November 29th, 2012 | 390 Entries

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390 Entries for “rise”

  1. Bloody saliva spewed from his mouth, “rise! get up!” but she lay there, limp and twitching and abused.

    By ardent bowel on 11.29.2012

  2. Rise above everyone. You need to work hard for things you want they are not just going to be given to you. You need to rise above the influence and be able to say no. Keep your head on stay. Don’t get distracted from what you want.

    By adam on 11.29.2012

  3. We sing songs like “He has risen” every day. Our job, basically, is to praise Him endlessly. The few moments we have for breaks, it’s a bunch of people I never really knew, or don’t recognize at all, telling me of past memories we shared. I have to just smile and tell them I remember. That’s what Heaven is: an eternity of pretending to remember people.

    By DavidRyanM on 11.29.2012

  4. “You have any white bread?” the customer asked.
    “No,” said the cashier. “All we have is rhyes.”
    Both characters wink at the camera.

    By DavidRyanM on 11.29.2012

  5. morning
    against power
    for something
    to see him
    because you should
    because you shouldnt
    when no one does

    By rosamilia on 11.29.2012

  6. rise, makes me think of rice, which i don’t like in most dishes, well, the plain white rice. in some dishes, it’s seasoned, or yellow, sometimes even red! you also have this sticky white rice which i also like. like in risotto! i love risotto. we ate risotto only yesterday, with peas and bacon, it was lovely.

    By britt on 11.29.2012

  7. Each day you get up, you do the same routine. Sometimes, when you’re in the shower, you like to shake things up and close your eyes as the water hits your face. You pretend you’re drowning. Maybe you’ll place the two pieces of toast together and eat them at the same time instead. Perhaps you’ll start your car without opening the garage door but you get scared a few seconds in and open it.

    By DavidRyanM on 11.29.2012

  8. He had a Southern accent. He sat across his manager and said, “I’ve been workin’ pretty hard here. I think you and I can both agree, I deserve a rise.” His manager just laughed and laughed. And laughed. The Southern man quit that day not knowing what actually had happened.

    By DavidRyanM on 11.29.2012

  9. Marion kept to the bow of the ship, watching the horizon as it rose and fell and rose again with the waves. She was not the least bit seasick, she was filled with hope for the future, and excitement at finally, finally, exploring a new city.

    Brace yourself, London.

    By GloriousClio URL on 11.29.2012

  10. rise up , above , sunrise ,fall, against, bring to the front, get a rise out of….

    By jay on 11.29.2012

  11. Rise up and stand in your power. No one will do it for you. Your ego will tell you why you shouldn’t, why it will be wrong, all the things that could go wrong. But there is nothing more powerful than to listen to your own heart and stand up for what you believe in and for who you are. Allow yourself to find that place where when you stand tall and exude your light and purpose.

    By Jackie URL on 11.29.2012

  12. everyone wants to rise above. above all the standards, about the influence. everyone tries to succeed and rise as high as they can, it’s a want. what you strive for. everyone rises in their own ways

    By Montana on 11.29.2012

  13. And thus he rises up from his grave. Swollen eyes and blue lips purse themselves against the cold rain that falls down from the sky. A light drizzle more, really, he thinks as he shakes the dirt off his shoes and takes a step out on the wet ground beside him. Of all the days to rise from the dead, he had to pick a Thursday. Just his luck.

    By Intermission on 11.29.2012

  14. Rise up.

    There are those who do- givers, leaders.
    And those who don’t swarm them.
    Crushing what they made.
    That’s life.

    By Snipp on 11.29.2012

  15. The sun rises in the east, and sets in the west. This is just a given. Such as the human body will breathe to allow the person to live.

    But there must be more for us than that, right?

    By Caoimhe on 11.29.2012

  16. We’re twenty miles away from the fire. We’re driving north on 287 and the black sky over the mountains lights up orange every few minutes. Houses? Land? What’s rising with those flames?

    Temperatures rise; ash falls but still no rain.

    By dianne on 11.29.2012

  17. i rise above the hate. i don’t take it in or let it take me down. i rise like the sun. i share my warmth. i take in the warmth. i rise.

    By kathpine98 on 11.29.2012

  18. Like the rising sun we’ve raised ourselves above all others. We are gods in our concrete castles, untouchable by all those lesser. And we walk as if we have no eyes, but just a hunger and a greed for things we cannot feel

    By Laurel on 11.29.2012

  19. above. refuse to be second best. determination. persevere no matter what the obstacle might be. live up to your potential.

    By Brandon on 11.29.2012

  20. Rise above the occasion, rise above all. You are and open sky that can rise to infinity and beyond. I rise

    By cristina serrano on 11.29.2012

  21. rise my child and take me to your leader said the alien to the farmer who was in quite a bad mood and wasnt looking forward to seeing it

    By calvin on 11.29.2012

  22. Every rising was an opportunity to change. Every time he returned from the dead, every time he rose from the bed, every time he left the table of a friend, it was an opportunity – a cry! – to be different. A cry, from himself, to himself. Rise, his dreams whispered, those moments when he was oh-so-close to waking. Rise, his heart beat, the day, the monstrous day that she left. Yet he stayed the same, he stayed still, he moved through time as expected – but never rose.

