June 15th, 2016 | 56 Entries

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56 Entries for “savings”

  1. You gave up all the savings? Why? She asked in a harsh tone as if the world had fallen for her. Men spend as if they have the sole right to spend on earnings. this is it

    By Deepak on 06.15.2016

  2. I put my savings in the bank yesterday. Savings are an amount of money that you put away to save or that is money that you already saved over a period of time.

    By Meghan on 06.15.2016

  3. it’s like the world is saving up all its positive moments right now, scrimping hard so that later there’ll be plenty but it means right now, there’s just sorrow, there’s just tragedy, there’s just pain and no fucking reprieve

    it means that right now, the being here doesn’t feel worth it. almost ever.

    By Saudade on 06.15.2016

  4. I have a savings account. I love to save my money cause it makes me feel in control of my life. When you save you feel like an adult. Taking care of your money.

    By Tallissa on 06.15.2016

  5. fear, kids, happiness

    By AINTZANE on 06.15.2016

  6. It wasn’t hard to keep it all here. Just a penny a day. All moving towards the only goal I’d ever had – my very own time machine. Of course, no one could have predicted that a time traveler would show up to steal it all. What a tremendously terrible bit of irony.

    By hithlumhero on 06.15.2016

  7. he had my savings with him.i used to ask him for every single thing i brought and then i thought about all the working ladies in my society. a beautiful life that they have!..i wished i had opted for a job that i was offered once!

    By ananya anindita on 06.15.2016

  8. Saving is very much important in life. It helps you in your later age to survive. The younger generation of today does not believe in savings at all. Whereas we the ones of 1970s are mostly into saving money for our self which will help to survive in future.

    By Hemang on 06.15.2016

  9. hi, my name is Lorena, i am from brazil, i thinks how

    By Lores on 06.15.2016

  10. Savings is a big term, every one encounters that in their lives. We work hard and save lot of money to have a comfortable living. It is also important to save for our children, for their education which has became too expensive now a days.

    By Mahaveer on 06.15.2016

  11. Savings is discipline. I learned it at an early age. What I never learned was investing. How easily these concepts apply to relationships or energy, do they? We save. We spend. We invest. What are we working towards?

    By ToniCezeal on 06.15.2016

  12. We should save for our future and secure a healthy and happy life by saving. Savings can be good in hard times. They help you feed yourself in the time of scarcity and crisis.

    By Mani Mukhija URL on 06.15.2016

  13. i had thought of a small savings to buy a fridge. But it never came up to that amount so I can buy one. It always ended in vain

    By Sunil Kumar S Ail on 06.15.2016

  14. She has been saving for a really long time now. For nothing.
    One day something punk hit her.
    Then she blew her savings on red lip sticks and whatever made her awesome.

    By Sameeka on 06.15.2016

  15. Tucked back in the corner of a must old cabinet sits a mason jar tightly sealed. Written with grease pencil on the topic, one word lies veiled in dust…”savings”

    By Nomdore Gnike on 06.15.2016

  16. Savings are essential to insure a life of autonomy. Many people fail to understand the relationship between money and independence because they are overwhelmed by a culture of consumerist messaging which blinds them to alternative approaches to life

    By Martin Nutty on 06.15.2016

  17. By Grapthar’s hammer. It lay by Grapthar’s hammer. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The key to everything he had hoped for, everything he drea–

    By ml on 06.15.2016

  18. He emptied his savings. Every last penny. It was worth it to him though. She was worth it. Having her by his side meant everything. Not having her at his side…well, he might as well face death himself if he couldn’t have her by his side. He loved her. He hoped she felt the same.

    By Andrea on 06.15.2016

  19. i had made some savings for my birthday but suddenly my dad walked in and saw my savings..he was in a worse state that he desperately needed my money…so i gave no celebration for my birthday

    By sofia on 06.15.2016

  20. Saving of Time, Money and Energy. Everyone need to think on it and do something about it.

    By Anu URL on 06.15.2016

  21. She counted the pennies slowly, hoping she had miscounted. One short. She looked around near her shoes. It was here. “I know it was here!” She saw nothing. She gulped and looked back at the man behind the counter. He had one eyebrow raised, his mustache twitching. She deposited her pennies on the counter.

    By Bridget Grace on 06.15.2016

  22. savings is a big thing. I dont have any savings. even I am wondering what ever tax benefits savings I have will help me when I am in actual requirement. Savings ….

