October 28th, 2011 | 331 Entries

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331 Entries for “riots”

  1. Riots are inevitable, when the world has come too far riots break and set it back in place. Riots corrupt the worst of us and turn us into what we never wanted to be. They show the dark corners of our being and shine light on our flaws.

    By Rogue on 10.29.2011

  2. The riots were spreading. Originally the started in the west of the country, but as news spread so did the riots, like a virus taking hold of the citizens and forcing them to riot. The destroyed everything in their wake; shops, houses, lives. They stopped at nothing to complete their goal, but no one really new what that goal was: was it something noble, like standing up against an oppressive government, or simply to revel in the destruction of other people’s property?

    By Ian URL on 10.29.2011

  3. riots have happened a lot recently, some say they’re pointless and reckless but personally, I believe riots are necessary for the country. Riots mean that people have their voices heard, which they don’t get any other way. People are not heard.

    By Laura URL on 10.29.2011

  4. They were out on the streets rioting, but for what? For all the wrong things. What seemed to be a big deal, really wasn’t – at least not in comparison. In comparison to what, you might ask. In comparison to this broken world and this lack of love. We can get upset about one thing or the next, but if you don’t attack the root of the cause you’ll get no where.

    By Haley URL on 10.29.2011

  5. The Opposition hold a riots in stadium Stanford Bridge.

    By Jimmy URL on 10.29.2011

  6. Riots on the streets of london, riots of the street of birmingham i wonder to myself……. These lyrics were inspired by riots in the summer of 1982. What happened earlier this year was bad behaviour not riots.

    By jemilyboo URL on 10.29.2011

  7. The riots in the street were moving West, inching ever closer toward the high rises of downtown. Megan slipped out the door, stepping past the broken glass, and made her way back down the hill. No one was answering when she called Will’s store. She had that sickening weight in her stomach, that certainty that they had found him.

    By cmsiena URL on 10.29.2011

  8. i live with a bunch of anarchists and i don’t give a fuck about any of the things that they give a fuck about an it causes a very strange riot between the housemates, but not actually, just in my head. then they go to protests that become real riots and i think that’s silly and futile. whatever, right?

    By susie on 10.29.2011

  9. They are making sure that the revolution is televised. For if it isn’t no one will even think anything is wrong. People are just so sheltered and comforted by the government that they aren’t going to care.

    By Swilltastic URL on 10.29.2011

  10. I heard a riot starting at the end of my street. A slur of chanting was arising as you could faintly hear an authoritative male’s voice on a bullhorn shouting orders to the courageous people.

    By misnia URL on 10.29.2011

  11. i must be blind but none did I see. So that makes it difficult to elaborate much further than that. Ta

    By anita on 10.29.2011

  12. People have different viewpoints about everything from food to politics. Somtimes they mix, sometimes they clash, and sometimes, they cause riots. I’ve never been involved in a rtio, and don’t think i’d really like to. They look pretty dangerous. Getting arrested isn’t on my bucket list. What’s the point of running around, screaming incoherent things and hurting people/property? It’s kind of like a giant two year old throwing a temper tantrum all over downtown Chicago.

    By kelsey kaye on 10.29.2011

  13. The riots had grown in frequency and in intensity. What used to be a rare happening was now expected. The bloody faces stayed bruised, the broken bones were forgotten about all as a new fight began. But yet, the power, the growing and pulling of the mob still brought newcomers. They couldn’t stay away, they couldn’t fight their way out of the forceful wills all crashing against others so close to them, it was tantalizing. It was strength. It made us forget.

    By Rain URL on 10.29.2011

  14. The yelling echoes in your ears
    Your face echoes your fears
    Chaos at its worst form
    It’s like trying to run through a thunderstorm
    Wind pushing you to and fro
    Lightening striking wherever you want to go
    Will you ever escape
    Free without a scrape
    Or will you be absorbed into the mob
    To help increase the everlasting blob
    Blob of people going everywhere
    Blob of people that don’t care
    It’s nothing more
    than a riot

    By Natashaa URL on 10.29.2011

  15. I wish there were riots in my town that I could partake in. Or maybe not. Riots are a bit too violent. But I want to be a part of something, have my voice heard. I want to do something to try to make a difference. I’m waiting for the revoloution, but I don’t know how to help start it.

    By Andrea URL on 10.29.2011

  16. like a jigsaw mashed into an incongruous space,
    smushed at the sides,
    forced into place.
    i’m wrong, grotesque.
    i’m lonely, i’m angry
    i want to scream, but i’m not sure what
    i want to fight, but i’m not sure who.

    By Allie Yang URL on 10.29.2011

  17. party,fest, crazy, dangerous, rebellion, disaster, improvement, overpower, overcome, serve purpose, show opinion, get your way.

    By caravana randall on 10.29.2011

  18. The sound and smell of bodies raged in her head. She tossed and turned in her sleep, fighting off the riots of her dreams. Her husband watched helplessly as she stormed into battle, kicking and punching the air.