    By meep? on 11.29.2012

  23. The clouds had covered the sky while she waited. A thick wall of grey that blackened the sky and blocked out the light of the moon. She waited for him patiently, to strike down from the dense mass with the first strike of lightning. She watched the steam rise from her cup of coffee.

    By Joy URL on 11.29.2012

  24. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, and wealthy, and wise.
    No no, that’s not right.
    *scribble scribble*
    Early to bed, early to wake, makes a lady smart, and pretty, and great.
    That’s better.

    By Neta Shikoba on 11.29.2012

  25. The Senator flashed his pearly whites for the cameras and turned a tad to the left, his better angle. Congress had no explanation for the rapid rise in population nor for the drastic spike in infertility rates. But he’d just been tanning and knew they’d let it slide.

    By penny dreadful on 11.29.2012

  26. she rose to position, and i let her hair fall on to my shoulders.. she possesses something i will never obtain.. i rise to be at her level.. and kiss her. she completes me. i am captivated by her every movement.

    By Bella on 11.29.2012

  27. the sunshine in the morning always makes me feel hope anticipation for a new day..something amazing could happen , excitement and a sense of hope…….

    By carol on 11.29.2012

  28. above everything that happens you are a strong person and you can accomplish anything and everything that you put your mind to because you are an infinite being with so much intelligence and potential that it would be a shame to let your talents and magic go wasted when their is so much to take advantage of in this life

    By kayleezielinski on 11.29.2012

  29. Rise. Rise up out of bed. Get your ass moving. Do something. Make a difference, because you can. Do what you can to help the world. This world is the only one you get to live on so make it worth it. Rise above the violence and laziness of the world around us. Rise above others expectations. Raise your own expectations. Raise your standards. Raise your attitude. Be nice. Love life. Live it. Its your only one. Don’t waist it.

    By Bailey on 11.29.2012

  30. l’action de se lever de faire ce que l’on veut dans la vie, le fait de s’élever plus haut que tout et nimporte quoi afin detre vraiment a la hauteur de nos attentes. rise cest aussi de nos emotions, le fait d’évoluer pour ne plus faire d’erreurs dans nos vies

    By anne on 11.29.2012

  31. Rise! today is the day of salvation. Rise and become all that Jesus died for you to become. Rise, because He has risen. Rise, as the sun rises every day, as the Son rose.

    By Ijay on 11.29.2012

  32. he rose up, not afraid anymore. Again, he had hit the groud, brought downwards by his ennemies, but this time, he was up for good, this time, it would be different, as he was stronger, more confident, he had accepted himself for who he was and would never hit the ground again

    By flibustier on 11.29.2012

  33. rise of the guardians I have yet to see
    dark knight rises was good
    rise rise rise rise rise
    the z sound is kind of strange now that i think about rizzzzzze.

    By Dani on 11.29.2012

  34. rise from the ashes you small little child, rise up and stop being afraid of everything. look for the simple beauty in everything because the world is a beautiful place darling just open your eyes and rise up.

    By Alyssa on 11.29.2012

  35. rise from the ashes you small little child, rise up and stop being afraid of everything. look for the simple beauty in everything because the world is a beautiful place darling fear is just making excuses for yourself and you are so much better live your life so that you will feel eternal be an eternal being and just open your eyes and rise up.

    By Alyssa on 11.29.2012

  36. Rise not fall. Up not down. Success not failure. Reaching

    By Ray on 11.29.2012

  37. I rise from the ground.
    Dust coats my eyes, blurring the city into obscurity. I blink and everything becomes clear.
    Destruction had flooded my city, leaving behind only rubble.
    Death had risen like a lion, slaughtering all in sight.
    Unmovable buildings now lay in ashy heaps at my feet.
    Immortal people lay dead around me among the debris.
    Fire scorches the area, devouring everything left in sight.
    Sounds of war grow nearer.
    Blocking out the gut-wrenching pictures surrounding me, I tighten the satchel across my chest. I check inside it –food, water, clothes, matches . . .
    “Lydie,” a voice hisses. I turn around, pulling an arrow into its socket. “It’s me,” the pale male in front of me huffs, walking nearer. Beneath the dust and soot, I see who it is before he says, “Nathan.”
    I lower the bow. “Is there anyone left?”
    He shakes his head, bites his lips, and kneels beside a corpse. He chokes out, “No.”
    There is no time for emotions, I think, taking deep breaths. “Do you have food? weapons? blankets?”
    He touches the hilt of his sword, resting in his back scabbard, and the backpack strapped upon it. “Everything I own is here.”
    “We need to leave,” I say. “Immediately.”
    “The soldiers are coming.” He rises. “I’m ready.”

    By KenzieB19 on 11.29.2012

  38. I see the images before me, it shakes my very foundation. I feel the pulsation in my veins, the dryness in my throat. I feel no other alternative then to rise and be heard. Enough!

    By Coach Kling on 11.29.2012

  39. The sun rises on the east, bringing light into world that has fallen sleep. Everything seems so beautiful, and yet everything is the same. The perspective has changed, the people have grown.

    By Jean-Pascal on 11.29.2012

  40. I use to the the biggest, most satisfying rise when I was one of those “20 Somethings” girls who based every stupid and insignificant detail of their life on the social scene.

    By KimmyB on 11.29.2012