October 7th, 2019 | 5 Entries

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5 Entries for “selective”

  1. is one way you could put it. picky. fussy. unable to accept what is so gracefully put in front of you.
    i think i prefer selective.

    By bastard on 10.08.2019

  2. you have never been selective about your prey. if there is a vulnerability, you swoop in and you hope you won’t find it in yourself to feel pity for the poor creature when all is said and done. or god forbid, before it.

    By canaria on 10.08.2019

  3. I wish I would have been more selective with what I chose to fight about. I wish you could be more selective with where you choose to put your energies right now. To select something is to show dedication to it. To select it shows it holds a certain importance. I would like to have selected you more. I wish I had the opportunity to do so now. I wish I would have been more selective with my words to your brother. I am sorry.

    By ocadd URL on 10.08.2019

  4. The selective process of finding a partner isn’t methodical. It’s a series of accidents, but if you are discerning, if you know what you don’t want and some things you do, you can be selective. And god willing it works in your favour. The problem is that you can’t know all the factors. The goal is to continue to choose the right thing with the information you have. I was never selective enough. I followed too many wandering paths, I chose unwisely out of fear instead of out of confidence. It came off as arrogance in those times. I won’t do that again. Unfortunately I can’t show that to you because you’ve chosen another path. You’ve chosen to be selective with your energies and your time, and I don’t fit into that. Not right now, and likely never again.

    By ocadd URL on 10.08.2019

  5. There was a selective method to her madness.
    To say it was mean: well, there are varying degrees.
    Oscillation to focalization – – –
    Concern and brazen disregard
    Some may never know why and that’s a fact too

    By Details URL on 10.09.2019