September 20th, 2016 | 91 Entries

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91 Entries for “safeguard”

  1. This makes me think of protection. A cautionary warning. I would like to safeguard my students from bullying, but I’m not sure how. It is easier to safeguard our children from poison.

    By Teresa Murnane on 09.22.2016

  2. In order to safeguard against diseases we are encouraged to eat healthy, wash our hands, and exercise.

    By Teresa Murnane on 09.22.2016

  3. He was in charge of safeguarding the children, but he didn’t feel safe himself. They sat in the small closet listening to the quiet whispers outside the closed door. He wanted to pray, but he couldn’t remember the words his mother used to recite to him before bed.

    By Teresa Murnane on 09.22.2016

  4. He was burdened with the task of safeguarding al of their supplies for the trip. It didn’t seem fair. He always had to be the responsible one. It was he who had to carry the supplies.

    By Teresa Murnane on 09.22.2016

  5. safeguard

    By BARBARA PARKS on 09.22.2016

  6. he is with me he is my safeguard!!!!!

    By BARBARA PARKS on 09.22.2016

  7. I don’t know what to write about safeguard, I guess its like a railing u put up to keep people safe from falling from a high distance. Or anything like taking precautions to keep people safe I guess.

    By haylee on 09.22.2016

  8. I have no idea what this word means. Is it for swimming? I already wrote about this word nd enterd it but whatever lol.

    By Abigail Smith on 09.22.2016

  9. You’re taught as a child to share your feelings. Growing up that lesson begins to fade as all I want to do is hide my feelings. I want to bottle them up. I don’t want to burden anyone with these ridiculous and poorly timed thoughts that invade my brain like a fog.

    Keep them safe.

    If they are not spoken, they’re not real…right?

    By lostfaun on 09.22.2016

  10. you can choose to lock away either the gauntlets or the jeweled ring
    one will bring peace, and the other will bring about the breaching of doors, windows, and walls.

    By linet on 09.22.2016

  11. I all ready typed for this word. I will type for this word today. We have a safeguard on our computer.

    By Simon Woodard on 09.22.2016