    By vivek on 06.15.2016

  23. I really donot know what savings i have made in my entire life,……

    By ANCYLINE J MALIAKKAL on 06.15.2016

  24. maybe i should save this for later or savor now for the flavor, life’s too short to wait but my future self would certainly appreciate this slice of cake.

    By usagichan on 06.15.2016

  25. I have to into my savings every month to pay all my expenses. I am happy I have a savings but not happy about going into every month. Need to pray…

    By Anne on 06.15.2016

  26. The father logged on to his bank account to check how much he could spend that week. A sigh fell through his body as he noticed he was heavily in debt. His daughters came to his mind right away.

    By LemSnick on 06.15.2016

  27. I’ve got a plan to one day throw all responsibilities to the wind and live on my life savings. A drop in the bucket every day, with any luck I may be able to live it up.

    By asavas on 06.15.2016

  28. Savings for my father was always in terms of rupees and coins and for my mother it was always about saving memories which she shared with us. Memories of her hardships and success. The latter only helped me being a good person in life.

    By akanksha on 06.15.2016

  29. We pooled all our savings into one bowl – cash, coins, even gift cards – and stared at the results. To be fair, the bowl was pretty big – steel and bulbous, bearing the so-called treasures that we had earned or scavenged for throughout our years together. As we began counting the actual money, Tracey collected the gift cards in a stack because we weren’t quite sure how much value they had – if any at all.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.15.2016

  30. Daylight savings time. Solstices. The light was dewy with heat this morning. I tried to let it in even through the chip in the windshield. Knowing there’s a mango face down at home fresh cut and dripping. The peaches rot beneath the tree. Blackberries wither on the brambles. Nature is to rot as nurture is to ruin. Somewhere there’s the scent of Plumeria rising out of a steamy bathroom. Where I am all these things are true. Later the chip is mended. And I’ve got a paint brush for my little excursion out into the world beyond the threshold. Running on time. Wasting time. Spending time. Choosing the next things I’ll do until there’s nothing left to do.

    By Intuition on 06.15.2016

  31. We pooled all of our savings together to buy 4 ice cream cones to split between us. It was all of our savings from the week.

    By caden on 06.15.2016

  32. I keep all of my savings in the bank until i need it to buy something.

    By caden on 06.15.2016

  33. all of my savings added up to only 8 bucks for the entire week! i got like a dollar a day

    By caden on 06.15.2016

  34. She remembered it, then, seeing her children trade clothes and shoes and toys – needing more, the way she hadn’t since her brothers were born and her mother sewed their family together the same way she’d wielded a needle to patch the holes in their hand-me-downs.

    By Awbry URL on 06.15.2016

  35. I have a lot of savings. That is because i still live with my dad. It is the more practical alternative. What is he gonna do living in a big nice apartment alone. I can barely afford squalor with the money i earn as a junior medical officer. Best case scenario, i wont starve. SO i chose the easier way out. stay with dad till i get to leave cochin for good. Now i have a good chance to do that. A great opportunity is finally here. I am so grateful for that. I love dad and will sorely miss him, but i am glad to get this wonderful opportunity. I have been waiting for it for so long. I thank god everyday, that i finally have enough savings that would get me started in the new city, get all things that i need, cover my airfare and other miscellaneous expenses. The rest of it will be covered by my loan. Thank you good lord again for being most bounteous in your mercy!!!!!

    By confused doc on 06.15.2016

  36. What? Where? So empty, so deprived, so dry, so nonexistent. I should, but how? I need to, but why? I should quit playing, stop spending, but I want to so much… Suck it up, put it down, don’t pick it back up until later, much later. But later when? WHEN?

    By Renee F. on 06.15.2016

  37. im thinking of doing savings. but my salary is too good. still then due to my laziness , i avoid investing and

    By srinivasan on 06.15.2016

  38. Savings are so important and it pissed me the hell off that my ex didn’t realize that. Half of my paycheck would always go into savings, no matter how much or how little I made. My ex, on the other hand, lived paycheck to paycheck, insisting that everything needed to be spent as soon as possible. Ridiculous, and one of the many reasons he’s my ex.

    By slaw on 06.15.2016

  39. Saviungs are every where.You see the squirrels saving nuts,dark rain clouds saving water in their skin bags and green fields saving the molten gold of the sun and the western sky saving pink rouse after sunset.

    By Joysree Das on 06.15.2016

  40. savings is a nice and a scary word
    scary because i know i should put more into it but nice because i know one day what i have will come in handy
    i also think of all the strategies there are to add more savings, like a certain amount a day
    maybe i will look up one of these and commit to it

    By MillerPepley on 06.15.2016