June 28th, 2016 | 28 Entries

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28 Entries for “tables”

  1. You never really understand when the tables turn in life. At one point of time, you are sitting and praying for others’ lifestyle and at another point of time, you realise you now have all those things but you didn’t even get time to acknowledge it. It’s time to count your blessings!

    By Pallavi S Ojha URL on 06.28.2016

  2. Tables are really comfortable place for seating and dining in the house. They create a true ambiance and unite the family all together for a pleasurable and fun filled environment.They are also good for home decoration purposes made of wooden solid structure.

    By ADILSIDDIQUI on 06.28.2016

  3. I felt like flipping tables. I felt like breaking chairs. I felt like snapping plates and breaking all the silverware. I wanted to punch Father. I wanted to punch Mother. And I wanted to punch both my cousins and make them punch each other. I just wanted to scream. I just wanted to cry. But after the rage subsided, I just wanted to die.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.28.2016

  4. Hello

    By kaikaycess URL on 06.29.2016

  5. Tables are the place we alight our hands, somebody our entire body. Tables get its name from its use, if a table is used for eating..

    By vivek URL on 06.29.2016

  6. The tables turn, they always do. Just as winter doesn’t last all year. And in the presence of my enemies, a table is decked. Celebration, when dark as passed and morning has come. I rejoice, because winter doesn’t last forever, and the tables always turn.

    By ToniCezeal URL on 06.29.2016

  7. chair

    By kristin on 06.29.2016

  8. are columns and raws that are used for maths or organization of items , can refer also to that rectangular wooden item we use to place items on , and I can make tables of a Word document , and I can use them to eat as well… and I think tables is a very stupid word to write about.

    By Radwa on 06.29.2016

  9. In my office room that are sixt

    By Regina on 06.29.2016

  10. There were way too many. She’d pictured a small, intimate gathering of mostly friends and a few strangers. But there were rows and rows of strangers. As she took the stage with unsteady feet, she mentally ran through her lines.

    By YOLO4Sho URL on 06.29.2016

  11. Tables and shelves and stages and stools. The world is a river, floating along a lake one moment, and at the next, dropping down a cliff into the next pool, where it is held for a moment before being drained again.

    By FuMashu URL on 06.29.2016

  12. They stretched out for as far as her eyes could see – which wasn’t very far considering the fact that she was in a hall. Rows and rows of tables filled with anxious students, fiddling with pens and shuffling papers. There was a dull murmur that ran throughout the room, the uneasy quiet that fell between entering the exam room and beginning the exam. Hushed whispers began to taper off as the clock began to tick closer to the hour. Hands clenched, fingers trembled.

    By hithlumhero URL on 06.29.2016

  13. I remember the teacher asking us to memorize the multiplication tables at our primary schooling. those were the toughest part in the maths class . And our teacher used to thrash us using a stainless steel ruler and make us memorize upto table 16.Oh How the World has changed now…

    By rainbow URL on 06.29.2016

  14. There are many types of tables. Some tables have chairs and some don’t. Most tables have four legs. Tables are useful for many things. One of the great uses are for gatherings.

    By Ashley on 06.29.2016

  15. She started busing, slowly taking plates and silverware and stacking them in the grey tub, trying not to make too much noise as she strained to hear the conversation at the other table. The two women spoke in hush tones, but some words popped out above the whispering.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 06.29.2016

  16. tables are necessary to put things upon- to use for singing bowls and to eat more easily. tables are flat in surface and they have chairs that go with them- i am sitting at a table right now righting this as i write this- i think that i am funny

    By kathleen murphy on 06.29.2016

  17. the tables turn, but you can rotate them in your
    Resplendent cockerel, chirp your feathers,
    a barn with other hens and cocks, flapping for your entrance.

    By Milad URL on 06.29.2016

  18. i dont have anything in my house except 3 tables. thats all i need to be happy. and i love them all.

    By jessica URL on 06.29.2016

  19. The tables were empty. Where once there was laughter, bubbling and raucous, now there was a silence; a silence so loud and deafening, it’s tumultuous, filling the air with a heavy weight. The empty chairs sat on the stone floor, waiting for a time to move on. But they are stuck, in the eternal flame, for all time, with no person to sit and be happy once more.

    By Emerald Marie Winter on 06.29.2016

  20. wood and legs and hard. smooth. rough. long. short. tall. think. thin. flimsy. metal. marble. blue. black. white. round. start shaped. oval. lunch and dinner. goes with chairs.

    By Lexi Chavez on 06.29.2016

  21. Tables. Well, you eat on tables. You can play board games and card games on tables. Or…if you’re really cray-cray, you…dance on them…?

    Oh. I’m not finished. Okay. Well, I was thinking about something with ables, but I forget.

    By Imani URL on 06.29.2016

  22. they are white and black and they can be large or small round or square. They can be thick or thin. They can be made of metal wood cloth the ground. They can be cold or warm or hard and soft. they can be whatever.

    By Lex URL on 06.29.2016

  23. I’d love to turn the tables on my whole past. Change everything. Control every minute that I failed to control before. Make myself meaningful rather than foolish. Then maybe my now might be more worth living. Maybe my now would terrify me less.

    By Crystal Cadence URL on 06.29.2016

  24. data. a place to store, sort, filter, analyse and ultimately should forget. because data is static and eventually becomes irrelevant

    By zen4juancho URL on 06.29.2016

  25. Who killed Barry Gorn? Who didn’t kill Barry Dorn, more like. Barry Dorn killed more stomachs during his time at Fleming’s than any other chef in the history of intestinal disease. And they all wanted revenge. Every. Last. One.

    By The battle for the second muffin URL on 06.29.2016

  26. tables are big or small, some are round and others square. they are called mesas in Spanish. I am writing on a table

    By DANIEL KHRAYZAT URL on 06.29.2016

  27. Math sturdy in the manner of furniture, boxes to be checked with different hieroglyphics, the stakes that reverse and de-verse and reverse that. I am sitting at one now.

    By ARS on 06.29.2016

  28. Turn the tables. Turn things around. Make something good out of something bad. It’s a great idea when you can make it work.

    And you almost always can make it work. You need to be creative, perseverant, sometimes just plain obstinate. But it can be done much more often than you think.

    By chipschap URL on 06.29.2016