October 14th, 2019 | 2 Entries

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2 Entries for “hospital”

  1. Broken? More like shattered! This is how I feel, I tell you, silently with my eyes fixed on you and you alone. I hold your hand in the ambulance knowing with each passing minute we are not in a hospital that you slip further and further away from me. Can you sense my hand in yours? Do you hear these ragged breaths? Or the violent pounding of my heart? If you’re hovering an inch above us, please don’t leave me ———

    By Trew URL on 10.15.2019

  2. She opened her eyes blearily. “Dad?” She looked around. Where was she? Where was her dad? Hadn’t he just been here? She looked around and heard a faint beeping. She barely registered it.

    By Bridget Grace on 10.16.2019