February 25th, 2014 | 101 Entries

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101 Entries for “seated”

  1. I sat down. And I started to cry. I am still sitting. But I am no longer crying.

    By Geoff on 02.25.2014

  2. I am seated but I want to lie down.

    By Geoff on 02.25.2014

  3. i sat down on a chair. i was seated fro almost 80 minutes and i was just sitting and waiting, nothing else. it was a very uncomfortable chair but still i just sat. i don’t know what i was waiting for but i was waiting and sitting and nothing else. i had been there for a while and i don’t even know where i was but still i sat. i dont know where i was or what i was doing but all i knew was to sit.

    By hannah on 02.25.2014

  4. “Timothy, please stay seated,” Ms. Thompson clipped, just as Tim’s butt began to lift from the chair. She gave him a stern glare before turning back to the lesson plan that no one was really paying any attention to. I snickered to myself as Tim made a funny face in her direction.

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 02.25.2014

  5. i sat down and waited. Nothing else but sitting and waiting. I dont know what i was waiting for but still I sat and waited.

    By Hannah on 02.25.2014

  6. Whilst seated beneath the giant bonsai tree I sampled a platter of unripe cheeses. The cheeses created an atmosphere that I can describe only as unpleasant, and to this day I feel fairly strongly about expressing my disgruntlement.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 02.25.2014

  7. In place. Once you sit down you are committed to that placement. In life. In love. In the universe. It is a sovereign will of the Lord above so how can you argue with it? Don’t question anymore. You’re in it

    By Stella Huey on 02.25.2014

  8. To sit down, to take a break, to breathe and to relax. Someone asked me today why I chose to talk to my friend standing up rather than sitting down. I wasn’t sure — I think I was paralyzed with the idea of awkwardness. She seemed happy enough to stand, and so was I. I didn’t mind, but it seemed that someone else did. Did they mind? Were they curious? I can’t even tell. Ah well. To each their own.

    By haprima URL on 02.25.2014

  9. They’ll ask you to
    ‘please be seated’
    but they’ll never tell you
    ‘it’s time to go’
    pity that
    politeness plateaus
    motivation’s momentum
    progression’s pendulum
    must be tapped
    not by glad hands
    but an ambitious finger
    perpetuated by
    perennial passion
    time to
    ask for the bill
    discard your napkin
    and stand up.

    By thedugong on 02.25.2014

  10. Mr Oneword, quite unlucky
    a teacher all along.
    “Take your seats please”,
    turned around — seats and students gone.

    By Jem Page URL on 02.25.2014

  11. Through the doors, passed the men wearing black suits with long tails
    I scan the room
    I feel like an idiot.
    Maybe I’m late?
    Maybe he’s not here?
    I’m just about to turn and walk away when, oof! A chest. A man in a suit like all the others.
    I look up. His face.
    “How about dinner?” he asks.

    By Savvy-Jo on 02.25.2014

  12. She was seated by the window, staring out at the ocean. Sheila placed her hand on her mother’s shoulder, summoning her back to the real world. Her mother looked up, smiled, and asked politely; “Can I help you?”. Sheila suppressed a sigh, and smiled back. “Do you mind if I sit with you for a while? It’s a lovely day, isn’t it?”

    By tonykeyesjapan on 02.25.2014

  13. He gazed around the stands, his eyes naturally drawn to the one indivual who always seemed to be watching him. His expression as usual was blank. But his eyes, his eyes were always expressing things that Sena just hadn’t been ready to accept. But now, with victory athand, it was time to step forward.

    By Kyoto on 02.25.2014

  14. She finally found a seat. Yes it was the farthest from either the counter, restrooms, or exit but at least it was a seat. He had not been to the café for weeks. She had never given up hope and she was not about to as she seated herself.

    By Rosie on 02.25.2014

  15. We were seated only a few rows down from our favorite celebrities. That singer from our favorite band; two musicians chatting with people; the actor who seems to take every role giving to him; miss petite with the sharp smile from that recent movie.

    By umbazachika on 02.25.2014

  16. I am too restless to remain seated for long, because I do like the random adventure or odd fact finding quest. And to stay too long in one place makes the walls feel like they’re closing in, it is all psychosomatic, I’m sure.

    By Intuition on 02.25.2014

  17. He was seated at a low table, out of the way. The lights were dim, the music muted, the scents floating around him subtle. Everything about the room was entirely uninteresting. Except her. As she walked past he smelled cinnamon, and something citrusy. It invigorated him and made him wonder. What was someone as spicy as her doing in a place as dull as this?

    By Kayla URL on 02.25.2014

  18. He sits across me. A hand fidgets with the spoon, pushing the plate dangerously close to the edge of the table, another holds the newspaper in place. His eyes squint in concentration and he sighs every now and then. I tell him to chew the food well. He nods absently and goes on reading.
    “You’ll be late for work.”
    “I love you.”
    “Me too.”

    By Priya URL on 02.25.2014

  19. on a bus it was 1230 at night, hadn’t seen this much rain in a long time. the crackle of the rain hitting the windows, the crashes of thunder booming throughout my body. I had never been in this part of town before so with the weather what it was it was quite the unique experience.

