October 28th, 2011 | 331 Entries

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331 Entries for “riots”

  1. riots dont always have to be bad. lets start a love riot. or a pants riot. or a dance dance
    revolution riot.

    By Stephany URL on 10.28.2011

  2. It’s amazing how many stupid acts a single set of human beings can achieve given numerous enough members. It’s simply astounding to what lengths we will go to break and loot our own cities and neighborhoods if given half a bloody chance. Sheer idiocy, if you ask me.

    By Nino on 10.28.2011

  3. I first learned about the LA riots from a song by Sublime. April 29, 1992. Trip to Garden Grove? Never knew there actually was such a place. But there is. I went there. With good friends that I still miss every day.
    There – 60 seconds is quite a long time..

    By Stefanie on 10.28.2011

  4. Reminds me of food. I’m soooo hungry right now!!

    By Victoria Vartanian URL on 10.28.2011

  5. The words that comes to my mind when I see “riots” are: angry, needy, oppressed, violence, unsatisfactory, and concern. Riots happened in the past and continue to happen today to end something that is against a group’s wish.

    By Oopsie on 10.28.2011

  6. I first learned about the LA riots from a Sublime song. Heard it before I went to Cali first, but it wasn’t until I saw the road signs pointing towards Garden Grove that I finally realized I actually WAS THERE. Miss my friends. And riding with them.

    By Stefanie URL on 10.28.2011

  7. Riots at home. Riots in my heart. It beats so fast, but clear and pure energy. Maing love you your soul feels so surreal.

    By RachelJeri URL on 10.28.2011

  8. Crazy people who don’t like what is going on around them so they get upset and go crazy.

    By Kim on 10.28.2011

  9. people in the streets yelling at the opposing force in their lives. anger is fueling the flame that’s burning within each of them. it’s a cry for what is rightfully theirs.

    By Mary Alao on 10.28.2011

  10. Sexy, passionate, heroic, social justice, paramore, city, politics, equality, freedom,

    By sami fowler on 10.28.2011

  11. the riot began again. i could not stop it-completly powerless. i found a void inside of me, a lack of emotions or mental strength to keep on fighting the riot. my senses collapse. my heart beats faster. everything starts to spin around me. the riot inside of me-the battle between good and evil had begun again. and then i dropped, in the middle of the crowded park, and not even one person noticed.

    By emily on 10.28.2011

  12. Amidst smoke and screaming and general chaos, I tried to press my body against the brick buildings and work my way west, toward the sun and away from the riots.

    By Trudie on 10.28.2011

  13. riots in my streets. I can’t be surprised. It must say something about my careless and complacent generation. I don’t want to be a part.
    Doomed and degenerate.

    By Ethan D. Kemper on 10.28.2011

  14. I walked through the crowd, the people seemed to confine against me. I began to run, the constant thumping of my heartbeat in my ear pushed me forward. The people pushed and pushed, and I pushed back. The world started to collapse around me.

    By Anna on 10.28.2011

  15. empty anger
    crashing all around
    filling up space
    with noise

    I can finally hear myself think.

    By sky URL on 10.28.2011

  16. birmingham riots i was standing there defending my shop little did i know tonight would be my last.

    By mirinda on 10.28.2011

  17. I dont really know of riots. my friend has like a group called riotz i know but who knows. I think that when i riot breaks out its soo dumb!!! why do people need to be violent cant we just freakin get along! thats the problem with the world..

    By Jennessa Davis URL on 10.28.2011

  18. there are many riots in this word now a days . riots are usealy big.

    By dub42 URL on 10.28.2011

  19. talk about bad things.about people.

    By pscougar URL on 10.28.2011

  20. What is with sports riots….don’t these people have anything in their life that is actually important to get all upset about?

    By patticlark123 on 10.28.2011

  21. Riots are things people start like a protest. Riots mostly start bad things it makes people fight.

    By mango1209 URL on 10.28.2011

  22. when people start a riot is when people come to gether and fight. my community started a riot on a compony.

    By countrygirl12 URL on 10.28.2011

  23. A riot is when people come together and fight. Or when there is a bunch of people in a group agruing about something. That’s what i think a riot is.

    By stewart~little(: URL on 10.28.2011

  24. riots are when u like get to loud or get all crazy and wont settle down or anything like that. so just when a whole bunch of people start a riot

    By I Love Elephants!!!!! URL on 10.28.2011

  25. Riots are when a bunch of people gather and protest about something they don’t want, an they doing crazy things, in order to get what they want.

    By kiwi URL on 10.28.2011

  26. tons of people who start to destroy things for no real reason. Starting to create fires break windows and stuff like that.

    By maxamillion URL on 10.28.2011

  27. very destructive when someone or a big group of people dont get wat they want they start a riot!!!!!!!!!

    By picklebounce1 URL on 10.28.2011

  28. A riot is when something unfair is going on and people protest.

    By Samantha Blackman URL on 10.28.2011

  29. a riot is an angry mob full of pitch forks and torches ant all together every body in the town back in the day taking out all of their anger on one pore innocent sole.

    By exploding chicken 1 URL on 10.28.2011

  30. maybe it means that you are a riot like a bad person to some people or to all the people or something like that.(;

    By exploding chicken 2 URL on 10.28.2011

  31. riots are the cooliest things they start out by be normally peaceful. I don’t know of too many that are violent to to actually begin with.

    By amy on 10.28.2011

  32. maddness angry mob

    By survivor URL on 10.28.2011

  33. riots seems to happen all the time. Whether it start as a simple protest or it be due to a hockey game in Vancouver. They seem to start for the most ridiculous reasons. People tend to get arrested in bunches, like her at MSU. The cedarfest riots happened my first year of college.

    By Shane on 10.28.2011

  34. Riots can form between gangs or people. They can be used by fire or any other weapon. Riots are really violent.

    By amy on 10.28.2011

  35. Riots are violent. They are not good. Used as a way to make a point. Wrong. Evil. Sometimes they make a political stand, usually they are for persuasion. They can sometimes turn violent which is when the police have to become involved.

    By Christopher Ammons on 10.28.2011

  36. And so I walk. Well, it started as a walk but graduated into a run when I saw infinite figures dress in green cloaks beginning to riot against the pavement of their own reality. Soon I could see the mist of their despair and agony seep out from their bodies as a steam twirling in the chasm, stagnant downtown air.

    By Will Creates URL on 10.28.2011

  37. Hmm. Riots. I think of my mom saying “He was a riot!” talking about someone fun or funny. I think of riots, like riots in the street with angry mobs yelling, breaking things, milling about in a myriad of colorful clothing

    By Amy on 10.28.2011

  38. In so much emotional pain, I sit in my room and think. I think of flying home to you and standing outside your window, tossing pebbles, holding signs like angry rioters. I just want to be with you. That it all.

    By Emily T. on 10.28.2011

  39. i live in peril the deep death of all that is truculence… i live within the punch of a man… grieving like the deep death of what we’ve all created. until death, within death, and around the bend of bloody knuckles. this is us.

    By amanda on 10.28.2011

  40. “Riots on the streets of Long Beach,” is what my radio screamed that summer. I would crank it up high, windows of my little white Chevy Cavalier all the way down letting the summer air rush in. Someone watching me from outside the car, must thought me ridiculous. In my mind, I was everything that summer stood for—a driving singing anthem.

    By John on 10.28.2011