June 15th, 2016 | 56 Entries

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56 Entries for “savings”

  1. Saving mine? That’s almost impossible. How did they do it when they were younger, my parents and grandparents that is. It seems like and insurmountable task. Was life relatively less expensive. I mean it’s not like you can buy a house and support a family with a stay at home mother on a semi skilled job anymore. So how are you suppose to save money these days. or perhaps savings could mean something else, like a stockpile of time, or youth, or dreams. What kinds of things do we save? What things matter enough to save…

    By ABot on 06.15.2016

  2. a thousand words running through my mind before the prompt hits
    savings of cash, no, drabbles of words and pictures to save to save for creative purposes and that of which not i have, but want and pray for
    to hit me like a lightning bolt
    please i am stuck in my mind
    and i need time

    By Hanna on 06.15.2016

  3. Money, can be the grease that can open up new avenues in life. It rarely delivers pleasure when directed solely towards self gratification.

    By Martin514 on 06.15.2016

  4. Who wouldn’t love to save. A penny saved is a penny earned. Last year my parents took us for a holiday after withdrawing from their savings. Though it was not a big amount, it was their hard earned money that they had saved for this trip.

    By maya pillai on 06.15.2016

  5. my savings are getting there l almost have 300 dolars for my camera aim so excited i will be able make better you tube videos and not have carry around my dads and heavy camera.

    By Rebecca on 06.15.2016

  6. I have been saving my shavings to put in my savings account but they told me my shavings weren’t worth saving so I saved my shavings for some one else.

    By reallyupsetting on 06.15.2016

  7. As though she had seen through the veil of adulthood. As though the world has already cast its weary gaze upon her already, the world barely knew her existence. As though she had been through the pains of leaving home, travelling across lands and seas to finally belong somewhere.

    Twenty-one, she says, neither here nor there. Twenty-one, she says with empty bank accounts and a bitterness that causes everyone around her to be slightly more uncomfortable. Twenty-one, says she who has undoubtedly experienced a lifetime of loss and love, who can comprehend nothing more than the (first of many) existential crises only she goes through right now.

    Now tell me, twenty-one, how your life measures up to mine.

    By Z on 06.15.2016

  8. She blew her savings on moving 1,500 miles away from home for a new job she wasn’t sure she would even enjoy or be good at. What that said about her, she wasn’t sure. Did that mean she was brave? Optimistic? Naive? Stupid? There was only one way for her to find out.

    By G H on 06.15.2016

  9. You put a little bit aside for later. It’ll come in handy someday, in case of emergency or of spontaneous need to disappear and escape. You’ll have enough soon enough, but you just have to keep building.

    By Ashi URL on 06.15.2016

  10. his expression was priceless; he’d never expected you, you of all people to betray him. you’d saved his life over and over again, so why turn your gun on him now of all times?

    his life was your savings, and you were going to make a withdrawal.

    By apoptosis on 06.15.2016

  11. a broken-hearted carpenter. a lost child. an enigmatic dreamer. they’d grabbed on and she’d fought to keep them from crashing off the ledge. they were her savings. pieces of heartache, abandoned dreams, buried memories. at the end of day, she was a pauper.

    By S on 06.15.2016

  12. Savings.
    I have none
    I spend all my money on drugs and fun
    What are those?
    I live paycheck to paycheck and I think everyone knows

    By anika s on 06.15.2016

  13. I don’t have much savings because I have family backing up. Thank God & Touch Wood! At times, I do feel that I should be saving but then that though quickly moves out and I stop worrying.

    By Pallavi Singh on 06.15.2016

  14. All his savings were still intact.. life had been kind.
    Roma was a successful woman, earning far more than him.
    but all he wanted to do at this minute was to spend all the money he had on her getting better.. as fast as possible.

    By bijal URL on 06.15.2016

  15. Gharonda.. he saved and saved and never used. His life was used up but he sved for his kith and kin, saved for the old parents who couldn’t help themselves, saved for the strong kids who took the future on their hands with courage on their shoulders. He died saving for the future that never came..wish he had savored more and saved less. Life is moment..

    By A on 06.15.2016

  16. savings are the leftovers that we get after our spending.Savings are the investments we make.

    By anjana on 06.15.2016