    By DavidCrabtree URL on 10.29.2011

  19. Riots cascaded across the city, fast, like wild fire in a hot climate. It was dangerous how fast the riot fever had spread, the freedom was contagious, and wherever you stopped, you could not escape the danger.

    By Katie URL on 10.29.2011

  20. The riots were getting worse. They were becoming more and more frequent and they were moving faster through each town. Her town would be next, she was sure of it. She was scared to leave the house without someone stronger than her; she was even scared then.

    By Lady Lissa URL on 10.29.2011

  21. In my brain, there are riots. The neurons are rebelling and burning down the matter. I don’t know where to turn, and the screaming and protesting is destroying me from the inside out.

    By Azure URL on 10.29.2011

  22. Fight. Scream. Laugh. Unload. Release. Inner Peace.

    By blossom URL on 10.29.2011

  23. Riots , Their like fights lol they make me laugh sometimes when people protest their called riots it something that geets out of hand and yea thats my definition of a riot

    By Kelsi Chessman URL on 10.29.2011

  24. riots, as in .. you are a riot, ralph. the hit of the party. or it can be used to described an tumultous behaviour of a large group of people. I prefer the funny version, the life of the party. someone who makes everyone laugh with their antics. no harm done to anyone. lightheartedness. laughter is powerful and energizing.

    By Anne-Marie Deryaw URL on 10.29.2011

  25. Riots. A mess. Anarchy. Feelings. Truth. Is it the only way to get people to notice what is wrong with the world? Why must we wait for riots? Why can’t we simply look around us and think about other people’s dreams, frustrations, opinions, secrets, grievances, emotions… their needs and desires? Listen. Riots are calling out to you, begging you to stop and care. Water is falling, and the dripping is getting faster. A flood is upon us.

    By blossom URL on 10.29.2011

  26. riots and protests are the things that are keeping us alive. They are the things that a lot of people live for.

    Riots help the people scream out of their lungs to make their voices heard nand noticed.
    They are a fight for freedom and human rights

    By Muna on 10.29.2011

  27. you make me cracked inside
    those noises in my head
    in my heart
    about life, about love, about choices, about fights,
    yell, anger, tears

    i can live with them, i can’t live without them
    i’m tired of war but somehow i love these riots.
    your riots.


    By venus aretha URL on 10.29.2011

  28. Evil bunnies roiting over the graffies government beacause they don’t like the system of food

    By Damon on 10.29.2011

  29. Planta tus raíces en quien diga tu corazón, así lo que una vez fue una flor se puede marchitar, pero tendrá oportunidad de volver a eclosionar.

    By raul URL on 10.29.2011

  30. The streets were filled and spilling over; boats were lining the port and no one could get in or out. We were stuck and could only do one thing, the same thing that everyone else was doing. Riot. Who knows what we were protesting, who knows what they were protesting.

    By El on 10.29.2011

  31. mientras sentado grito…
    el viento muere…
    el sol destruye el infierno…
    la negra noche altera el sentido…
    y derrepente muero…
    envuelto en la misma magia des pasado…
    nace el tiempo…
    mientras muere el pasado…
    todo cambia…
    todo sigue…
    todo muere ..
    todo absolutamente todo…
    ya no tiene sentido…
    solo la misma muerte es lo unico real…
    mientras encerrado…
    en un placard…
    grito al viento…
    que termine mi sufrimiento…
    mientras aquel martes….
    de siniestro olvido…
    muero lentamente en tu oido…

    By 0000z URL on 10.29.2011

  32. The streets were packed to the brim, filled with angry insane voices and bodies. He pushed his way through them trying to find the way out of this sea of hatred. He had to find a way to be safe.

    By Justine on 10.29.2011

  33. love someone, fight for something, be angry, never be satisfied, make the world a better place.

    By Carolina on 10.29.2011

  34. good times
    burning couches
    breaking glass

    By twenty fourth and lake on 10.29.2011

  35. I will riot on your face. It was a small uproar that with time cultivated into a un controlled riot. police were tazering..blacks were double duthcing while breaking down dutches..whites were picketing and yelping…it was a riot like the rugratrs altight.

    By ajloopy URL on 10.29.2011

  36. The blood was pouring from his left temple as he walked through the destroyed streets, his feet crunching over the broken glass and the sound of police sirens still ringing in his head. He ha d never meant to be a part of the riots but they had come to his doorstep, and as it were, he had no choice but to walk through them every day.

    By Jasmine URL on 10.29.2011

  37. stupid. primal. indicative of an unsophisticated problem-solving skill set. needed to get attention for important topics because the media is stupid and corporations own it, and own us because of it.

    By unnamed on 10.29.2011

  38. The world was a horrible place filled with hatred and death. Riots broke out every day and spilled in to the streets. Violence consumed anyone who stood in its way and I just happened to be one of them.

    By Caroline on 10.29.2011

  39. when people are not pleased with how things work in a country or due to poor management.

    By Vero on 10.29.2011

  40. roits are beautiful majestic happenings that explode in the middle of unawarness and chagae the lives of everthings they collide onto. they are a means of birth of new things that the future needs, or needs to know.

    By heather on 10.29.2011