    By George Nixon on 02.25.2014

  20. She was seated three desks to the left and two desks ahead of him. He watched her when he thought she wasn’t looking, memorizing the curve of her jaw, the shade of her lips, and the placement of every little freckle and mole. He watched her expressions; he noted the crinkle that formed between her brows when she was confused, the small dimple in the left corner of her mouth when she smiled, and the way she bit her lip when she was deep in thought. He watched her until he could draw her from memory, even in his sleep. He watched as the days ticked by. Slowly, his sketchbook filled with her features and her expressions. He watched her when he left a sketch on her desk, signed with “Your Secret Admirer.” He watched as she flushed, slipped the paper into a notebook, and shyly glanced around. He watched as she caught his eye, and he smiled hesitantly. He watched as her face fell. She watched as his heart broke.

    By Summer on 02.25.2014

  21. The man walked into the room and seated himself at an empty table near the window. Carefully tucking his napkin over his lap, he motioned for the waiter to bring over the lunch menu. As he was clearly in his early 70s no one thought twice about him sitting alone. Most assumed he was a widower, going through the motions if daily life, bidding his time until the end.

    By Shannon Lillywhite on 02.25.2014

  22. I was seated in the crammed city bus. If I was just one out of fifty in this crowded pack of people, each with their own thoughts, lives, and dreams, then in the grand scheme of things, how significant was I? How meaningful were we all?

    By Nicholas on 02.25.2014

  23. Everyone’s already seated and the lecture hall is packed to the brim by the time you make it to your first class of the morning. And, just like that, your stealthy last-minute entry turns into a national spotlight as three hundred pairs of eyes – each varying in their degree of disapproval – follow your every movement.
    Cheeks flushed an alarming shade of red, you focus all your attention on not stumbling over stray legs or bookbag straps as you make your way to the closest empty seat and sit down.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 02.25.2014

  24. The boy was seated in class, he doodled on the page which was supposed to be notes. Looking up every once and again to create the impression of attentiveness. Calculus was so boring, in his art he could create entire worlds. What could he create with calculus?

    By Ryan on 02.25.2014

  25. He was seated far away from me, but I could see him clearly. All I needed was a glimpse and I could picture each and every one of his features, arranged perfectly upon his face. He was seated far away from me but my thoughts couldn’t have been closer. I just needed one small gesture to know that he was thinking the same. Just a flexing of the muscles, or a twitching of the jaw.

    By Isabelle URL on 02.25.2014

  26. The show begins, and we remain seated. He’s quite a bother, the third party. He sits there and talks as if we were equals. Doesn’t he know he’s not wanted?

    Well, at least he’s squirming: he knows what he has done.

    By Iceman on 02.25.2014

  27. Seated….

    Not only means resting, it could mean a moment in our lives that we are standing still and/or procrastinating.

    Stand up! Get in action, move toward achieving your dreams.

    By Manuel URL on 02.25.2014

  28. seated but not quite situated, I watch his side stretch out like an acordian on the spine of his too small and slightly too stiff armchair. There is a man ignoring us in the corner, and a girl noticing the awkwardness of his yawn beside us but basically we are alone in this ridiculousness.

    By mary ontiveros on 02.25.2014

  29. He had been seated far faster than he had anticipated. He looked around, confused, blinking up at the fluorescent lighting of the restaurant as an expensively-clad waiter approached him.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.26.2014

  30. Finally, they seated me. The eggplant (literally little eggplants) print on the chairs was distracting, and I missed it when the nurse told me it was time for my appointment.

    By Jordan URL on 02.26.2014

  31. Old lady took place next to me – my ears still hurt.

    By FM on 02.26.2014

  32. We were all seated when the alarm was sounded. Someone had detonated a bomb in the arrival hall and the casualty was great. Twenty persons lost their lives that day.

    By victor URL on 02.26.2014

  33. I’m living a seated lifestyle against my will people! Call the press! For a person like me, who can’t sit still, sitting in the same seat for 8 hours a day is pure torture! But no.. my school tells me to shut up. This is why people are getting fat in Korea! I swear!

    By thedarkestsheep on 02.26.2014

  34. Im seated in front of here, looking at the world through my plasma screen. The real life scares me much and the NPC’s, honestly suck. So i am seated in front of my screen, it makes me happy it makes me serene.

    By Ivan URL on 02.26.2014

  35. She seated herself in the chair. She wiggled around not comfortable. No one could be comfortable in these bony plastic seats. She sighed. How long would she be confined to these seats? 4 years. God college sucked. She could be doing real world things but nooooooo her parents decided she was going to go to college.

    By Saffy on 02.26.2014

  36. to be there and stay there without moving. forever seated

    By UnkownPerson on 02.26.2014

  37. please everyone,
    take a seat.
    take a load off.
    relax a bit.
    you’ve had a long day
    trudging along
    the weight of the world on your
    the world’s worries
    weighing heavy on your heart.
    take a load off.
    and breathe.

    By NuSol URL on 02.26.2014

  38. He was seated by the window on the giant plane, and he stared out at the tarmac. Around the plane, a hubub of activity buzzed by — luggage carts, maintenance crews, and catering trucks whirled around. He glanced up and saw more people boarding the plane, all with different expressions on their faces.

    By Victor Villegas on 02.26.2014

  39. everyone was in place around the table. there were bottles of still water, the dossiers sat in front of each participant. the leader, elegant in his black suit and red tie, sat with his hands folded in front of him. aides stood back along the walls, ready to spring into action at a gesture or look. the negotiations were about to begin.

    By Lee on 02.26.2014

  40. This beatuy seated in the basement of my heart refuses to move
    I’ve tried everything to get her out of there
    With no avail she sits and waits for something
    Not sure what but there she waits
    In the basement of my hearted seated patiently

    By Devo on 02.26.2014