September 13th, 2013 | 75 Entries

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75 Entries for “seldom”

  1. I have seldom seen such a beautiful sight. the new born babe held in the arms of his mama, protected, cared for loved.All pain forgotten just ready to move on to the next chapter.

    By Tracey on 09.13.2013

  2. He felt the edges of the world freeze for a moment, as if time itself was halting to savor the moment. Her beauty brightened so quickly, transformed by the warm– sincere smile that graced her soft lips. Once before he’d seen her smile so sweetly, when she’d first seen how happy Finn made her brother the love in her expression had been genuine. Now, as she looked blindly at the rose he offered her, painted in metal to transfix the moment of beauty in the rose he wished he could do the same for her happiness– capture it somehow and hold it close for all time.

    By heather URL on 09.13.2013

  3. I smile infrequently,
    Seldom do I laugh,
    Often I do frown,
    Sullen I always am,
    Grey is the day,
    Never the sun,
    Joy is never seen,

    By Angus Rose on 09.13.2013

  4. I’ve seldom seen the word “seldom”, not being from an english speaking country.I seldom write about the word instead with it.I seldom make such a worthless enty.

    By debs on 09.13.2013

  5. I seldom act before I speak
    I’m always thinking
    Always wondering
    Just what others might say
    It’s quite scary, actually
    Being stuck in my head

    By Emily Syd on 09.13.2013

  6. I seldom go through times like these.
    The sun was low over the city buildings, the calm blues, burnt oranges, and bright pinks of the sunset a contrast to the violent and uneasy ways of the city.
    I actually felt comforted, in the midst of the newest development of utter chaos in this land that makes one disbelieve any existence of utopia.

    By Jess on 09.13.2013

  7. Never. I’ll never give in to what your expectations of me are.
    Why? I don’t ask much.
    Because, it is presumptuous that you have expectations in the first place. Deal with your own problems.
    They are your problems too.

    By Rose on 09.13.2013

  8. seldom do they welcome the outcome of an open mind.

    By Emma on 09.13.2013

  9. i seldomly do anything for me.I always think about everyone else but me. I seldom tell what I feel.I am seldomly loved. I seldom am happy.Seldom Life.

    By Iul on 09.13.2013

  10. I can barely look at other boys without wondering what it means to love you. What’s that saying about ‘whatever people say they are, I notice they seldom aren’t.” Anyway.

    By Camille on 09.13.2013

  11. seldom
    am i able to see you for long enough
    to tear at your skin
    but when i do
    i wear it
    and i take it home with me
    and sleep in it,
    dream in your skin,
    of your skin
    and when i return to you, your flesh,
    maps of my molars are tattooed near every scar
    and every bad thought you ever carried
    is replaced by my ache to skin you alive at the next possible moment

    By Lb on 09.13.2013

  12. Seldom do i think of days ofthe past, when you held me close and we laughed till dawn. My most painful memory is not of losing you but us the mere thought that you do not know how this feels. You smile and wave when I pass you by but secretly I know you have no interest in my thoughts

    By Aarin Scott on 09.13.2013

  13. Spinning in a crowded band room, a goodbye in a parking lot underneath the setting sun. They only ever touched twice.

    By s on 09.13.2013

  14. I seldom speak. I trap myself within my own self-contained bubble, and few of my thoughts manage to break that barrier and make it to the outside world. This is unhealthy, because these thoughts keep building up and building up, and eventually everything will violently burst.

    By Amanda on 09.13.2013

  15. “Where seldom is heard a discouraging word…”

    Yeah, that might be a bit generous considering the state of constructive criticism these days. But songs have a way of giving you the space to dream.

    By Intuition on 09.13.2013

  16. Patience: often found in a man, seldom in a woman. Seldom: that’s how often I’d say that in today’s workplace. Seldom do we hear people speak their minds. Private or public, you don’t hear much straight talk. Seldom, if at all.

    By Paul Eveleigh on 09.13.2013

  17. seldom as in hardly ever, as in not common, as in I seldom refuse to eat cookies. I really love cookies. Like, really love cookies. I should stop …

    By Izz on 09.13.2013

  18. “You don’t play football?”

