September 18th, 2016 | 66 Entries

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66 Entries for “salmon”

  1. Daddy and Linds caught two salmon at the mouth of river, two hours after sunrise. When they came back, their boots were clotted with mud and debris from the water. Their hair was flat and unkempt against their floppy canvas hats. Daddy carried the rods and tack boxes, still half-full with bait, and Linds carried the fish – long and lanky, eyes bulging from the sides of their scaly, permanently shocked faces.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.18.2016

  2. She spun around in the bright pink dress, which gave off an almost blinding glow. When she staggered to a stop, grinning, she looked up at me.
    “Soo, what do you think?”

    By Alicia on 09.18.2016

  3. el vestido le ajustaba y quería cambiarse, epr no habia tiempo.
    Se peinó apurada, tomó una joyas de la mesita de noche, y salió.
    Se encontraron en el vestibulo
    El tenia una corbata salmón que hacía juego con su atuendo, y se preguntó como lo había adivinado.

    By pauli URL on 09.18.2016

  4. Sintió el aire escapar, y su cuerpo se movió frenéticamente.
    La luz del sol se le antojó más clara que de costumbre.
    Olores extraños invadieron su sistema y le ganó la desesperación.
    Golpeó su flanco sobre la tierra seca,y el cielo azul se convirtió en lo último que vio.
    Era el mediodía en el río Kenai y los pescadores llenaban sus cestas con cientos de salmones.

    By pauli URL on 09.18.2016

  5. i thought today’s word would be wizard
    or maybe lizard
    salmon is a color
    and a taste in my mouth
    from a plant called blue belle
    it was so small in my hand,
    it made no sound in the misty

    By Kairn on 09.18.2016

  6. Ah that creamy sinful delight in my mouth.
    Melting under my tongue, the sun beating behind my neck.
    Tropical weather and light laughter.
    My sister paying for my bills
    And the bottle of Jack
    At 12 in the afternoon,
    I miss you
    When will you apologize
    Again, over salmon and breeze.

    By Loreto Besoul on 09.18.2016

  7. “A salmon?”
    “Yea, a salmon. The legend specifically says that a golden salmon will come and save our people from certain doom. Though how, it doesn’t say.”
    “You have no idea.”

    By Shadow Writer on 09.18.2016

  8. The salmon is a fish. I don’t like salmon very much, but my mother does. It’s strange, I guess not to like it. well, not really, but I feel like I should like it. It’s just, it’s not a very good tasting fish, so why should I like it? I want to like it, but I can’t. It just doesn’t taste good to me. It makes me a little sad…

    By Aiambia on 09.18.2016

  9. The salmon of doubt is a real and noble thing. Not just any fish, it is a piscene terror to mysticism and editors everywhere. Also, it is intrinsically British to the ninth degree. REVERE THE SALMON.

    By JDHypes on 09.18.2016

  10. I remember you came with a green bag. You pack me my favourite sandwich before we head out for a movie date night. My favourite cured salmon with cream cheese sandwich in between wholemeal bread. Always my favourite!

    By Lynna Syazana URL on 09.18.2016

  11. Her hair was a vibrant salmon pink. It was jarring, at least for someone like Rosie who had never even seen hair that wasn’t somewhere between brown and blonde. Was it strange? Yes, of course. But was she interested?

    It would be a lie to say she wasn’t.

    By chi URL on 09.18.2016

  12. “Well what can I say? The natives are persistent.”
    “Dad, are you sure its not just your belly that is?”
    He smiled, giving off a hooked grin much like the rod he saw catch the fish on his plate.
    “Well put.” Lifting his fork, he saluted the lake. “Well. Put.”

    By Rusty C on 09.18.2016

  13. I remember one time I saw a Salmon, it was so great. Actually, I didn’t exactly see a live salmon. Okay, actually it wasn’t a live salmon at all. It was a salmon fillet that my father had barbecued on the grill. So I’ve never seen a live salmon. But I think the most important thing here is that I’m not lying, because I did see a salmon, and it was great. The only thing was that it was cooked. This concludes my amazing story about a time when I saw a salmon.

    By Joseph on 09.18.2016

  14. My salmon word for today is: Pink!

    By Marty on 09.18.2016

  15. “This shirt, Balgruf, is not red.”

    I held the offending item up to the flickering torchlight. If you squinted your eyes, and indeed only had one eye, myopia, and colour blindness, it could perhaps be called red. To everyone else, however, it was salmon pink.

    Balgruf bore a hunted look, but tried defiance anyway. “It’s light red, Jarl. That’s a good colour, light red. It’s like, you know, blood and that.”

    “The only creature that bleeds this sodding colour is a unicorn, Balgruf!”

    By henry sawdon-smith on 09.19.2016

  16. the river rushed with a silent splat splat in the distins every now and the as we came closer to the river there as i stood on the river with gigantic river in front of me now with a roaring defining sound as the salmon rushed past me in the water.

    By Rebecca on 09.19.2016

  17. I don’t know why that was the first thought that came to my head. That she looked like a fish in that salmon-coloured dress. Here she was walking down the aisle and it was just minutes more that we would be taking our vows. And all I could think was that she looked like a piece of fish.

    By suriti URL on 09.19.2016

  18. when i was staying in UK, one of my friend bought and cooked salmon, then i tested it and found that it is the king of all fishes. not only its colour but also its taste is so delicious that still water comes in my mouth.

