October 28th, 2011 | 331 Entries

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331 Entries for “riots”

  1. i have never been in a riot. i never really liked loud things. but i would stand in the middle of a riot for you. i would go through thick and thin and hardships alike for you. i would do anything for you. for the first time in my life, i feel something other than pain and i am willing to feel pain again if it means you love me. i would stand in a storm….i would stand in riots for you <3

    By singasongjusttosmile URL on 10.28.2011

  2. people feeling the need to be loud and vocal about something often times just for the reason of being loud and vocal. a lot of the time people have good reasoning behind their riots but it is often just to get a rise out of people. but i guess thats the point

    By dededd on 10.28.2011

  3. I think of riots when chaos happens and usually involves angry people. It’s sad to see them happen because people usually gets hurt and sometimes even dies. Riots happened more in the 60’s then in today’s environment but they do happen. I hope that no one gets hurt but it usually happens.

    By Lindsay URL on 10.28.2011

  4. Windfall apples covered the ground at dawn. A late-night riot of storm and cloud and apple trees, like old men raging at the sky.

    Penny ate one, spit out a worm. We hoisted more into our arms until they dropped like rotten pennies, running out of the orchard toward school, already late.

    If she hadn’t kissed me, I’d never have remembered that day.

    By RS Bohn URL on 10.28.2011

  5. I remember my last concert which was at Tampa stadium, for the Led Zeppelin Concert. Lightning struck the stage, and the stadium full of fans started riots all over, trying to get out once the rain started to pour.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 10.28.2011

  6. riots happen everywhere for even the most ridiculous reasons. why create a riot? i see examples of people rioting over something they do not know enough about. find out the whole story, look at both sides of the issue. is there a right and wrong?
    i have never been part of a riot.

    By b on 10.28.2011

  7. Our smiles rioted
    across our faces.
    Silently protesting
    the seriousness.

    By drew URL on 10.28.2011

  8. Riots are cool in movies. Watching them on tv makes me want to be in one. I guess it wouldn’t be as fun as I think it would…

    By Mark Schafer URL on 10.28.2011

  9. Things aren’t as easy as they used to be. There was a time when you could get a pack of diapers without worrying how you would pay for them. Now, I don’t know what to do. I’m just as bad as the rest of those fools. Breaking windows, breaking merchandise. Stealing things that don’t belong to me.

    I’m just so goddamn mad at how things have transpired.

    By Jessica Frampton URL on 10.28.2011

  10. There are riots now, all over the country. Some gibberish about the 1%. I think that our generation just wants something to riot about. Stop destroying, start rebuilding. Be nice. Get your head out of your ass.

    By Ashley Mills on 10.28.2011

  11. violence unbridled; arms opposition as opposed to non-violence; perhaps some countries/dictatorships require such a risky approach and severe statement

    By Mortoni URL on 10.28.2011

  12. There they were, crowding around the building. They were all angry and raving, asking– no, demanding that he do something about these nation-wide problems. But what could he do? Did they think he was God? Did they think he could change everything with the blink of an eye?

    By Davian Clough on 10.28.2011

  13. What goes on inside of my head every single day.

    By Nicole URL on 10.28.2011

  14. What senseless people do. It’s as if violence would solve another violence. It brings nothing but fear among other people and chaos. Undiplomatic.

    By Claire URL on 10.28.2011

  15. “I haven’t heard this much noise or felt this much pain since the Watt’s riots,” Jensen tried to think…but even that was too difficult. The intense heat and light and roar was all consuming and after a while he just tried to settle in to it. Sort of.

    By chole URL on 10.28.2011

  16. the sound of a thousand yelling voices surround me as i stand in the country i never thought i would get to visit. My teacher quickly moves us on as the yelling escalates, Greece has been in a state of turmoil for a long time, but now i am seeing it first hand when all i wanted was to see the parliament building…world problems have become so much more relevant to me. I am so lucky to be american.

    By mollysue URL on 10.28.2011

  17. Ther were riots, for years upon years, They were always disagreeing and egos would fly, so of course there were disagreements and vocal riots from within their hearts.

    By Brenda on 10.28.2011

  18. It was a crazy riot to make a fuss for stuff like this. There were so many protesters and firecrackers. It was filthy the streets stamped with the nastiest of things.

    By Isaura on 10.28.2011

  19. After the spring riots, the group of them decided a much better concept would have been the autumn riots. Soaring birds in the sky accompanied by the crackle of burning cars and murmur of descending masses seemed more poetic to Cliff’s mind if there were auburn leaves scattered every which way, rather than bouncing daisy heads.

    By Sam URL on 10.28.2011

  20. there have been a lot of riots lately , especially during the spring of 2011, in Arab countries. this domino effect phenomena has been dubbed the name Arab Spring. It has caused near revolution of the area and the expulsion, and death, of Maumar Ghaddafi, the leader of Egypt.

    By Monica URL on 10.28.2011

  21. i fucking hate riots. all them sick bastards burning everything down instead of protesting peacefully like Gandi. Fuck Gandi too. I’m sure he was a paedophile.