    “No. I seldom play any sports. I’m no good at them.”

    Haley let her short hair fall in brief tangles across the nape of her neck, the football helmet tucked under her arm. She walked beside Cecilia languidly, tired from practice. “I’m sure you’d be good at sports if you kept playing.”

    “Nope.” Cecilia laughed and tucked her hands into her blazer pockets. “Sixth grade, I was on a soccer team. I was so bad that the coach refused to let me play.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.13.2013

  19. I seldom came to this section of the river. The curve dipped down between two large sheets of rock, obscuring the banks from the view above. It was a dangerous place where your back was always exposed. Anyone could sneak up on you, or worse, attack from the upper ridge.

    By Kristin URL on 09.13.2013

  20. what ever i get
    is seldom enough
    after all
    a greedy girl
    has it tough
    give it all you’ve got
    do you have the stuff

    By Aley on 09.13.2013

  21. I seldom go to the mall, because I dont have time for that. Usually my sister and my mother go, but I seldom have to stay in home studying; I seldom dont have anything to study. My school is very hard

    By Caroline on 09.13.2013

  22. Seldom do I ever question my ability. Seldom do I wonder if I shall be able to finish what I’ve started. This time it’s different. This time for once I’ve started a war that I may not be equipped to fight. Regardless if I have any hope, I must move on. I’ll fight to the death because surrender isn’t an option for me. I refuse to back down.

    By untamedimagination on 09.13.2013

  23. I have seldom been without something to do. In fact, I almost wish I didn’t have so much to do. I can’t stop my mind from racing, racing, racing. Am I a failure? Probably, as most people define success, I would be. Why? I can’t seem to get motivated to do anything. I’m stuck, most likely forever. I can’t get my mojo back. Oh well, I can try.

    By Deborah on 09.13.2013

  24. Erica dragged her eyes away from the dim screen and became fixated upon the window. A quick dash of color snagged her gaze: a new rainbow flag.

    By Calistiel on 09.13.2013

  25. often
    I speak at you because
    I know that when
    I speak to you

    I tell you to wear less makeup, and you know
    I want my touch to be that much closer
    I tame your doubts with just a vicious whisper
    I drink your soul like a bottle of mischief that burns with each swig
    I feast on your body and still hunger
    I leave unhealing scars, fissures of desire across your skin
    I let my growl chew on your ears, my fangs on your lips
    I fill your discolored sequins with a scarlett so dark only my blood can satisfy you
    I fight you so you can dream of me in passionate anger
    I take your heartbeat and turn it into a note so loud, only my voice silences you

    By dp on 09.13.2013

  26. without

    By goldenfever on 09.13.2013

  27. Seldom is a rare occurence.Happening occasionally,but it can have either positive or negative consequences.

    By Nicholas Marinakos URL on 09.13.2013

  28. The blinking of the light makes me bite my lip. I don’t want to read it, right now. I want to savour it. It’s rare, these replies, these conversations that last more than a couple of seconds. Even through a black & white screen, I want to feel a connection. There’s none. There never was.

    By Kira Lynx on 09.13.2013

  29. I seldom ever cry anymore, and sometimes it feels like a good thing, but other times it feels as though it’s bottling up in my chest and slowly drowning my lungs. Then, like a faucet of a sink, it all comes raining down but I’m okay. I can breathe.

    By marcie on 09.13.2013

  30. I stopped hearing form her. i heard from my 9 children very seldom. Out of all of them Gwendolyn was mine, not from my marriage, but from me my womb. I missed her more the the others. She was the twinkle in my eye, the spring in my step, my reason to live. I was sitting on my bed staring out the window when a nurse came in bearing the bad news.

