June 27th, 2016 | 52 Entries

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52 Entries for “screens”

  1. I walked into the secret lab and was met with a ton of screens that were a glowing a bluish light. On the screens there were a ton of stuff going on.

    By caden on 06.27.2016

  2. The screens between us weren’t sufficiently robust – still the light glared through from the setting sun behind, silhouetting the blood as it splattered upon the waxen sheets which hung loosely from their rusted frames; still the anguished screams pierced these pathetic curtains as the work began before the anesthetic had made its heroic race to his shattered bones; still the buzz of the un-stopped machinery chuntered and chomped.
    We walked on, pallid.

    By Barber on 06.27.2016

  3. I went to the store to get a new screen protector for my phone because my last one broke.

    By caden on 06.27.2016

  4. The screens were meant for privacy, and perhaps if he turned his head, they would have sufficed. But they were too cheap and thin, and she was too curvy. He couldn’t move, let alone turn his eyes away, ensnared by her silhouette.

    By YOLO4Sho on 06.27.2016

  5. The flies kept buzzing intermittently hitting the screen windows, shaking it off, and running right back into them again. She fanned herself, almost absentmindedly. The heat was unbearable.
    Well, that’s not true. It was bearable. But barely.
    She watched the useless dance of the insects outside the window. Probably a metaphor in there. But it’s too hot to think of it today;

    By Bridget Grace on 06.27.2016

  6. she looked through her old house. The one she grew up in. The wall paper was faded. The screens on the windows were all torn and weathered. Ba

    By Olivia Leonard on 06.27.2016

  7. the sorcery of screens that a female can subdue to
    find dew, amid her breasts,
    putting fourth her finest efforts,
    must perforce, certain exercises
    to retort her shrink-thought of her breasts
    giddy luncheonettes, best yet not
    pillow the fluff she wishes within her chest
    a sprinkle of flax seed inside her morning water
    winnowing up over the wall in her bedroom
    to befriend push up execersies
    and, thus, her chest width, rises,
    now, instead, of shrouding her heart shaped necklace,
    the necklace rests like a pebble on the sea-side sand beneath a mauve sky.

    By Milad URL on 06.27.2016

  8. Jerry walked into the electronics store and was amazed to see how many television sets lined the walls. Everywhere he looked, screens blinked at him, flashing different colors, screaming in different tones and hums and buzzes and voices. About a dozen or so TVs were turned to a news channels; a dozen others, the local baseball game. But some of the sets focused on something entirely different – a fantasy show from Jerry’s youth.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.27.2016

  9. Great programme, I can now finish the Times crossword

    By Don coleman on 06.27.2016

  10. The bright blue shinned in her eyes, the gloss screen flashing three words over and over again.She felt a sob climb up her throat, and squeezed her eyes shut. Thomas was dead.

    By AlexMorgan on 06.27.2016

  11. Her blue eyes look at the tall stranger, as she screens him, letting her woman’s intuition do the work for her. Good guy? Or bad?

    By Sister Golden Hair on 06.27.2016

  12. The legend begin on three screens in some nowhere backwater in Idaho. Three screens became thirty. Thirty screens became over two hundred fifty in forty-six states. And so on and so forth. Moviegoers would grow to love the name Sterpy Wills, and his neon magical pen butter rag.

    By The battle for the second muffin on 06.27.2016

  13. computer, tv, workmate, phone

    By valeria on 06.27.2016

  14. The same prompt blinked at her from the screen of her computer.
    Huh. A bit ironic that the prompt ‘screens’ appeared twice on a computer screen.
    And yet this time, she had even less of an idea of what to write about. She hadn’t given the prompt any thought in the minutes she’d been away from the website. She hadn’t expected it to show up again.

    By Lucy on 06.27.2016

  15. We spend our entire lives in front of screens. TV screens. Mobile screens. Laptop screens. Tablet screens. Have we ever stopped to think that maybe, in the middle of all that screen time, we are also setting up screens between us? At least we’re not building walls. Screens can be seen-through, walls have to be broken down.

    By rockegan on 06.27.2016

  16. Pixels bright like lights from the future illuminating paths of insecurity and connections. Filter the attackers and embrace those you think have something to offer… screen for the fraudulent. Laptops. Cyberspace.

    By Maple on 06.27.2016

  17. Telas, de tela em tela ela olhou e viu a si mesma: seu passado, presente e futuro. Quem diria que agora se encontraria onde está. Depois de anos “Confinada” finalmente estava livre. Por muito tempo desajara aquilo, mas agora que conquistou, qual seria o próximo passo?

    By Narkissah on 06.27.2016

  18. screens are a very useful technology. for example if we didn’t have screens we would have no PCs or Television we would be living in a dull blank world.

    By Monty PAinter on 06.27.2016

  19. we spend our entire lives looking at screens, touching screens, watching moments pass on them. are we not becoming…screened out?

