December 17th, 2009 | 363 Entries

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363 Entries for “hut”

  1. The little hut in the village was supported by twin structural beams named: Wisdom and Love. Neither held up the hut itself; it was a collaborative effort.

    One day Evil came knocking at the doors. Wisdom knew Evil. Love didn’t.

    By carl sizzle on 12.18.2009

  2. java the mother fucking hut.

    By Shrimp on 12.18.2009

  3. there was a hut
    in it there was a young woman
    in her eyes i saw a desire
    to free from this life
    to become something great
    but how?
    all she had was this little hut
    worth nothing to the outside world
    but to her it was all she had

    By Anonymous on 12.18.2009