    By Rachel Harr on 09.13.2013

  31. He seldom sees her afterward. its not uncommon though. His mechanics are such that he needs little rest or recharge. Thus makings him the TCR’s most valuable Auto. Others, so many of his less efficient brethren, take twelve hours for every three they work. His Creator stops by once a week, updating his condition stats, keeping his charcoal tresses in check, ensuring that he is the best looking Automaton ever made. Lady Sol rides the rails every week, on a trip to the Greenfield Park Cemeteries. Once, during his off time, he uploaded the current data on her family into his processors. Her mother the Lady Luna is thirteen years dead, while Sir Flinn lives on.
    The lady Sol is exactly twenty-four years old, born on Same Day (day of universal peace.) In the year 2176. She will celebrate her Twenty-fourth birthday on the last Same Day of 2100’s, and begin her twenty-fifth in the 2200’s.
    ICA-RUS’ Creator mentioned that his interest in the Lady Sol is unnatural, and that he should stop, lest he be let go from the TCR.
    “Be wary of the sun and sea, boy. The fall wont be forgiving.”
    “Good day Madam Dela, your company is much appreciated.” he responds.
    Perhaps the glitch in his system wasn’t quite cleared out? He notes to do a scan during his off hour.

    By mae on 09.13.2013

  32. She is hard and yet yeilding, an amalgation of things unseen, unfelt, unheard. You see her, on those careful nights, but there is reareedom that lives and grows and thrives in the deepest corners of your cold heart.lly nothing there except for the wind. (She is the wind?) Don’t fear, she says, the wind on the moors whipping away her tender, careful words. But you do fear. You cannot help it, not when she bestows upon you this sweetly, frigid, seldom seen freedom that you will hold, forever in the deepest corners of your cold, still heart. WH.

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 09.13.2013

  33. I looked down at the paintings on the sidewalk; they were quite good. The young man sitting behind them was slender, almost gaunt, and dressed in clothes that had seen better days. “Do you sell many? I asked him. “No, I seldom sell them?”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.13.2013

  34. she was seldom seen at the parties. she was always there, but no one noticed. she passed by the masses without a glance from a cocktail waitress or an apology from guests who stepped on her toes or bumped into her shoulders. a ghost to this world, intangible, invisible. a hazy translucent white shadow, left unperceived by the world.

    By firelight on 09.13.2013

  35. Sledom do I do a lot of the things I should. I seldom study. I seldom feel like I really am doing what I should. Seldom sounds kind of like Velma and I like her, the one from scooby doo. I seldom act like an adult.

    By Amanda on 09.13.2013

  36. Seldom do I think about what I’m going to write when I do. It just comes to me somehow. I imagine what I’m going to say, and I just say it on paper, or on my laptop. It’s sort of an outlet for me lately. It’s a good way for me to express myself.

    By Sharon LaCroix on 09.13.2013

  37. Being seldom is a very calm type of person kinda like dead people because they dont talk much they just sit there. it reminds me of skeleton the word. and the name sheldon which was an old friend of mine.

    By jessica URL on 09.13.2013

  38. You will seldom hear me say this but please, help.

    By aura.rayne on 09.13.2013

  39. I have seldom thought many times that I should be a writer. Why? Looking back when I was in grade school. I had a teacher who asked all the students to write there own story. She gave us the formula for writing. I wrote a silly story about a group of fighting mouses called, ironically, Mouseketeers. It had a plot when the villain gets his and the heros win the day. When it came time, the teacher picks my story and recites it to the whole class. It made me feel honored that she did. After that I hadn’t written any thing. When I was in my early twenties I starting at a Tech school. One of my classes was writing. The teacher asked everyone to start a journal. So my first entry was about my day getting up and getting ready for Tech school. Another day came when the teacher decided to recite one of those Journals. Who would she pick? Yours truly. I thought back about the Mouseketeers and wondered, “Did I miss my calling?”

    By John Morgan on 09.13.2013

  40. “I seldom find myself wanting your wisdom, sister,”
    “Because you’ve done so well on your own?” she sniped over the rim of her goblet.
    “Haven’t I?” I asked.
    She sat her cup down, tilting her head to the side as she met my gaze. “Have you?”
    I shook my head as I sat back in my chair. “I’ll not have you twist everything I say until you’re once again assured you’ve received the better end of life’s bargain, Jayrah; I’ve neither the time nor the interest to sooth your ego,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.13.2013