October 29th, 2009 | 469 Entries

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469 Entries for “scissors”

  1. sharp and shiny yet capped with plastic. The tool for all ages and a toy for those with a penchant for destruction. got to love the noise they make when tearing through thin cardboard. beautiful.

    By let them eat pi on 10.30.2009

  2. scissor me timbers arghhhh im a pirate

    By Anonymous on 10.30.2009

  3. My daughter cut her own hair off with scissors. She had no idea she was doing it. She came running in saying, “Something is shedding in the sun room.” It was her.

    By stephanie on 10.30.2009

  4. Scissors can be very sharp. Once I accidentally cut my sister with scissors. Although dangerous, they are a very useful tool, and many other cutting tools have come from them. There are many varieties, like the kitchen pair of scissors, able to cut herbs or thick plastic food packaging, and the paper cutter, modeled off of scissors, which enables you to cut paper with completely straight lines.

    By Ellen on 10.30.2009

  5. scissors

    By Destiny on 10.30.2009

  6. The scissors fell from her hands and she stared at her reflection in the mirror.
    She hardly recognized herself. Her hair was jaggedly cut, uneven and almost awful-looking around her forehead and ears. She was surprised she hadn’t nicked anything.
    Ten inches of long blond tendrils lay in the sink, soft curls that still shone.

    By genna on 10.30.2009

  7. Scissors. It’s a hard word to spell. I always spell it wrong. It always reminds me of a Pokemon named Syther. At least I think that’s how you spell it. I really do Enjoy Pokemon. I’m actually dressed up as Misty from the cartoon right now. You see, today is the day before Halloween and at school everyone’s dressed up. My best friend is dressed up as Ash. He’s the other main character from the show. I miss the old days of just watching Pokemon. Those were good times.

    By Destiny on 10.30.2009

  8. two silver blades
    each other.

    is lovers,
    sharply and accurately.

    razor sharp, it will
    sever ties.

    with us
    or those
    with past.

    its cut
    will leave per-

    a scar of love.

    By vvlkv on 10.30.2009

  9. My scissors were open and in an unfortunate accident I sat on them. It happened like this. I was dancing the mamba with my unknown next door neighbor when he swung me in a full circle. I collided with the coat rack, tumbled over omwar and went head first into the African violet potted plant my son gave me. As I stumbled to my feet the heel on my 5 inch stilettos broke, I fell onto the open scissors.

    By Angela on 10.30.2009

  10. cut. cut. cut.
    if only it weren’t impossible.
    you still stand.
    drying off and accusing me.
    when will it end?
    when will it begin?
    but where to begin?
    you were not the first.
    cut the beginning
    cut the end
    but leave the middle
    oh the middle.

    you still stand
    stand still
    drying off and accusing me.

    i don’t blame you.

    By fdot on 10.30.2009

  11. He looked at his victim endearingly, scissors in hand. His hand closed over her mouth. She tried to scream for help, but all she could do was clench her face in pain as the metal cut through her skin.

    By Ann on 10.30.2009

  12. The scissors was on the floor, the blood stained carpet told most of the story. The rotton corpse told the rest. I picked up the scissors, my finger prints traced over the previous. Now im here for life.

    By elizabeth d on 10.30.2009

  13. Scissors are used as a tool to cut things with. Scissors are used a lot. Including: around the house, at school, at work, and many other important jobs and used for tasks. Scissors are of great use to people. They cut in straight even lines. Without having to rip things!

    By Aleczander Terrero on 10.30.2009

  14. Snip.

    The scissors close over the lock of hair, and all is lost.

    Bound to the chair, he feels his strength flow from him, ebbing away like the waves receding in a drought. He looks up and tears fill his eyes, because it’s her face smirking down at him, her eyes staring back filled with the knowledge that she’s won.

    By J. Bohrer on 10.30.2009

  15. scissors are great

    By jessica on 10.30.2009

  16. Ribbons and scissors, that’s what i was doing until the scissors suddenly disappeared from my very hands. I did not know what to do, I searched everywhere… I then ended up finding the scissors with ribbons wrapped around it right next to my favorite teddy bear…was this a sign?

    By Anonymous on 10.30.2009

  17. I leaned over and saw what I was going to use to murder Jessica English. She was sitting there, quiet without a care in the world. I jetted over to the scissors, and grabbed them tightly in hand. I crept slowly over to her and placed my hands on her shoulders. “Hello baby,” I said delicately to her. She turned around and smiled ever so sweetly at me. “Hello you!,” she said and then slowly stepped her way up to me. I grabbed the scissors, and jolted them right through her heart. Her blood curdling scream filled the room, as my eyes glistened with pure bliss. I set the scissors down and walked away.

    By Aleczander Terrero on 10.30.2009

  18. I quickly jotted down her name. Glancing to my side, I saw the fire flicker. This was the only way to remove her. Asking the Gods, the heavens, and the universe, I wished her away. And with the slow snips of the scissors, slowly destroyed her name on the paper. She would be no more.

    A sigh of relief.

    By Crystal on 10.30.2009

  19. crafts and cutting different colored pieces of paper to make some thing that will hang on the refrigerator

    By Anonymous on 10.30.2009

  20. He took a small breath, and grasped the scissors in his right hand. He thought to himself, “Who invented lefties? They never worked.” He switched them to his left hand and put a hole through the photograph.

    By Jenni on 10.30.2009

  21. scissors

    By scissors on 10.30.2009

  22. She ran across the tile floor, scissors in hand and screaming at the children around her. The irony of the situation did not settle until the entire classroom of students were staring at her.

    By sep on 10.30.2009

  23. Who in their right mind would put these on a kindergardener’s supply list? Because I sure as hell wouldn’t. Don’t teach em how to destroy. Teach em how to build. And to make and to know and to create. Because that is all this world needs right now.

    By Zee on 10.30.2009

  24. “The scissors plunged into his abdomen, shredding his skin and cutting his internal organs to shreds, and you expect me to think that he fell on them? The gouge is so jagged, and multiple entrances are evident. There is no way this was an accident. This was a crime of passion.”

    By Mackenzie on 10.30.2009

  25. scssors

    By Meredith Ebersole on 10.30.2009

  26. scissors

    By Meredith Ebersole on 10.30.2009

  27. messy hair, grass.

    By anon on 10.30.2009

  28. mommy always said not to run with scissors,
    but you did anyway.
    and now there is a jagged tear in my heart,
    right where you slammed into me.

    (why didn’t you listen?)

    By chelsea on 10.30.2009

  29. When I think about running with scissors I wonder why we weren’t warened as children about other dangerous things we should avoid doing like listening to religious figures or blindly following politicians. Why were we never warned to always question our meme’s

    By Tim on 10.30.2009