February 25th, 2014 | 101 Entries

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101 Entries for “seated”

  1. They seated her in the big tent, where all the big wigs were supposed to be. She was supposed to be the guest of honor. But as she sat there, stuck to the seat while trying to keep her eyes open, she couldn’t banish her contempt. She hated all of them.

    By Soft URL on 02.26.2014

  2. Well I’m glad today’s word isn’t revved. Yes I’m seated, pumped ready for my word. Hmmm …. seated does that mean seated in the theatre, ready to watch the show? Could it mean I have a seat, you know a butt? I guess it also means I’m sitting down here at my computer, seated ready for action. Can you say contradiction?

    By Jim on 02.26.2014

  3. I was seated for the entire journey and by the time I arrived s dimply wanted to stretch out, become human and leave the crumpled stiffness behind but we were ambushed by hawkers and beggars, leaving scarce choice but to take shelter in the crowded ticket office

    By Dom Brandon on 02.26.2014

  4. Here I am seated, planted. Seated can be a place of growth, of focus, of change. Or of inertia. Physics isn’t everything say those who don’t understand science. A body in motion stays in motion? Like the ad taking up space in my brain, like my tail taking space in this chair. Please be seated.

    By Ruth Levitsky URL on 02.26.2014

  5. She was seated in the resturant waiting for her date to arrive. She usually never went out on blind dates, but her friends convinced her to do it.

    By Jerri on 02.26.2014

  6. She seated herself down on the metal chair located just outside the cafe. She ordered a cappuccino and a scone. She was not hungry, but wanted to embrace the coffee and a snack mentality that seems to be so popular at these sidewalk cafes.

    By Elsie URL on 02.26.2014

  7. The cold, hard chair sticks to my sweating legs. I rub my hands together nervously and await the call. The people around me don’t look how I feel, they’ve been here before. Suddenly, it’s my turn. I take a huge gulp of air as I realise that I want to stay here on this horrible, plastic chair.

    By Luka URL on 02.26.2014

  8. there were so many people at the funeral that not everyone could be seated. I decided to stand at the back because I find churches claustrophobic

    By Alexandra on 02.26.2014

  9. I was seated at the table ready to eat my dinner when a tall dark stranger walked in. He sat down across from me and said hi.

    By Delsie Whinery on 02.26.2014

  10. She waited until the rest of the audience had been seated to find hers. Row H, Seat 6. It was toward the left of the small theater but that was okay, she didnt really care too much for the right side. He would be on the left. She would watch him closely, sn for some reason she felt like tonight could be the night. The night he finally saw her.

    By Natalie Rodriguez URL on 02.26.2014

  11. I was seated in the passenger side next to him, watching the wind ruffle his black curly hair as he drove. The sun was hot but it was a gorgeous drive through the dark green mountains. The experience of a first trip with someone I loved was amazing… even though it left my boyfriend at home.

    Sometimes I feel like I should be found out.

    By Ruu URL on 02.26.2014

  12. i was seated in the cinema next to the most beautiful girl i have ever seen.So beautiful i couldnt even move. She was astonishing. Her eyes were darker than the night. Her hair softer than silk. All perfection in one single body. How could it be?

    By meeeee on 02.26.2014

  13. Being seated for the majority of your day gives you a nagging feeling of some gradual atrophy… I sit here, staring at a screen, my legs aching once they’re disturbed from their seated leisure. I need to hit the gym.

    By asavas on 02.26.2014

  14. I feel hopeless. I can’t seem to find the reason why i can’t focus on anything, i can’t understand anything and i can’t see anything in depth. I spend hours seated at my desk and i just can’t seem to find that spark that would push me forward and give me the energy and determination to go forward. Am i dying, i wonder, or am i just transforming into an empty shell, or maybe into a shadow? Because, i don’t even know what i am anymore.

    By AnaidSkylight on 02.26.2014

  15. Seated in the back of my is the feeling that I’m not good enough. I’m not right for you. And that’s it, isn’t it? That’s why you had to have her, because I wasn’t right. But one day I will be, but by then, you won’t be right for me.

    By Cheyenne! on 02.26.2014

  16. The gentleman was smug. The usher looked confused as he tried to find his handkerchief. There was nothing that he could do.

    By jar on 02.26.2014

  17. I can’t stay seated. I won’t be sedated. the world has a heatbeat, you see? we are the spirit of the eath. the music is within our souls. No, I cannot sit down. I can not fake compliance. life is the greatest concert, and im in the mosh pit.

    By Heidi P. on 02.26.2014

  18. He was seated in the dark corner with no light to be seen, He was in trouble for being bad. But he didn’t see this happening.

    By Giovani on 02.26.2014

  19. A nice warm feeling. Just to be relaxed. No more hurting. Nothing to worry about. Then to be lazy

    By Andrew on 02.26.2014

  20. to be comfortable. To be relaxed. to have no worrys. The nice way to relax the muscles. to take a nice break.

    By Andrew on 02.26.2014

  21. She was seated in the light. then she said i dont want to be seated i will never be seated.

    By Andrew on 02.26.2014