March 11th, 2011 | 419 Entries

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419 Entries for “scarves”

  1. What he needed was to get on a plane, travel across the country, and see a friend- a long lost friend who seemed to be fond of the healing power of scarves. His friend would set him straight- his friend would, in a few moments, make it all right.

    By deanbobdotcom URL on 03.11.2011

  2. It was not what I had planned.
    It was not the time
    not the place
    not the conversation that was in my head
    It did not go the way I planned.

    This I do know.
    We were standing there
    You and I
    our scarves wrapped around our heads
    protecting us from the swirling winter winds

    We did not need their warmth.

    By L URL on 03.11.2011

  3. Plural form of scarf which is a cloth worn around the neck. It is usually used during the winter season, and sometimes used for fashion.

    By Erika S on 03.11.2011

  4. Flowing, touched by the wind,
    A scarf carried by her gentle caresses.
    Floating, floating. Across the sky,
    A single ribbon of color,
    Extravagant, radiant,
    Filled with exuberance at the
    Freeing sight.
    She is free at last
    From all her troubles.

    By Madison F on 03.11.2011

  5. The day you left me, I had my scarf wrapped around my neck like a noose, hoping it’d help protect me from the pain of being alone. Instead, it kept me warm enough to see my future. Thank you for leaving. I mean it.

    By Colin Brown on 03.11.2011

  6. With her scarf wrapped tightly around her neck, she walked
    Her brown ponytail bouncing in sync with her prada shoes

    ….how do i get that far in 60 seconds?????

    By Ally URL on 03.11.2011

  7. She missed him, like she never did before to anyone.
    The happy moments they shared, the things they discovered together and the feelings they felt for each other.
    But someone, somewhere, decided to play a joke with them. A bad one. Now, two hearts were separeted by a infinite distance.
    All that was left, now, was a grey old scarf with his scent intact, like he was still there on her side – the place he promissed he would never leave.

    She was wearing the scarf, and she would wear it forever since that moment…

    By Francielly URL on 03.11.2011

  8. I wrapped the scarf around my neck, smiling as I thought of the man who gifted me with it.

    It was the best gift I have ever recieved, because it came from him.

    By Muroun on 03.11.2011

  9. I remember the scarves most of all. Brightly colored and covered in gold beading. Oh India.

    By Lauren Marie URL on 03.11.2011

  10. Women wear scarves since time immorial.Different types,in different countries.These days even wear: western men wear them

    By joemat URL on 03.11.2011

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    By sarahhh URL on 03.11.2011

  12. Oh, there is a lot to say about scarves. In drama class, a kid wrote an entire play about a scarf. There were two dasncerand one beat the other out for the lead. the girl who got the lead ended up dying because of her scarf. He called it ‘Good conquers evil”

    By Phoenix on 03.11.2011

  13. Protect necks with threads of warmth. Tangle heat within and cover rosy cheeks.

    By Rochelle on 03.11.2011

  14. Scarves in my arm opening up with worms; bleeding through the edges, make me want to die. Oh Lord! Why me? Was it the bad apple I ate?

    By NTTTTTalitaTt on 03.11.2011

  15. In a world of fashion, accessories are all the rage. You can dress up just about any outfit with the right accessories, for instances a scarf can make a Hessian bag look like an evening gown.

    By John on 03.11.2011

  16. Scarves are so useful. they cover your neck when its cold, they are a useful fashion statement if you are into that whole scene. They come in a variety of colors and patterns. They are common in the USA and Canada, but I am not sure about other places. Scarves are just so complete in their function.

    By Chris on 03.11.2011

  17. she held the scarves in her hand, crying for the days she would roam the wilderness, bitten by cold but content. now she had these scarves, and her nape would forever be warmed by their insulating, argyled mass. she wept.

    By jay on 03.11.2011

  18. You don’t have to wear something to be original. Wrapping something around your neck won’t convince them that you are worth their admiration. Do something, think about something, without considering what they think. Then, put on a scarf.

    By Molly on 03.11.2011

  19. black, fuzzy, they’re cool, i like them but i don’t really wear them i can’t pull them off, cody wears his like a gay kid but i never say anything because he’s nice, sometimes other times he’s a creep but most men are, it’s whatever zach is the biggest creep though

    By nicole on 03.11.2011

  20. Tight about your neck as you walk in from the snow, or loose around your collarbones as you glide amongst the leaves in the fall. Matching them accordingly to your clothing or your mood. Completing an outfit. Hiding hickeys. Dangling from the tree after you take them off your breasts right before you dive into the creek for a swim in the summer.

