September 18th, 2016 | 66 Entries

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66 Entries for “salmon”

  1. Salmon is a raw fish and it is gross and it tast wird and I do not like it .

    By grace URL on 09.19.2016

  2. salmon. peach. lilac. lavender. pastel colours for a pastel mind. a softness that is always there, even if covered by bitterness and sarcasm, pain and hatred. pastel colours for a pastel soul. a soul of kindness and love.

    By Daisy Leason on 09.19.2016

  3. The salmon was pink — not your girly pink, but a pink that implies health and wellness. This pink reminded me of my journey to a healthier me. It also reminded me that I hate salmon.

    By Ryan Murray on 09.19.2016

  4. Salmon are fish that live in rivers, in Alaska. Bears hunt them, and they are pin, and taste good when fried with coconut.

    By Josiah URL on 09.19.2016

  5. I don’t think I’m a big fan of eating salmon. I mean, I don’t hate it. Actually, I think I like fish the most when it’s been fried, because I’m unhealthy af XD

    By Imani URL on 09.19.2016

  6. salmon is a type of salt water fish!!!!!!

    By cameron on 09.19.2016

  7. The bear clamped it’s jaws down on the wriggling salmon and swiftly killed it. The bear trudged over to the shore and quickly devoured his meal.

    By Jonaya on 09.19.2016

  8. Sammin or Sal-mon? Why do we skip that L? Right up there with Colonel… ah English!

    By Lauren on 09.19.2016

  9. Salmon is a fish which is red I think . You can have it on sushi and salmon pate. I have never tried salmon before but i hope that one day i will. I am hoping to taste it on sushi.

    By Modest Christian Girl on 09.19.2016

  10. It’s good for the brain
    And great with wine marinade
    Delicious SALMON

    – !Haiku-Man!

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 09.19.2016

  11. “Smoked, grilled, blackened, or charred?”
    I blinked.
    The man was staring at me blankly.
    “Smoked, grilled blackened or charred?”
    I brought my hand to my mouth, attempting to hide the nervousness on my face. Human customs were strange enough; learning the complexities of their cuisine and dining fashion was even harder.
    “I just want some salmon, please.”
    “Yes, well, would you like it smoked, grilled, blackened, or charred?”
    I had no idea what any of those options meant, and I quietly glanced down towards the menu.
    “On second thought, I’ll just have a salad, please.”
    The man sighed, flipping a pen from his pocket and scribbling onto the notepad. A moment of silence passed before he looked up at me.
    “Ranch or Italian?”

    By The Wanderer on 09.19.2016

  12. “I don’t know what we should eat,” he said distractedly as he eyed the pinkish belly of his next meal.

    By H URL on 09.19.2016

  13. I like to go fishing and get salmon i luv fish food exspecially salmon its the bst idk lolol i cant speel salmon i wish i had a pet salmon in a tank in my house idk i like pet fish in the ocean

    By Abigail Smith on 09.19.2016

  14. He stood on the edge of the river bank, watching the fish swim by. He was waiting, waiting for the right moment to throw his spear. A few moments later he throws it and it pierces through the body of a large salmon. He picks up the spear, careful of the fish. He takes the fish off the end and places it in the basket. He picks up the basket, hanging it on one side of the spear before filling a bucket with water and hanging it on the other end. He hefty the spear up, placing it on his shoulders behind his head. He starts the walk back to the cabin he shares with his brother and a friend.

    By Deandra on 09.19.2016

  15. Us mole raises slowly up
    The sound of sizzling filling the room
    And the once cold place, warm
    Two small servings of salmon are set down
    It’s different, but only slightly

    By Ami on 09.19.2016

  16. Smoke rises slowly up
    The sound of sizzling filling the room
    And the once cold place, warm
    Two small servings of salmon are set down
    It’s different, but only slightly

    By Ami on 09.19.2016

  17. Salmon is a fish. it is a pinkish color. Salmon is yummy It is good with Tartar Sauce

    By Julia Rose Reynolds on 09.19.2016

  18. Go upstream to leave new life. It looks tough to go against the water. Please don’t lose hope, just keep going. I know its hard but you can do it. Go

    By Slave2Society on 09.19.2016

  19. A Jamaican man named Sal got salmonella from a salmon,
    walked outside and found out this story isn’t even canon.

    By omqwat on 09.19.2016

  20. My dad grilles the best salmon I have ever eaten. Salmon is a red, fresh water, fish.

    By haylee on 09.19.2016

  21. He hated salmon. The acrid taste never failed to remind him of her; and the taste seemed to linger heavy on his tongue. As well as he knew the impossibility, salmon forever tasted of cigarette smoke and lipstick, and that night she left. He despised it.

    By Kez on 09.19.2016

  22. Well right now I don’t want to be eating salmon, or even looking at it for that matter. Salmon makes my stomach turn – and that’s because, I’m PREGNANT. I have been waiting some time to say those words, and even as I type them, it seems as if I am talking about someone else. I have an aversion to fish, which I usually don’t have.

    By Parul Channa on 09.19.2016

  23. Salmon is a fish that is delicious and it is also a fish. But is a fish truly a fish? It smells quite fishy, in fact. Facts are the opposite of opinions. Opinions cause arguments, and thus opinions are terrible. Does this mean salmon is terrible! No! Salmon is a fish that is delicious. It is a delicious fish. yay.

    By oyuoyuoyu on 09.19.2016

  24. Salmon is a fish which lives in norway. It is very popular in Germany and one of my favorite fish arts.

    By Leon Roessler on 09.19.2016

  25. Smoked salmon is my favorite food.

    By lucien URL on 09.19.2016

  26. “Ahh catch that fish!” I yelled as the salmon in hooked from my fishing line and flew directly at my fishing partner on the other side of the boat.

    By TessaAnn on 09.19.2016