February 7th, 2013 | 229 Entries

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229 Entries for “salesman”

  1. jealousy is a bitch, he thought
    walking from door to door
    knocking silently in his head
    click clack
    bam bam
    no answer
    he sighs
    my brother isn’t doing this
    a nomad’s life isn’t meant for someone
    looking for a home
    salesman sold man
    soul crushed
    knock knock
    no one answers
    no one knocks on your door
    when you’re home alone
    you’re selling yourself all along.

    By Matty M. on 02.08.2013

  2. They pitch items that people dont normally buy or sell and they have a special talent for doing so as they are persuasive and often pushy people.

    By Ashley on 02.08.2013

  3. The salesman adjusts his hat, switches his battered briefcase to his other hand, and walks up the dirt path, his old, but well-loved coat billowing gently behind him. He takes a deep breath, pauses briefly on the doorstep, and knocks on the door.

    By Tsa on 02.08.2013

  4. He wandered through the woods, knowing he may never return. He’d been bought, sold, taken. Time to work. To hunt the prey, take, and kill.

    He will find you.

    By genahtastic on 02.08.2013

  5. to many they are petulant creatures lurking in different corners in malls and trade centers. I too feel this way most of the time. But I am also often drowned in guilt for feeling so. They are only doing their jobs, they are earning for a living, just as we do ours. :(

    By greengabberglob on 02.08.2013

  6. Not again. The knock at the door, impatient shuffle of feet on the porch. I debate changing out of my pajamas in order to confront him myself, to tell him to peddle his wares elsewhere, but, ultimately, I’m too lazy. I cower behind my venetian blinds, hoping he can’t hear my movements inside, hoping he’ll just turn around and walk away.

    By Kelly on 02.08.2013

  7. The man standing still in front of the door. Waiting for someone to open them so he could finally sell a copy of ‘an incredible set of encyclopedia that every house can make use of’ but he never expected to see a loaded shotgun in front of his face.

    By Omnix URL on 02.08.2013

  8. People like to think negatively of salesmen. They see them as people who are interested in their products and not in the customers. But it may be that when speaking ideologically we too may become that much dread salesmen.

    By Anon Das on 02.08.2013

  9. He knocked the door and waited for someone to open it. He adjusted his attire and stood in the most perfect manner his grandmother taught him. His head is filled with memory of that morning. His boss gave him the warning. “No. That won’t happen. I will make this sale happen. I will do anything to get this sale. Anything.” he thought.
    An old lady opened the door and he start to work his magic.
    At the end of the day he killed them…..

    By LunaSyn20 on 02.08.2013

  10. A salesman suppose to persuade someone to buy something. Their very organized and up to speed on style. They try to get the customer to buy something that they weill not regret in the future. Their very outgoing and have excellent communication skills.

    By LONNISHA LEWIS URL on 02.08.2013

  11. He came to the door. He looked hot, but still cool, if you know what I mean. He had no bag. What was he selling? And was I buying? I needed a lot of things, but not material things. Which is why, since he had no bag, I decided to let him in.

    By RedChickPoet on 02.08.2013

  12. I never know what to think of salesmen. I imagine them living life, having chosen the wrong employment. Without passion where it truly belongs.

    How arrogant, right?

    By helene on 02.08.2013

  13. I hate the salesman at first glance. He’s a pokey faced kind of guy, oozing. He grabs my hand and won’t let go, dragging me towards the car like it’s some kind of icon that needs worship.

    We drop to our knees before the automotive god.

    By Shimbo on 02.08.2013

  14. Person who tries so hard to sell as much as can, convincing person. One who wants to get money. Following people all the way, being kind, can be rude. Can be snob sometimes as well. He/she may also be very unhappy, but doesn’t show it easily to customers.

    By realno! on 02.08.2013

  15. Everyone is a salesman. Even me, even you. You may think about it but in every situation you try to present yourself in a good light as seen by others. You “sell” yourself. so do I. I think it is in our nature.

    By Karl on 02.08.2013

  16. He walked towards the door. Memorised his speech. Drilled through his head, as sweat covered his cheeks. He cleared his throat, and prepared to speak. He knocked. And knocked. “Hello madam, would you like..” *SLAM!* The door shuts on him. He repeats this again.

    By shaokai on 02.08.2013

  17. As the Salesman approached the door of the small white house, his hands became very sweaty, there were knots in his stomach; so much so that he felt as if he was going to throw up. His apprehension was evident.

    By Chelsey on 02.08.2013

  18. One day a salesman came home to sell some vacuum cleaners, he said madam, i’m very sure you need a cleaner at home, i have just the thing for you, works tirelessly, does an excellent job, leaves you panting with surprise and it comes at very low cost and maintenance. Not knowing that he was selling vacuum cleaners, i just looked at him and said, sorry i don’t keep dogs at home.

