September 20th, 2016 | 91 Entries

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91 Entries for “safeguard”

  1. It’s something everyone needs – not just children, vulnerable adults, the elderly. Everyone needs a safeguard on themselves – their hearts, their minds and their spirits. Everyone needs protection. Even the strongest of us are vulnerable; a weakness is inside them. Even if it rarely shows and we cannot see it. We’re still fragile. We’re human.

    By Sharna on 09.21.2016

  2. Installing the safeguards, he leaned back in his chair and sipped his coffee. The computer switched over to a new website. The man stared in confusion at the strange new website.

    By Jonaya on 09.21.2016

  3. “We’ll have to put a safeguard in place,” he said coolly as he brushed her loose hair away from her cheek. “I’ll try my best not to hurt you.” The lilting notes in his voice caught in the quiet of the place, lingered like moths atop the dusty shoulders of forgotten overcoats. She shuddered to know he was lying.

    By H URL on 09.21.2016

  4. Jax was out in the woods, camping with some friends. He was safeguarding the camp site while the others slept. About thirty minutes later, one of Jax’s friends, Matthew, gets up.

    “Hey Jax, what are you doing?”Matthew questions.

    “Watching the campsite.”Jax replies.

    “Here, why don’t you go to sleep, and I’ll keep watch.”Matthew says.

    “Are you sure?”Jax questions.

    “Yeah, I’m sure.”Matthew answers.

    “Alright, goodnight.”Jax sighs, crawling into his tent and laying down.

    By Deandra on 09.21.2016

  5. In order to safeguard the construction area, the crew waited for the OSHA team to complete their evaluation of the worksite.

    By Emecee9 on 09.21.2016

  6. she wants to continue to be friends. She has been safeguarding her heart without really needing to, because the wrongness of being in love with him cuts her. He touches her, but she can’t bring herself to love him back, and it hurts.

    By Nana on 09.21.2016

  7. I don’t really know what a safeguard is but im guessing its either a electricity plug cover, or something to keep people safe. Thank you, and goodnight.

    By Samantha on 09.21.2016

  8. She put another pair of socks in her purse. Great. She thought again and put the box of bandaids. Okay, now it’s good. Nope. Still missing something. She looked around and tried to imagine scenarios where she would need an extra umbrella, a pack of colored pencils, a blanket… they were all possible. She was going to need a bigger purse.

    By Bridget Grace on 09.21.2016

  9. There are lifeguards in the Olympics. It makes sense in the diving pools, but the guys swimming laps? These are the world’s best swimmers… I guess it makes sense, why not give some people a job… and it can’t hurt to be too cautious there. Just seems a little silly.

    By Lee Quarella on 09.21.2016

  10. safeguards don’t help on a boat with 500 other people, shipping from Lybia to Italy. they are like an illusion

    By vocorina on 09.21.2016

  11. It was just something he’d put in place long ago to safeguard the secrets this attic held. It was just a tripwire on the trapdoor, but it was connected to a particularly nasty projectile he’d rigged in the corner.

    By Liam McCoy on 09.21.2016

  12. a safeguard keeps people safe whaen they need it kind of like a body guard

    By Amber on 09.21.2016

  13. Safeguard, safeguard, safeguard ? I have no clue what that is, Most likely it is some type of a body guard who keeps you safer.

    By TessaAnn on 09.21.2016

  14. him
    cannot quite explain it
    he just is

    By too stable on 09.21.2016

  15. She wanted to keep her doll close to her wherever she went, but it wasn’t allowed.

    By Spots on 09.21.2016

  16. Barbed wire smile? Check.
    Welcome mat with a too-small font? Double check.
    Literally, double: install one on the outside and one on the inside, and hope to god it placates the trench to the left of your lungs. But don’t hope for anyone to actually be able to read it. Actually, if someone DOES read it, panic. Honest-to-god: panic – freeze in place like waterfall before you crash right down. Then push, push, push everything away, away, away. Carry it so far it will not be able to trace you back. Submerge them so far they will not be able to remember your name. If they defiantly remember your smile, beat them into the rocks a couple times, so the slightest flash of teeth will leave their stomach churning.
    When you deposit them on the shore – when the coast card hauls their shaking, shivering form from the heart of your natural disaster – let them go. Do not wave. Do not cry. Tell yourself it’s for the better. Tell yourself. Chant it. Pillow it in your head, and fall back on it every damn time you forget.
    For waves are beautiful things to ride, but never to be swallowed by.

    By Pandatry on 09.21.2016

  17. my moms car has safeguard glass.

    By Lucien on 09.21.2016

  18. i am guessing a safe guard is someone who protects you and watches over you!!!!

    By BARBARA PARKS on 09.21.2016

  19. a guard or bodyguard who will keep you safe.