    By tokatiina on 10.28.2011

  22. Start a riot.
    Beat down everyone
    That ever hurt you
    Show them the fire
    Show them your strength
    Show them you’re not afraid.

    By supernova URL on 10.28.2011

  23. Observe the rivets of riots preceding the quiet.

    By Marianne URL on 10.28.2011

  24. I looked around me at the people crowded in the street. Everything about this was wrong. I couldn’t understand why everyone thought this was okay. Gay people needed love to… my mouth dropped open at the people who were getting beaten up in the middle of the center of homophobes. I can’t believe everyone is so…
    So close minded.
    I shook my head at the amazing amount of people joining in on the riot.
    This was awful…
    I felt a sharp stabbing in my heart.
    Everyone deserved to be loved equally.
    No Matter what.

    By Ankara on 10.28.2011

  25. I watched in horror as the crowd filled the street with hatred, carrying huge picket signs that showed all of their non support for those of us who needed it desperately. I felt awful as I saw the people in the middle getting pushed over and insulted.
    I felt a sharp stab in my heart.
    Everyone should be treated equally! I couldn’t believe this… I felt the tears prick my eyes as I watched one of the people get punched.
    This was… sickening.

    By Ankara URL on 10.28.2011

  26. A riot is a form of civil disorder characterized often by what is thought of as disorganized groups lashing out in a sudden and intense rash of violence.

    By regina on 10.28.2011

  27. the riots. i’ve heard this phrase before. in reference to the watts riots and then again years later referring to the rodney king verdict riots. .. i think. i remember video coverage of the rodney king situation. i had never truly known about the watts riots.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 10.28.2011

  28. mass amount of people

    By brad on 10.28.2011

  29. When I walked into the garden, I saw the riots that spring day… grape hyacinths in their purple displays, iris that was bearded in whites and blues and purples and at their feet the star flower in white.

    By Elicia on 10.28.2011

  30. “riots!” they shouted with malicious glee, streaming onto the street, permeating every surface and every heart with mischief and something so much worse; they burned down buildings and obliterated offices with sweeps of their souls, they tore down towns and shook up cities with mere flicks of their fingers. they were rioters, everywhere but on the surface, and they would riot their society to pieces.

    By Leanne URL on 10.28.2011

  31. People who are amusing or entertaining. They make you laugh and have a very good sense of humor. Those people are riots.

    By Jessica on 10.28.2011

  32. Riots are a way of expressing yourself. But be careful because sometimes while expressing yourself you can harm those around you.
    Also listen to the album Riots by Paramore

    By Sophia on 10.28.2011

  33. Ralph invited others to sing.

    R.I O.T.S.

    Relax…I often tell stan.

    Right intentions often tell stories.

    By URL on 10.28.2011

  34. These riots are a fad, a trend, a item of public attention.

    These people are rioting, for a fad, a trend, for public attention. Pain and suffering prevail, because of a fad, a trend. For public attention.

    By Ethan on 10.28.2011

  35. Let’s start riots,
    We can be riots
    Let’s be perfect together
    Let’s name pirates
    They can be the highest
    We can love together

    By Dave URL on 10.28.2011

  36. Riots make the world go round. When things need to change a riot is always there to make a difference. Riots CAN hurt people but…

    By Natalie Cole on 10.28.2011

  37. Riots are not an effective way to change the world. They usually end in violence and police intervention. The world does not benefit from riots which is why I believe that peaceful protests and boycotts are best. Riots are an increasing problem in the world today.

    By Haley URL on 10.28.2011

  38. She was lost in the riots. They had erupted so violently, so quickly, that she had lost sight of him. He, at one point, was holding her hand. He told her everything would be fine, but they just needed to get out of the way of the police before anything real bad happened. Gun shots. People screaming, charging at the police. Dogs growling, being released. She managed to run. The paper the next morning read of five dead. One person being him. Oh, violence never solves anything.

    By Tori URL on 10.28.2011

  39. Words, they pour,
    in an endless stream
    from your dark mouth
    lined by pale pink lips,
    they echo,
    like the riots of the dead
    stuck deep inside my head,

    You’re not near
    but I see you
    etched behind my fragile lids
    mouth forming word after word
    but I cannot hear anymore,
    my eardrums
    have been blown appart
    by the rebellion of the world
    the final straw finally breaking
    finally taking
    the last of their patience
    with the lies
    and the promise that always dies
    the dead are awaking
    not longer forsaking
    the life they had burried inside
    on the sidelines I reside
    watching this all take place
    death happening before my face,
    everytime I close my eyes
    you’re whispering
    and I realize
    you knew this would happen all this time

    By Solanaceae URL on 10.28.2011

  40. Words, they pour,
    in an endless stream
    from your dark mouth
    lined by pale pink lips,
    they echo,
    like the riots of the dead
    stuck deep inside my head

    By Solanaceae URL on 10.28.2011