March 14th, 2010 | 282 Entries

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282 Entries for “root”

  1. The root, reminds me of roots of words, like kfjkldsfjklsaj shit. I forgot. Trees have roots?! There we go. Ahhh.

    By brandon URL on 03.15.2010

  2. I was really fascinated on how the roots would surround the trees in the park or at my school when I was younger. And I would touch them and think, where do they all go? Now I’m older and I know and i’m not so fascinated anymore.

    By Paige on 03.15.2010

  3. plants neet roots, roots the store where you by bunch of crap, a person need roots to heritage can file your family roots. roots roots roots, what a wierd sounding word. roots is plural to root, I dont know if thats a word.

    By Zack on 03.15.2010

  4. Root words.
    In Middle School we studied for these tests with root words.

    Tri = three.. etc.

    We were told we would need it in High School. We didn’t.
    Life is like that a lot.

    By Ashlyn on 03.15.2010

  5. I walked along in the park this morning it was a beautiful morning. I went to my favorite Oak tree. It’s huge roots stick out from the bottom like giant earth worm pushing out from the soil.

    By Alexandra on 03.15.2010

  6. I’m not sure what to think about this word root. Dandilion roots, root beer, root for the team… Roots was a mini-sears back a long time ago … I also read the book. I don’t know my roots.. do you?

    By Nancy* URL on 03.15.2010

  7. Sensuality drives away the meaning of attraction, the root remains weak often pulled out

    By Auria on 03.15.2010

  8. Money is the root of all evil, but also a necessary evil in this day and age. I am sick of money ruling my life but it does make the world go round and I don’t have many options of living this way without it.

    By Annemarie on 03.15.2010

  9. root of the trees. roots of the word. roots of the world. our history of our roots. we can never escape our history. our untold story of the truth, it can never be outran. it can never be demolished. not by all the money that tracks us in the world.

    By erin on 03.15.2010

  10. the tree’s root lifted the pavement in cracks. the children who rode bikes through the area had to stop and get off, walk over the bump, and then continue riding. but it was by far the place with the most character in the entire neighborhood. and even though it sometimes bothered the kids, it brought more interest than anger.

    By lainey on 03.15.2010

  11. a root is connected to a tree and it goes deep down in the earth, maybe it goes all the way to the center of it. root is also a band, or the roots is a band. i like only one song, but sometimes when someone ask me if i like the band i say yes, even though I only know that one song, which is called the seed, which brings us to flowers.

    By Jana Noel on 03.15.2010

  12. the root of all evil is money. the square root of 4 is 2. edible roots: carrots, potatoes, radishes. delicious, maybe i will make a root salad. what is the square root of a salad?

    By Ann on 03.15.2010

  13. magic

    By yvonne on 03.15.2010

  14. the thing that hold plants to the ground provids nutrients and water water climbs up the veins of the roots after using osmosis to diffuse across the membrane, without roots, plants would not keep soil intact and erosion would take over many rivers and water bodies.

    By sam Burke on 03.15.2010

  15. plant white branching nutrients water soil earth sun life small large varied

    family base

    By adsf on 03.15.2010

  16. A root is something that creates something else. we all have roots. For instance, people have so many roots. From ancestors, to what started our hobbies, to where we came from. I’m proud to say I love my roots.

    By Casey on 03.15.2010

  17. the root of words. a root canal. root beer. it stems from something else. its the foundation. my hair color is fading, my roots are showing.

    By mRose on 03.15.2010

  18. Root. A root can refer to many things. Or at least a few. It can be part of a plant, or if you make it plural (roots) it can be where someone is from originally. You can root for a team or pretty much anything. I don’t know what else. Hmmmmmmm.

    By Melissa URL on 03.15.2010

  19. A tree can only grow as tall or as strong as its roots. Roots that etch themselves into the earth. Roots that strain for dirt the way we strain for the sky. Roots are upside down trees, you know. I think roots are more beautiful than branches. Just saying.