    By BARBARA PARKS on 09.21.2016

  20. My safe guard watches over me!!!!

    By BARBARA PARKS on 09.21.2016

  21. “You can’t go, you won’t go. I know.”
    It mocks blatantly
    “No. This time, I will. There is no fear, only trust.”
    It only smirks knowingly
    It knows I’m still safeguarding my heart.

    By Ami on 09.21.2016

  22. safeguard is a useless fucking move
    only dweeb noobs would have it on their set
    if you use safeguard in a battle with me
    i will fucking murder you
    you and your mother
    in both of yours sleep

    By grld URL on 09.21.2016

  23. People buy me notebooks as a safeguard against my forgetfulness.

    By Walking One URL on 09.21.2016

  24. He is my shield.
    He stands in the way of sunlight, flowers, light.
    He protects me from everything, even if it hurt.

    By Seo on 09.21.2016

  25. Safeguard means to keep watch over something and to make sure it stays safe. Safe means to prevent harm and guard means to prevent harm. It’s weird that they both mean the same thing and yet we say safeguard. Maybe I’m missing something here? I don’t know! Either way it means to keep something safe. Thats something we all need in our life!

    By Kyle D on 09.21.2016

  26. Safeguarding has two sides. One is physically safeguarding something. Another is to mentally safeguarding something. People today always try to safeguard their heart strongly that they end up lacking a lot of experiences in emotions and life!

    By honey on 09.21.2016

  27. it is one word and only one word which I find it strange that its my task to write about it

    By Marshall Lander URL on 09.21.2016

  28. it is one word and has probably two or three meanings one of which is probably to keep something safe.

    By Marshall Lander URL on 09.21.2016

  29. 1safeguard = stacked at found empirically good ubiquity attributing real domain

    By garz on 09.21.2016

  30. My diary was the safeguard against my own mind. As long as I wrote in it, I would rid myself of the evil thoughts. I wouldn’t spiral into them so long as I had a place to put them in and lock them up.

    By Shy on 09.21.2016

  31. This is typing for one minute about the word safeguard. This word means, to me, protocols put in place to make sure something happens or doesn’t happen. I thought that may this had a timer to tell you when one minute was up. I guess not…

    By Bubba on 09.21.2016

  32. But while A and N were trapped in the witch’s apartment lair, as I’ve mentioned before, they were only children. Mostly insignificant in the scheme of things.

    So while they couldn’t leave, this was not the most interesting bit of the story.

    No, that honor goes to the beast still hiding in the village, and the witch it managed to subdue from the deep confines of her mind.

    While the witch was wasting away, trapping her influence in the mortal plane, the beast was getting ready to transfer its consciousness from hers to the ‘real world’ so to speak.

    But to do that, it needed to finish the story.

    By AMeursault on 09.21.2016

  33. Don’t think don’t think that’s all I’m thinking. Ironic, seeing as the word that comes up is safeguard. I’m a safeguard, I’m safeguarding myself from all the opinions and fears of others. I lie in bed with him, a safeguard for his feelings. I do not reject. I do not put down. I think I am a martyr for doing this but let’s be honest, I’m hurting myself and lying to myself, thinking I am a better, less blameless person than I am. When will I stop lying to myself under the pretense of a safeguard? How much of my childhood is already lost?

    By Carol on 09.21.2016

  34. the gate was open to my heart you could have stepped in my safe guard was off duty yet you stayed out side till I Invited you in and welcomed you in that i will be forever great full for.

    By Rebecca on 09.22.2016

  35. “The treasure cannot leave the island & if it does, the world will come to an end. Safeguard it like you protect your children. The world is in danger”

    By Varun URL on 09.22.2016

  36. Safeguard. I don´t even know what´s that. Just like the other 3 million things I don´t know. It sounds to me like a person in charge of somebody else´s security but it might be as well an object. The thing is, will I ever be able to learn English at all?

    By Thalia Plascencia on 09.22.2016

  37. Oh theres no fucking safeguard. People want to believe that, like there is a way to live forever, to protect yourself from physical and online threats, like there is something tangible that can be done about the situation you’re in. Fuck no. There is no safeguard.

    By hkk on 09.22.2016

  38. She was nervous. The decision of this safeguard meeting needed to go the right way if not the fall out would be huge for her and Milly.

    By sleepylebeef on 09.22.2016

  39. It was her job to get the right outcome. As she opened the door the pressure of what she was about to do came weighing down on her. She has sat in many a safeguarding meeting, but this one was different, this one was personal.

    By sleepylebeef on 09.22.2016

  40. I have used a fabric protector called Safeguard. It sprays on and works well. Spilled wine slides off the sofa and onto the rug…

    The rug with no fabric protection sprayed on it…

    AWWW! I can’t get this stain out. My girl’s going to nag me to no end over this!

    By Mr. Oops Sorrybabe on 09.22.2016