April 20th, 2009 | 255 Entries

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255 Entries for “happy”

  1. i cant remember the last time i was joyously happy. maybe thats because i have a shit load of exams coming up and im freaking out, but am yet appallingly lazy. This combo makes life very difficult particularly if your goal is to be joyously happy

    By nick on 04.21.2009

  2. The most boring word on earth to describe an incredible feeling of joy, rapture, or just being filled with warm fuzzies. Also a refuge of the poor writer. It’s partner being “sad.”

    By Clair on 04.21.2009

  3. I cant believe that I’m so happy just sitting here writing a paper for school, and thinking about that package I’m getting soon hopefully. Happiness is a word i don’t think i can explain it properly but this is it.

    By Dana on 04.21.2009

  4. Happiness doesn’t come from another person, it comes from yourself. It comes in so many forms and for you to be happy, many good things come your way. There are times that being to happy can be a curse. There has to be some moderation, right? No one can be too happy, I know I can’t have that.

    By Jazz on 04.21.2009

  5. I there are a lot of things that make me happy, but none more then when you are passing a car on a country road and you do that little half wave from your steering wheel and the other car waves back. I think that is about as good as it gets.

    By Nathan on 04.21.2009

  6. This is yesterday’s word !!! What is happy? The suppression of your own reality in your mind? Ignoring the world as it actually is? Pretending? Sounds like the words of a depressive – or maybe just a realist ! To all of you who are happy out there – good for you ! And I say that in the nicest possible way…..

    By India on 04.21.2009

  7. Something I wish I could be.

    By S on 04.21.2009

  8. fun joy excitement playing games hanging out talking to friends being random and crazy doing what you want with no one telling you what to do having a good time

    By Elizabeth on 04.21.2009

  9. I am happy a lot, but i think i am also sad… i think about how i am not going to get into medical school and it sucks…. now that i think about it it think i am sad a lot… I wish that I was more happy more often but idk how to do that. I think that I need to study more often and not focus on speech/freinds so much. If i did this, maybe i could get better grades and be happy.

    By Luke Youngvorst on 04.21.2009

  10. I cornered him on the bed we had shared for years and asked “Aren’t you happy?” He chose to look away and in that moment I knew it was time to leave him. From that day I on, I regret asking that, especially when my current significant other asks the exact same question.

    By Nicholas on 04.21.2009

  11. dwarf plays maddeningly innocent inviting all trouble near to teach him how hard their life is. Unfair and cruel

    By Trish on 04.21.2009

  12. Joyfulness is the drug that I aspire to be like. One dose of my may cause severe Happiness, Euphoria, Denial of hatred, Smiles, and in extreme cases, Sexy-times.

    By Zenzetra on 04.21.2009

  13. Not happy

    happiness is something that i cannot find
    even digging through the gold mines
    of prosperity and having enough
    and money
    as i shuffle through the twenties there is no shred of happiness
    no single frayed thread of it
    stuffed in between the greed

    how often do i wish
    to drown myself
    between classes?

    By surfer on 04.21.2009

  14. I am lost in a sea of emptiness searching for the one desolate grain of hope, it and on only it can bring me…

    By M on 04.21.2009

  15. Happy is something that is rather elusive. What does it mean to be happy? Are we happy in the moment? How is that possible? How does one stop thinking and wishing for the future? The future will come, and it will take care of itself, but I for one am always wanting it to be here NOW. But why? If i try to make it come sooner, then it will be over before it’s begun.

    By Jeannette on 04.21.2009