    By Sienna on 03.15.2010

  20. plant?? with water

    By sophie on 03.15.2010

  21. What’s the root of this problem? It seems no matter what I do, I’m in the middle of everything. I’ve never been the cause of this; what, or who, is? Why am I always the one to which everyone else comes with their problems? Why can’t they just figure it out themselves instead of pulling me like a rope in tug-of-war? I’m tired of this.

    By Anon on 03.15.2010

  22. The square root of 4 is 2. I hate math, with a passion. Most of us do. I suppose that makes me unoriginal, not so special. Does it make me any more interesting if I say I am actually pretty good at it?

    By gab on 03.15.2010

  23. roots. where you’re from. the place where you come from, the people you’ve been surrounded by all your life. what makes you who you are. your roots are what makes you what you are. they make you, you.

    By Taro on 03.15.2010

  24. The root of al evil, the root of the troubles and problems that come to us and hurt the origin of it all is the exact moment of creation. Human folly whose brabches reach in direction of its roots to stifle them. The root of the problem is thus shown.

    By Rodrigo on 03.15.2010

  25. At the root of it all. Strings like trees like ropes like teeth like floss like strings reach out and connect. Reach out and disappear in the sunlight below the surface. And they start at the root of it all. They start where I can’t see it.

    By Emily on 03.15.2010

  26. the root of evil never seemed so prominent as right now. i believe in rooting ourselves in good things, never to be tripped up by material objects or passions. i believe that rooting ourselves with good people is the key to life.

    By kathy on 03.15.2010

  27. Soft, sweet earth hidden beneath the leaf litter. A woman, the sunflowers warming her back, uses her mint green gloves and a trowel with a red handle to break the earth, finding a bulb below the surface. She wistfully pulled it out and stood up, shading her eyes with her hand. She had to pack up everything, even her tulips that had yet to bloom. She was moving on.

    By Sidney on 03.15.2010

  28. I was standing near the root. It was invisible, I kept tripping over it. The sunny forest was so hot… Sweat pouring down my face. The root was just another obstacle in my way.

    By Susana on 03.15.2010

  29. Roots hold the world in place. Without roots, carrots would just be two leaves and an unsatisfactory dish. What would it be like if trees grew upside down? Roots in the air, waving as if they don’t care. I think it’d be pretty neat to see anti trees. But that’s just me personally, I’m sure digging up fruit would be a hassle.

    By Holden Maggroin on 03.15.2010

  30. root

    By mer on 03.15.2010

  31. standing, my feet digging into the ground, they snake down beneath me, wandering through the dirt, holding me there. i’m stuck, pulling but going nowhere, as they go deeper and deeper, spiraling toward the center of the earth.

    By shannon on 03.15.2010

  32. root

    By mer on 03.15.2010

  33. The root to the equation is not always the answer you are seeking.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 03.15.2010

  34. trees are a beautiful thing

    By stephanie on 03.15.2010

  35. The root of my problem is my tooth. Throbbing,pulsating. This is not what my dental plan paid for. I paid for the future. For security. Not the pain of an unplanned root canal.

    By Jese on 03.15.2010

  36. The root of all things good is in God who made the earth, bruce lee, chuck norris and teddy roosevelt. Teddy Roosevelt is by far the most notable of all human creations, even more so than sliced bread.

    By Matt on 03.15.2010

  37. money is the root of all eveil, but roots defy evil unless they are evil roots. the root famine of ireland uprooted the society there, throwing the island into turmoil and allowing english control to spread its seeds and take root


    By Conrad Wight on 03.15.2010

  38. there are a lot of roots on a tree. I’m not sure what to say about them, but there are just a lot of roots on a tree. They go far down into the ground, and no one can be sure how far down, or what kind of people live in them. They would have to bee tiny people, to live in such a small space.

    By Kris on 03.15.2010

  39. tomorrow i will dins my roots, i will meet him in a cafe, he will tell me about myself, i hope, although the branches know more about the tree than the roots, the roots just live underground, working hard, never questioning, the branches hold the leaves, the leaves ask the questions

    By Lucy Barritt on 03.15.2010

  40. the root is at the bottom of the tree it holds the tree up and provides the source of food and nutr

    By mark on 03.15.2010