    By Brittany Higginbotham URL on 03.11.2011

  21. The scarf hid my scar. The one on my neck, from the jaw surgery after the accident. But the wool was itchy and when I took it off, my crimson scar was just surrounded by an angry patch of red. I decided not to wear it.

    By sarah URL on 03.11.2011

  22. I love scarves, even if I don’t wear them very often. They’re just so comfy and warm and makes the greatest gifts! Plus they’re pretty awesome accessories. :)

    By CK on 03.11.2011

  23. They were blowing in the wind that day. Lined up along the shore, bound tightly around necks, painfully fighting off the cruel ocean breeze. Whipping together, dancing and fleeting

    By Baumer on 03.11.2011

  24. scarves are for warm weather or fashionable. I personally never wear scarves unless I am cold. My friends wear scarves as a fashion thing but I never could get into it even though I would like to. I don’t really have any money to wear them either but they are nice. scarves I think should be kept for cold weather but that i

    By alissa on 03.11.2011

  25. i dunno what to write but lets write i wanna say coffe is god god god i stopped music is also good everything is good when u think.. bla bla bala sjifdjfidsjij

    By deneme on 03.11.2011

  26. The scarves curled around her willowy neck like snakes cascading down the branches of a tree. She loved them and wore them often, especially in the summer. Today, when the temperature threatened to scream past 100 degrees, she wore four of them. If someone were to ask her why? She would shrug, arrange them artfully and say, “Why not?”

    By Izolda on 03.11.2011

  27. As the wind whipped mercilessly I felt the cold chills that ran through my body for the only protection I had from the harsh nature was a meager scarf.

    By faith on 03.11.2011

  28. Scarves. I really like scarves. I went shopping with my friend the other day and she picked out a really nice one for me. I’m wearing it right now- it’s pink and orange and kind of yellowish, with stripes of gray. It sounds hideous. But if you could see it, you’d love it. I promise. Additionally, it keeps my neck very warm.

    By Emily on 03.11.2011

  29. Silk scarves. Imagine the fun he could have with those,,, To see Alec squirm on his bed, tied up and gagged would be good enough, but Magnus didn’t think he would be able to stop there.

    By A Kitten in the Stars URL on 03.11.2011

  30. Woolly and warm. Cosy in the winter, I love how they feel. Comfy on my chin. It’s like a hug, just for your neck. The second best things, after his arms. I love them. Matching hats. Cute. Berets. Winter and Christmas! All in one.

    By LMF on 03.11.2011

  31. Scarves can be a nice addition to an outfit. I dont wear scarves really but thats neither here nor there. Girls who wear scarves are usually pretty cute. Do you wear a scarf? I dont wear one…. Maybe i should since im cold.

    By John on 03.11.2011

  32. be it a winter day or a summer afternoon, knitting scarves is probably the worst past time you could imagine. It’s legit, SO sucky. Especially if you’re like me and you suck at knitting… also if you have ugly yarn.

    By Megan M on 03.11.2011

  33. Sacred, Car, Archives, Rigorous, Violin, Enlighten, Silly. Also, baskets of yarn.

    By Hello on 03.11.2011

  34. All I could see was that sea of knit yarn.

    The scarf looked like it was going to engulf the poor girl.

    Poor thing. No amount of cold weather is worth that embarrassment.

    By Maverick URL on 03.11.2011

  35. Scarves choke me. They twist and they turn. Wrapped around my neck, I’m so confined. I need to be set free. Set me free will you please? This scarf confines me.

    By TaraD URL on 03.11.2011

  36. I enjoy scarves. I have too many of them, in fact. It’s also the only thing I can crochet. They are so pretty and fun to wear. Sometimes they make my neck too hot, though. Then I get sad that I must take it off. I saw a bacon and eggs scarf. It looked legit. I wanted it, but I knew I would never wear it.

    By Ashton Fillingim URL on 03.11.2011

  37. The scarves slipped from her stilled fingers, catching in the wind to dance down the sidewalk. She hardly gave notice, still staring at the spectacle in front of her. Her mind scrambled for an explanation, any explanation. Rational thought flew away with those scarves, pummeled easily by a city bus far behind her.

    By Saronai URL on 03.11.2011

  38. I wonder who thought of the first scarves… “hey kids, lets wrap these things around our necks… careful, you don’t want to stop breathing now, Tommy.” Ridiculous.

    By Jasmii URL on 03.11.2011

  39. Scarves are the accepted nooses of todays generation. The evolution of cloth neck covering has now led to cotton necklaces. Which are just scarves. People pay for style.

    By Ashton URL on 03.11.2011

  40. scavengers wear scarves so they can steal food from others. scarves are for those who need that extra boost in their outfit, when, really, it’s an unnecessary accessory!!! scarves suck.

    By Bryan URL on 03.11.2011