June 27th, 2016 | 52 Entries

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52 Entries for “screens”

  1. Here we are with the screens. I’m currently looking at one. You’re probably looking at one reading this text. But think back one hundred years, and they probably weren’t. At least not in the conventional hardwired electrical form. Essential, cause for pain but ultimately helpful.

    By Paulina Davey on 06.28.2016

  2. Screens are everywhere in today’s world. Before we had people who could create pictures that you could touch and feel the different strokes of a paintbrush. Now all we have are unfeeling black masses that light up with the push of a button.

    By TimeLordScience101 on 06.28.2016

  3. screens are shmeens smeens are screens meens are screens if shmeens are screens than meens are both of the last 2 words so teens are screens and aeens are screens and seens are screens and feens are sc

    By jade on 06.28.2016

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    By jade on 06.28.2016

  5. the one i am looking at right now. it is a windows tablet. its pretty cool. typing on it is easy. i wish to be a great writer someday.

    By on 06.28.2016

  6. The screens lit up, one after the other. I stared at the images as they played out in front of me. What was I seeing? Why did it seem so wrong? I looked over each image and attempted to figure out what was being displayed. Restaurants. Markets. Schools. All of them were visuals that were being recorded by cameras throughout the city.

    By Lucas Coon on 06.28.2016

  7. Initially it is the idea of movies in the early days. The silver screen, the beauty and magic that once was more art form than common place. The glamor and complexity of characters that challenged the status quo and gave us new worlds. The more I think though, the less this holds true. The more it relates to our modern world, to the screens that dominate our attention and minds 24/7 making our world both infinitely larger and more restricted. Too much information, too easy access and we find our time entangled in a series of horribly mundane actions that plague us from sunrise to sunset without adding any substance to our lives until we wake up one day and we are 65, wondering why our presence has had to little impact on the world. We are consumer, we consume and when you spend all your time consuming you leave the world a more depleted place.

    By ABot on 06.28.2016

  8. I press my hand to the screen in front of me. It looks almost like a mirror, my own face reflected within it but contorted in an agonised scream, my alternate self desperate to break free and get out. He beats the screen from his side with his fist, whilst I watch helplessly, feeling the vibration under my skin.

    By Sharna on 06.28.2016

  9. idk wot 2 rite and idk this is borin coz its bout english and this wasnt my idea :((((((((((( plz save me i’m not a writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also my mum made me do this coz she thinks i’m dum. lol its ironic cos idk how to spell dum

    By toni on 06.28.2016

  10. The screens mostly blocked my view of her. Just a curl of hair, the corner of her smile, her lace-clad shoulder, were revealed through the gap between the panels. I tried unobtrusively to gain her attention.

    By Sara on 06.28.2016

  11. The screens that interact across the world fulfilling your heart, but does it form the same part you wish it could? Screens to help the bugs move the opposite way, butterflies will look into each crinkle of every detail that was ever layered over and over to remind themselves, where did i come from? A screen where i could not come back in and before i couldn’t come out… almost like a cocoon buried inside. Screens give us a mystery to what we need, to watch the t.v screens at the mall, down the street. The news giving us information on where to hide, where to live, and what we should be searching for. The screens are everywhere, where are yours?

    By seawuito on 06.28.2016

  12. All day I force feed my emotions into everything that will listen. When I was younger it was notebooks using the light from my ipod, and now its computer screens, ipad, iphone. Anything. It doesn’t matter.

    By Kae URL on 06.28.2016