    By grld URL on 06.27.2016

  20. Screens? Like computer screens? Or iPhone screens. Screens seem to be popular with eh young kids. I bet ’80s kids used more of movie theater screens. I don’t know why I’m saying this.

    By Imani URL on 06.27.2016

  21. i always went to the movies when i was young. i didnt go to see the actual movie. i wasnt that hip with the kids. i loved looking at screens and i still do. they tickle me right where my bathing suit goes. yeah i have a fetish. who cares……. okay you win i care……. send help

    By jessica on 06.27.2016

  22. She screamed, excited.. “Fantastic!” She was looking at the screens in the theater. Awesome experience was it for her. It was her first time after all!

    By Akshatha on 06.27.2016

  23. Why are there so many screens? They line the walls, the corridors, the floors…, they are the omnipresent tempest of moral and existential ambiguity. How did it come to this? Where must we go?

    By Jason on 06.27.2016

  24. I stare at screens every day of my life — phones, laptops, televisions, tablets. It’s quite frightening, actually. Technology is taking over the world and will ultimately destroy humanity. That’s what I think at least.

    By A.Sach on 06.27.2016

  25. screens to hide what people really are
    screens to divide
    screens to cover the truth?

    Who knows anymore

    all the world is screens

    By Jewelzz84 on 06.27.2016

  26. Screens. I have two screens at work thank heavens because I always have tons of windows open. Windows? Computer windows of course. What did you think? Oh I guess there are window screens on actual windows but my windows that are open are computer ones full of files and work and more files etc. Why are there so many files? because everything has to be digital, that’s why. So very annoying to have to look at them all day long.

    By Viksar on 06.27.2016

  27. “Hey,” Tabatha knocked on the doorway. “You still in there?”
    “Mmph,” her brother replied sleepily.
    “Oh my God,” she muttered in exasperation. She strode over to where he was hunched at his desk and slammed his laptop closed, ignoring his protests.
    “Get some sleep,” she ordered.

    By savvadrokki on 06.27.2016

  28. screens- a place were we see our dreams. we do have an inner screen to see our dreams. screens are the hideouts. we hide ourselves from others.But there are no screen to hide ourselves from our inner selves.

    By vivek on 06.27.2016

  29. trapped at work every day staring at computer screens. my eyes begin to burn. my back begins to ache. i feel like i’m wasting my life away on this inane object that sucks away my soul.

    By Mira on 06.27.2016

  30. All we do all day is stare at the screens. You see them change the people who stare at them, becoming ghostly images of themselves. Skin fading to pasty white, attention diminishing in the brightness of the real world around them The screen is all, is the alter to which we must sacrifice, not blood or animals or naked virgins but our very life and souls. Because if you do not exist within the world of the screen, you are not real.

    By Jess on 06.27.2016

  31. The two clung to each other, cuddled under the soft blanket. Before them, two titanic armies clashed – neither gaining sway over the other. The slight fuzziness of the screen seemed to fill the air around them, static crawled under their skin. Yet that detracted nothing from their enjoyment.

    Years later, the two would remember how the room buzzed with the sound of the dying TV. How the chill of what they saw was chased swiftly away by the gentle touch of skin on skin.

    By hithlumhero on 06.28.2016

  32. screens is always turned on. we forget that we seem to see it everyday. I don’t know what are the implications of being there for someone even forgetting that someone turn you on for once

    By blakely on 06.28.2016

  33. The screen blinked and then there was nothing. He was staring in to space. Where had she gone? Would he ever see her again. The thought was unbearable.

    By sara.borgstrom on 06.28.2016

  34. Screens are used to watch televisions, computers and other small devises such as phones in. They are a window to a virtual world of entertainment and education.

    By amir on 06.28.2016

  35. Screens are used to watch programmes about the world. Computers and other small devises such as phones in also use them to view their softwares. They are a window to a virtual world of entertainment and education.

    By amir on 06.28.2016

  36. My word for this year is NOW. I’ve written it down, read the book and am passing it on. I have accomplished much more since I choose my word that I have in months. I am so pleased!! Can’t wait for the end of this year to see all that has changed in my life.

    By Shirley on 06.28.2016

  37. She used sarcasm
    Like whores use condoms
    To protect her heart

    By YOLO4Sho on 06.28.2016

  38. They set up the screens around her desk. The teachers told her that her spasticity and drooling were distracting to the other students, so she said nothing about it, and didn’t tell her mother. Especially not her mother. She didn’t want her to feel that she would have to protect her and take her out of school and back into the special school.

    She also didn’t want Mark and those other boys to feel that they had won.

    By chanpheng URL on 06.28.2016

  39. I ALREADY WROTE ABOUT SCREENS! Why aren’t they giving me another word???

    By Imani URL on 06.28.2016

  40. big tv screens watching me like two way mirrors you cant hide from big brother his watching you every where. I see my reflection next t my favourite actor if i squint hard enough i can pretend we’re together.

    By M G on 06.28.2016