    By sapna on 02.08.2013

  19. As a salesman, I’ve never been more tired in this job. I thought I was used to it, sales-talking to the customers but then, I guess I was wrong. There wouldn’t be a day that’s tiring with this work.

    By Danielle on 02.08.2013

  20. i met a salesman in dire need of a flower i plucked one and gave ti to him and he ate it. thats when i knew he had a big heart. we’ve been best friends ever since

    By Morgan on 02.08.2013

  21. My Daddy was a salesman. Matter of fact, my Daddy was the best salesman I’ve ever known. He knows how to read people and he knows exactly what to say to them to help them realize they must buy what he’s selling. What I love is how they never seem to know it wasn’t their idea to buy it.

    By Deanna URL on 02.08.2013

  22. The thing about a salesman IS…if he’s going to be a success he MUST have a people person personality. He has to have the ability to leave everybody a little better and a little happier than when he found them…whether they buy his product or not…Being a successful salesman would be a tough and almost impossible job for someone with a negative attitude….For salesmen…Attitude is EVERYTHING!

    By Kay Comer URL on 02.08.2013

  23. Walking through the lot I knew he’d appear, and I dreaded it. We’d dance around the topic making small talk as if either of us cared, as if there was no bottom line.

    By pmyers on 02.08.2013

  24. salesman are hardworking people. Its because i have been in their shoes. They have to bargain so much for a piece of thing to sell. Life is tough.

    By Gaurav on 02.08.2013

  25. I am a salesman and I love my job. It doesn’t pay much but I love seeing and helping different people on a daily basis. I count money all day and restock shelves. Not everything I do is fun but almost everything is.

    By Jordan on 02.08.2013

  26. Doorbells ring, salesman are here. Going never stopping this is all they do. House to house they go. Never ending circle.

    By Gretchen on 02.08.2013

  27. There was a salesman that went to a house and got ran off by an old man with shotgun. He hated salesmen.

    By Katie URL on 02.08.2013

  28. I was a the beach and I met a nice salesman who gave me a beautiful pair of sunglasses. I enjojed a lot the beach and it wasnt too bright because of my new sunglasses. When my cousin came he stole my sunglasses and I got very mad at him.

    By Alberto Campagna on 02.08.2013

  29. There once was wandering salesman,
    who dreamed he was selling some vans.
    He awoke with a fright
    in the middle of the night
    And found that he was in a band.

    By Cole on 02.08.2013

  30. Trying days and hatred for the doorbells. How I loathe the days beginning and the eventuality of having to get out of bed at the start of each day. Someone bring an end to the repetitive madness that is my awful career. Please bring an end to traveling salesmen.

    By Heather N. P. on 02.08.2013

  31. One sunny Sunday morning a little salesman left his house. He stopped at the front porch, because something was very different. He didn’t know what it is, but somehow he was very frightened. He was so scared that he went right back into his house.

    By Jana Mueller on 02.08.2013

  32. A salesman is the person who sells stuff, from simple hotdogs to anything you can imagine. Salesmen have all kinds of stuff you may be in need of, but of course, everything has a price.

    By Bode on 02.08.2013


    By WILLIAM PEREZ URL on 02.08.2013

  34. The guy knocked on my door and I didn’t answer. Leave me alone. GO AWAY! Who said you can interrupt my privacy for your business? You are so inconsiderate! ugh!!!

    By Blair Allen on 02.08.2013

  35. It´s a person who sales things. He works selling door by door or in a mall, or in a store. That is a job I would not like to do. But in case I need,

    By J on 02.08.2013

  36. Salesmen. They’re generally a hated thing. Nobody seems to really like them. They dread going to the used car lot, lest they be converged upon. The door-to-door salesmen dread being turned away at every door, not getting even a sniff at their product… But in general, salesmen can be a little sleazy.
    But why are we so happy to buy things from commercials?

    By Serryphae URL on 02.08.2013

  37. The salesman traveled door to door, not really expecting any welcome at all. Most people just ignore when he knocks, or they just slam the door in his face.

    By Chris Orr on 02.08.2013

  38. There is a sales man who sits by his phone all day. He is always making calls to his prospective clients, He wears a suit, a tie, and brand new black leather shoes every day. He wheres calvin klien cologne and is always pleasant. One day he gets a call from a client and they tell him that they have accepted his offer

    By pat on 02.08.2013

  39. salesman is a guy who works on sale. they’re responsable for presents you a product and make you buy it.

    By Anna Paula Maia on 02.08.2013

  40. Salesman, Death of. Not really. Because for some people it’s life itself. It is being around people, it is reading people, it is figuring out what they want. Some of the best salesmen I know are not the spray-tanned, stiff-haired, glad-handing sportcoated stereotypes you would think. They were big quiet geeks that somehow could figure out just exactly what someone would need. My favorite was a bespectacled guy in a Bloomsday tee shirt who knew how to get people to buy ultraexpensive maintenance contracts on their computers.

    By Anne P URL on 02.08.2013