    By rabi_ctgbd on 09.19.2016

  19. She was doing the salmon dance. Wiggling and leaping from one spot to another like a migrating fish jumping up river, taking down anyone who got in her way with her unique moves.Wthin second the dance floor was empty and she had a clear run ahead of her.

    By sleepylebeef on 09.19.2016

  20. She was dancing like a salmon, leaping and wriggling her way across the dance floor like a migratory fish, taking out the competition with each jump.

    By sleepylebeef on 09.19.2016

  21. Salmon are pink fish high in omega 3. They are commonly found in freshwater streams and are a common source of protein for bears. They are known for the leaps they make out of the water to help them get further upstream during the mating season to allow them to lay their eggs. They are found in supermarkets fresh and canned.

    By Aimee Clay on 09.19.2016

  22. Sashimi makes my heart sing. It’s my favorite thing. Za Za zing. Wing ding. Ring a ling ling.

    By Karen Beard on 09.19.2016

  23. the salmon tasted bitter this morning, not like usual tasting. I must’ve messed up somewhere. oh, well, it still tatses great.

    By -twilb on 09.19.2016

  24. The wild salmon was hard to catch today. I tired for hours just to catch one, but it was like they had all disappeared.

    By Makenzie Cooper on 09.19.2016

  25. Salmon is disgusting. Salmon patties are the grossest thing eve.r I hate the smell of them, and the look of them. Why would anyone want to eat salmon.

    By Golda P. Jackson on 09.19.2016

  26. The salmon swam up stream because he wanted to show he was different. Different in a way of going the opposite way and battling the conditions life throws at the little fish.

    By Mrs. King123 on 09.19.2016

  27. I will never forget about her salmon colored shirt. She basically wore it all summer long. It was beautiful. It fit her so well. Anytime I would see her she’d be wearing it. Even on the coldest nights, she would wear it under her giant sweatshirt she loved so much. We would sit around the fire, and talk about the wonders of the world.

    By ZW on 09.19.2016

  28. I hate salmon or any other kind of fish.

    By Charlie Bradford on 09.19.2016

  29. Their favorite place to eat served a variety of foods, but all he wanted to eat was salmon. He was so routine with it he was almost crazy.

    By Paige on 09.19.2016

  30. This summer I grilled you salmon with lemon and butter and sea salt. I try to embrace this autumn, what was once my favorite season. Instead I long for citrus, for charcoal, for delicate pink underbelly flesh. Something fresh. Something caught. A time when supper was a casual and intimate event that could take place at ten o’clock at night and the aroma of coffee was my only alarm for the morning.

    By Melissa on 09.19.2016

  31. A large edible fish that is a popular game fish, much prized for its pink flesh. Salmon mature in the sea but migrate to freshwater streams to spawn.

    By Rose4444 on 09.19.2016

  32. Salon is a fish and people eat them. They are so good to eat .You can go to the fish market and get some salmon.

    By Simon Woodard on 09.19.2016

  33. The suit was hideous. Padded shoulders, salmon colored polyester, huge triangle buttons… She laughed at her reflection and spun to look at Emily. “Oh my GOD.”
    Emily, never one who particularly enjoyed thrift store shopping, rolled her eyes, but smiled anyway.

    By Bridget Grace on 09.19.2016

  34. Pink and fat it sat there in the cold terrarium of the deli counter at giant. Smoked, Norwegian salmon. Her thoughts wandered to thoughts of icy Fjords, mountains, fur lined coats and viking ships. A wilderness and civilization born out of cold and struggle and a culture foreign and ancient. A smile played on her lips. “I’ll take 2 lbs. please”, she asked the butcher.

    By Ginger on 09.19.2016

  35. I love salmon. It’s very good for you. As a child, I never had salmon. I only had fried fish of a whiting nature and boiled shrimp with melted butter. I missed out on so much. Salmon is just very good fish when cooked soft and medium. Not over done. I don’t like how restaurants over cook it. I like it cooked light. I love the taste. It’s very nutritious and delightful. I enjoy it often. It is so good.

    By Fluffy H on 09.19.2016

  36. Salmon is a type of fish. Fishing is essential to supporting the global economy, and salmon hence is not just a fish but a integral part of the world economy. Salmon is also a colour, based on the color of the fish.

    The term salmon thus has a deep impact.

    By Anand Banerjee on 09.19.2016

  37. I remember being convinced that I could not handle crowded places in a description that mentioned the school being like a sea of salmon. However, my case manager made the diagnosis

    By Euginia Liapich on 09.19.2016

  38. The salmon was great, the food in general was delicious. They were all contently talking about how their lives had turned out… who knew that after 15 years they would still be in each others’ lives? they were, after all, like family.

    By Carla URL on 09.19.2016

  39. We sat down ready for our meals, and I knew already he would order the salmon. He always does. Nothing has changed for the past 10 years, and right now I can’t see anything changing. I used to love these nights out, but they’ve become a part of a routine, just like everything else. The same old, week in and week out.

    By Gabi on 09.19.2016

  40. Is that shade of paint salmon or peach? To most people, the selection of one answer or the other isn’t worth much thought. But to the couple arguing in front of the swatch gallery, the outcome could very well be divorce.

    By asavas on 09.19.2016