June 12th, 2016 | 99 Entries

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99 Entries for “setup”

  1. setup. I can’t really think of anything good to write about setups. Setup. Set up. Up set. hey setup backwards (not really backwards) is upset.

    I’m upset I can’t think of anything better to say about setup.

    By wtf on 06.14.2016

  2. setup. set up. up set. upset.

    I’m upset I can’t think of anything better to write about setup.

    By Shay Caudwell on 06.14.2016

  3. How could you do this to me?
    “Can you please explain yourself?”
    “Why would you even think of hurting us like this?”
    “It’s not true, none of it’s true, I promise!”
    “I don’t believe a word that comes out of your mouth.”
    “You can’t be serious! Tell me you’re not serious!”

    By Renee F. URL on 06.14.2016

  4. The setup for the play took over an hour! We barely got to look at what we were doing because we had to move very fast. Some of the volunteers showed up late as well so we didn’t have a lot of people at the start.

    By caden on 06.14.2016

  5. The game setup was really simple and easy so i finished really fast so i got to play faster. But then I realized that i didn’t have batteries for the remote.

    By caden on 06.14.2016

  6. As we started to setup the game a lot of people came in and we could finally play the game. everybody was excited to play because it is a fun game.

    By caden on 06.14.2016

  7. is the setup perfect,she asked.i looked at my old room which has been totally changed now.i didnt like it,not even a bit but i still said yes.because no room was more important than her

    By Aarish on 06.14.2016

  8. “It was a setup I tell ya! I had nothing to do with that man! I was framed, I swear! Come on George, you’ll back me up right? George? George? Where the hell did he go? Dammit!” The prisoner bowed his head as the constable cuffed him.

    By Lindsey on 06.14.2016

  9. fgfgf sdsd fgfg dgfgd ssds sxss sfdf hhggf gfcdd

    By Hansel URL on 06.14.2016

  10. taking a moment to pause
    to think
    am i that desperate
    can i not find someone myself
    are these apps all just macabre charades
    a systematic barrage of lies told through duck faced pixels
    a set up
    why not
    if i trust my friends
    why not trust their choice for me
    it’s probably disastrous.

    By matt m. on 06.14.2016

  11. get things started
    when you are trying the get someone in trouble

    By Stacia Leigh Pearce on 06.14.2016

  12. setup consists of five letters, each pronounced differently, making an entirely new, differently pronounced word.

    By lafayette URL on 06.14.2016

  13. Marcella straightened the butter knives next to the flowered china plates, giving the whole table setup one last look-over. Everything must be perfect. The dual candle sticks lit the table with an eerie glow, setting the mood for what would be a most interesting evening.
    When Joshua arrived home, he would be very pleased; the house would be cleaned, dinner would be set, and Marcella would be wearing the dress he liked best on her, it was a perfect anniversary evening.
    Pulling the golden, crisp chicken from the oven she began carving and placing Joshua’s dinner on his plate. He was due to arrive home any minute. Marcella felt surprisingly calm, given what she was about to do. She’d expected to be nervous, frightened; what if she failed? But the only emotions that filled her were determination and a sick giddiness in the pit of her belly.
    The years of torment, the cruel words, the abuse, the rape were all going to stop tonight. And only one of the spouses would make it to see the sunrise tomorrow.

    By Chelsea URL on 06.14.2016

  14. my sis always tries to set me up with her idiotic friends . It’s annoying. I don’t know anything about relationship . I don’t understand them .

    By LA LA on 06.14.2016

  15. The setup was almost complete, after months of planning their “project” was almost ready to commence. Drake closed the map and looked to the others, smiling anxiously. Tomorrow they would go to the biggest bank in the country and clean it out.

    By John on 06.14.2016

  16. Setups can help you do many things. It lets you plan out what you need, whenever you need it. A setup can be described as many things but whats important is how well you understand it.

    By Rhys on 06.14.2016

  17. the world is amazing isn’t it god created it with such and great setup and how every thing needs almost every thing els to survive its just…..I’m in aw he is an amazing creator.

    By Rebecca on 06.14.2016

  18. I can’t believe the play’s tonight. I swear, I kept thinking I would be going on a date, but I had to cancel when I finally remembered. Man, she’s going to be so pissed, but I know it’ll be worth to see her smile when I finally come up the stage and do a solo . . . you know, after I finish setting the stage up and wait for my cue to shine.

    By Blake Taylor on 06.14.2016

  19. The stage was set up. The audience were waiting and my heart was beating faster and faster

    By manalimishra05 URL on 06.14.2016