goes
    change of color
    makes it grow

    by an g on 11.23.2013
  16. The ways your eyes light up when you laugh, your pupils dilate and it’s as though your eyes are on fire. You see the whole world in an instant; do you see me?

    by Samantha Bailey on 11.23.2013
  17. I was often the favorite pupil
    not true

    in high school i was a very good student, but i found myself bored in math, so I often got B+’s and A-‘s on tests due to stupid, sloppy mistakes, and I barely ever presented at the board or asked questions. at a parent teacher conference my teacher, who I’d grown to know very well through non-academic things (he led the highschool improv group) was completely surprised when he heard I was a straight-A student. He’d always pinned me for a slacker through and through.

    by Cole on 11.23.2013
  18. She was a pupil at the grammar school but didn’t work as well as she should have. What a missed opportunity. Silly girl – should have tried harder.

  19. Your pupils are dilated. You’re a pupil with dilated pupils. Dilate your dilapidated pupils.

  20. my pupil is brown. i wish it was green or is that something else? i think its black. it is hard drawing pupils. the always look creepy

    by marie on 11.23.2013
  21. The pupil sat quietly and obeyed her master’s command. She felt like a volcano was building up in her heart. Still. She sat; silent.
    Provoked at heart but stagnant; staunched.

    by Call me what you like on 11.23.2013